Ellie has a secret. A big one!


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Ellie's POV


(In the airport)


I can't believe that I have won the competition! I am one of 3 lucky girls that have got the opportunity to get to know One Direction! I don't know who the other are, but according to the tweet we are going to be sitting next to each other on the plane. My parents don't know that I'm going, but they think that I'm staying with Jo for a couple of weeks over the holidays. I take this trip as priority over everything!


Jo hasn't spoken to me since she found out that I had won, but I don't mind because I get to go on this trip and make 7 new friends while she stays at home making 0 friends. It will be very nice to get a break from her!


I can see around the airport now. There are lots of people waiting for their flights to come and waiting to be picked up. My flight number 53648 was displayed on the big screen. It was delayed by a hour! There was nothing that I needed that wasn't already in my suitcase, but I looked around all the shops just in case. In Boots I found a pair of Ray-Ban style sunglasses and some sun cream, in the travel shop I bought an adaptor for my hair-dryer and in the phone shop I bought an international calling card to use in phone boxes.


Finally, my plane arrived and I checked in. My bag passed the safety test and so did I! I walked onto the plane and found my seat. Happily, I found that it was in first-class! I switched on the telly and found a movie called Juno. It was about a girl around my age having a baby by accident. I was just about to skip past the adverts when a doll-like girl sat down into the seat next to mine.


Me: Hi, are you one of the winners of the competition?


Girl: Yes, I am! Nice to meet you, I'm Sonia.


Me: I'm Ellie. Where are you from?


Sonia: I was born in Germany, but I am originally from Hong Kong.


Me: That's awesome! I'm English through and through! Do you know who the last girl is?


Sonia: Yes, unfortunately. That girl over there, you know, the one with all the fake tan and lipstick! I can tell that we're not going to get along with her!

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