Young, reckless, love

Daniella (Dannie) is 18, and she is already giving up on life.
She thinks love doesn't exist or she just doesn't believe in it she hasn't made up her mind yet. Her mom died when she was 15 they were in a horrible car crash together, it is even a shock to Dannie that she is still alive. After the car crash her dad became an alcoholic, and he beats her to death. And one day changes her view on life forever. When One Direction comes to town for a concert and some free signing. Dannie bumps into the most loudest member out of the band. Will he change her life forever? Can he make it better? Read to find out.


7. Shocked

Louis: By the time the police, and the ambulance came. Dannie was already asleep. I looked at her when the officer was talking to me. I answered his questions. "Sir. If u don't mind we need to speak to her." I shook my head and led him over to where Dannie was. I sat down next to her and put her head on my chest. And whispered in her ear "Dannie can u wake up for me please?" She didn't wake up, I started to get worried. I called over a nurse. She said " I have to take her to the hospital right away." And they carried Dannie off to the hospital. The officer said " Well all we can do now is take her dad in for questioning, until we get her side of the story." He walked off. I ran to my car and called Liam. He answer on the second ring " Louis! Oh my goodness where have u been?" "Li, I have to go to the hospital." "WHAT!?" I explained everything. " okay don't worry Lou, well will be there in a couple minutes." "Okay thanks Liam." I hung up and started driving to the hospital.

Liam: I told the guys to get in the car right away. They all got in the car and started asking me questions. *okay I am going to go back and forth for the questions* Zayn: "Liam where are we going?" Liam: " To the hospital." Niall: "WHAT! WHY?" Liam: "Because Louis needs are help." Harry: "oh no not my Boobear! He better not be hurt!" Liam: " Well he might be." All the boys: "WHAT! WHY?" *okay now it is back to Liam* I told the guys everything that Louis told me. And when we got there Louis was in the waiting room crying.
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