Ellie has a secret. A big one!


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Ellie's POV


At my house


Me: Tell me about One Direction. Please?


Jo looked at me quizzically


Jo: Why do you want to know about one d anyway?


Me: Well, if we do win then I want to know who I am spending a week with!


Jo: Well.... Uncle Simon put them together.


Me: In English?


Jo: In the X Factor, they got quite far as separate acts, but they all were kicked out of the competition. Simon Cowell; or as they call him, Uncle Simon, decided to put them together as a group as they were quite similar. They sounded great as a  band, and it was a coincidence that some of them had already made friends with each other through the X Factor.


Me: What's the name of the one you like?


Jo: That's Daddy Direction!


Me: In English.


Jo: Liam Payne! He's the most responsible and the cutest and the fittest and the best at singing in One Direction! He used to be a runner and he's so fit! You literally have no idea! For flack's sake! My god!


Me: It's not like we're going to win anyway...

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