Ellie has a secret. A big one!


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Harry's POV


This morning was spent sleeping and waiting for the 3 girls to arrive. We had arranged for some chauffeurs to pick them up and to drop them off here in California, where we could meet them.  As we're not a very organised bunch of lads, we haven't organised where the girls will sleep, but that is the least of our worries at the moment.


Louis has arranged for us all to go out to lunch at a nearby steak house, so that we can all have some steak and chips before we start waiting for the girls. That's all that is going to happen today!


(Later, at the steak house)


Liam: What's everybody thinking about what the girls are going to be like?


Me: Probably all screaming fans.


Niall: Don't act like that's a bad thing! We all love the fans, don't we?


Zayn: Yes, but it would be nice to have some normal girls around this time. Last time when we just picked random people we ended up with a lesbian and a man!


Liam: Yes, that was pretty memorable.. But do we know their names?


Louis: In a word, no, but we know their Twitter names!


Liam: Yeah. Who's got a girlfriend at the moment?


Me: I don't think so.


Louis: I'm free!


Niall: I'm always free...


Liam: I'm with somebody... Wait! I'm not actually! I'm siiiiiiingle!


Zayn: I'm seeing somebody tonight.   


Liam: No, you can't! You have to entertain your guests!


Zayn: They can wait. If you knew my girlfriend then you would go. 


Me: 3 girls or 1 girl? Your choice, Zayn.


Zayn: You get to know them first, then I'll get to know them when I'm single again.


Me: You mean that you're dumping her tonight?


Zayn: Yes.


Me: I've never had to dump someone.


Louis: Why not?


Me: I don't really date that much, and I wait for them to dump me.


Niall: I'm getting bored of talking about girls... Where's the steak?

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