Ellie has a secret. A big one!


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One.


Ellie's POV


Me: Hey Jo!


Jo: Hi, I guess...


Me: What's wrong? Tell meeeeee!


Jo: Haven't you heard? One Direction are holding a competition for people to be able to visit them for a week in California because of their success in the USA! All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself to them and they pick a random guy or girl that they take with them.


Me: Why is that bad?


Jo: They see the pictures and of course they will pick the prettiest! But I'm so ugly!


Me: No you're not. You are one of the prettiest girls in school.


Jo: Then why am I so unpopular?


Me: Because... Because you are friends with me.


Jo: That's not true. Anyway, are you going to enter?


Me: No. Not really bothered. But ill enter if you enter.


Jo: Okay. If we both enter then one of us might win!


Me: Do I want to? What's so special about One Direction?


Jo: Everything.  They are the hottest boy band in the universe! And they are so damn good at singing!


Me: Who's your favourite in the band? Mine's Harry because his hair is like mine!


Jo: Yes, I guess! He is so fit but I prefer Liam!


(I quickly changed the subject)

Me: What's your next lesson? I need to go get changed for P.E. or I'll be late!

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