Young, reckless, love

Daniella (Dannie) is 18, and she is already giving up on life.
She thinks love doesn't exist or she just doesn't believe in it she hasn't made up her mind yet. Her mom died when she was 15 they were in a horrible car crash together, it is even a shock to Dannie that she is still alive. After the car crash her dad became an alcoholic, and he beats her to death. And one day changes her view on life forever. When One Direction comes to town for a concert and some free signing. Dannie bumps into the most loudest member out of the band. Will he change her life forever? Can he make it better? Read to find out.


1. My life sucks so far

Dannie: well how do I start off, u see I have this journal that I write in to let out all my emotions. This is my 67th journal. I don't really know why but it comforts me, so here is how I always start off

Journal 67- hey it me Daniella but I go by Dannie. The pet nickname my mom gave me when I was 1 month old. U see my mom is dead from a car crash. I was in the car crash too and it beats me how I am still alive, but some how I am kinda still breathing. But I don't really want to keep on breathing truth is I want to die. To get away from this shit hole I call home. See I have a dad that beats me EVERY night! Because he is drunk. Well that is enough for now.

I set down the journal and looked up at the scenery before my eyes. The smell of the salty waves came crashing up to my very tippy toes. I pulled my waist chestnut brown hair from my side to my back so the wind could not blow my hair in my face. And all I keep on saying in my mind is my dad is going to be so angry when I get home. But I don't give a fuck! Maybe he will kill this time.
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