Young, reckless, love

Daniella (Dannie) is 18, and she is already giving up on life.
She thinks love doesn't exist or she just doesn't believe in it she hasn't made up her mind yet. Her mom died when she was 15 they were in a horrible car crash together, it is even a shock to Dannie that she is still alive. After the car crash her dad became an alcoholic, and he beats her to death. And one day changes her view on life forever. When One Direction comes to town for a concert and some free signing. Dannie bumps into the most loudest member out of the band. Will he change her life forever? Can he make it better? Read to find out.


4. The new place

Louis: " so Daniella who did this to u?" She looked down at the ground. I wrapped my arm around her more tighter, not to where it would hurt her. She looked at me, and said " I will tell u later." I believed her. So I nodded my head. I wanted to tell her that she could trust me, but I thought better of it. "You can call me Dannie, by the way." She tightend her arms aroud my neck. When we got to my flat I set her down on the ground gently and opened the door. I set her down in front of the fire place. So she can get warm. "I will be right back Dannie, I have to go get the first aid kit." So I ran upstairs to my room and got an oversized tee shirt, and some sweatpants. I ran back downstairs into the bath room to get the first aid kit. I walked back over to her. "Okay I got a change of clothes, and the first aid kit."

Dannie: Louis came back with all this stuff. So I just nodded my head. He brought me closer to him and I winced, my rib cage hurts so bad. He saw me wince and he said "I don't want to make anything awkward but u kinda have to take your shirt, and pants off." I look at him and nod my head. I wasn't did know if I could trust him now, but something was telling me to give him a chance. So I lifted my arms up to take my shirt off, but it hurt so bad."Lou I can't do it, can u do it for me please?"

Louis: "Um sure." I didn't know what else to say. I set my hands down on her shirt and pulled it up over her head. I wanted her to trust me so I didn't look at anything. And I could see relief in her eyes. I rolled her over to her side, so I could her ribs, and to my surprise there was a huge bruise. It was all black, blue, and purple. She turned her head and she seen the bruise. " Lou it's fine, it's just a bruise." I looked into her eyes, how long has this girl been getting abused like this? "Dannie it's not fine." She grabbed my hand and ran her thumb in circles around my hand. I said " okay let clean up that cut." I looked at her, she shook her head.

Dannie: He put his hand on the button of my jeans and unzipped the zipper. He had a hard time trying to get them off because they were skinny jeans. I was so glad that he didn't look at anything. I know now that I can trust him. He cleaned up the wound, and wrapped it up. He was so gental. "Okay Dannie I am done." He grabbed the clothes and helped me into them. "Thank u Lou. I don't know how to repay u." "Don't worry about it Dannie." He picks me up and carrys me off to his bedroom. He lays me down on his bed. "Lou?" "Dannie it's okay I am going to go sleep on the couch." "No no, I will sleep on the couch." I start to get up, but his hand stops me. "No. U are hurt I will go sleep on the couch." I looked at him in the eyes and shake my head. I pat the spot right next to me. He nods his head. "I will be in here in just a minute." " okay." He walked out and I heard the water, it started to run for the shower. I thought to myself why he was in the shower, that I will leave tomorrow so I can get out of his hair. He comes back with sweats on and no shirt. I couldn't help but look at his 8 pack abs, his hair was wet too. He layed down. I couldn't help but think that this is a new home just for a night.
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