Young, reckless, love

Daniella (Dannie) is 18, and she is already giving up on life.
She thinks love doesn't exist or she just doesn't believe in it she hasn't made up her mind yet. Her mom died when she was 15 they were in a horrible car crash together, it is even a shock to Dannie that she is still alive. After the car crash her dad became an alcoholic, and he beats her to death. And one day changes her view on life forever. When One Direction comes to town for a concert and some free signing. Dannie bumps into the most loudest member out of the band. Will he change her life forever? Can he make it better? Read to find out.


3. I have to get more used to this

Louis: she backed up against the wall like a caged animal all scared. "Relax no one is going to hurt u, I just saw u bleeding and I wanted to come see if u were okay." She said "why do u care if a stranger is hurt"? She was still backed up into the wall, she looked really bad. Tears were streaming down her beautiful face, mixed with blood, her leg was badly cut, and her left eye was starting to bruise. I stayed down on the floor, so she wouldn't freak out. "Because I am that kinda guy that just cares when people are hurt." She narrowed her eyes and sunk down on the floor, her knees hit the ground really hard, it looked like she winced. She put her face in her hands, and started crying. Seeing her like that makes my heart brake, and I don't even know her but I wished I did. I got up and walked over to her, and hugged her. She collapsed in my arms and cried into my chest. I tightened my arms around her and sad " I am Louis Tomlinson. U can trust me I am not going to hurt u.

Dannie: "I-I m Daniella." I said the but my voice was all deep breaths, and I wiped my eyes, and got up. He looked at me with those blue eyes. " where are u going, if u can't go back home?" It hit me this guy just met me. And he already cares for me. He is the first person that cared for me in a long time. " to the beach. I could just sleep there." He shook his head and said " u think that I would let u sleep on the beach? And when u are bleeding." I looked at him. I don't know why but something is making me trust him. I held out my hand to help him up, and said "where to then?" He took my hand. I took one look at his shirt and there is all this blood because of me. " I'm sorry." I looked down at the ground. He walked closer to me and put a finger under neath my chin and lifted up my head so I could look in his eyes. "For what?" He said lowering his forehead to mine. "For getting blood all over your shirt." He laughed and said " it's okay." He picked me up bridal style. "Where are we going? And I can walk." "No u can't and we are going to my place so u have somewhere to sleep. And so I can clean up your wounds." I just wrapped my arms around his neck. I can't believe I trust this guy and I just met him. I have to get used to this.
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