Ellie has a secret. A big one!


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Harry's POV


(Niall runs into my room and jumps on my bed) Me: Hey


Niall: Ready to do some searching?


Me: I'll be ready in a second. What are we searching for anyway?


Niall: Girls


Me: Not on a dating website? You're not that desperate are you? I can fix you up with a screaming fan in about a second!


Niall: No, stupid! We're going to pick somebody to win our competition!


Me: I'm not looking for anybody at the moment, you know, I am dating somebody at the moment...


Niall: Really? Like more than one night?


Me: Well...


Niall: Never mind! Let's get picking! I'm going to narrow it down to 50 girls, then you will go to 40, then Zayn will go down to 30, Louis to 20, Liam to 10 then we'll all decide on the winner. Or should we pick more than one winner?


Me: Might as well you know! How about 5 people since there's 5 in our band?


Niall: No, there needs to be more boys than girls.


Me: Three?


Niall: Yeah. Three's good!


(Niall runs down the corridor to tell all the others)


Sometimes I get lonely even though I know that we are one of the most popular bands e.v.e.r. Some people don't take us for our characters, just what we look like on posters and how people like being in the spotlight by being with us. I mean, apart from writing songs and performing them, there's not much to do apart from talking to the band. I just wish that I had some friends that were girls that I could just hang out with without the papparazzi catching onto it and saying that they were my girlfriends. Just because I come out of someone's house doesn't mean that I was dating them. Some people just don't understand!

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