Ellie has a secret. A big one!


1. Introduction

Ellie was always the girl who missed out. The girl that never had what everybody else had. She was 17 years old and she still didn't have a phone. Everybody else had a phone carried around with them. All except on person- Jo, her best friend.


They had been friends since year 5 in their last school, and they knew each other's secrets inside out. They never let each other out of their sight, and since nobody else wanted to be friends with them, they were pretty sure that they had absolutely nothing that they had not told each other.


Sounds ideal, doesn't it? Best friends, nothing to hide, not caring what the others thought. It wasn't.  Yet recently they had started arguing, and since they knew exactly what pissed each other off, they could hit the nail on the head each time.


Take this time. Maths class, at 10 in the morning.


Jo: This teacher is so fat its vile! She's so vain and haughty!  


Ellie: Which is more than you can say about yourself, Jo.


Jo was very insecure about her weight, but she was also very vain! Every mirror that she came up to, she had to look into it with a pout on her face. She liked to look perfect all the time but was complaining that she was too fat so much that Ellie had given up being sympathetic with her.


However, Ellie was quite the relaxed person. She didn't care what people thought about her or her looks, just as long as she was having a good day she was happy. Unfortunately for her, she was also quite podgy. At 12 stones she was far too fat to go out with anyone other than the nerds or the desperates. But she had one secret from her best friend- a secret that she never wanted to tell her about.


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