Young, reckless, love

Daniella (Dannie) is 18, and she is already giving up on life.
She thinks love doesn't exist or she just doesn't believe in it she hasn't made up her mind yet. Her mom died when she was 15 they were in a horrible car crash together, it is even a shock to Dannie that she is still alive. After the car crash her dad became an alcoholic, and he beats her to death. And one day changes her view on life forever. When One Direction comes to town for a concert and some free signing. Dannie bumps into the most loudest member out of the band. Will he change her life forever? Can he make it better? Read to find out.


5. Begging

Louis: I heard Dannie get up, so I opened one eye. And to my surprise I saw her get her old clothes, and walk in to the bathroom. She walked back out in her old clothes. She started writing something down. And looked back at me, put she couldn't tell that I was awake, I heard her walk down stairs and the front door closed. I leaped up and read the note

* Louis, thank u for taking care of me last night. But I got to go. I don't want to bug u any further. I am sorry I couldn't tell u this in person, but I have a feeling that u would of stopped me. Don't worry about me, I will be fine. So again thank u so so much. ~Dannie *

I ran down the stairs two steps at a time, and ran out the door. I looked down the street and I saw her. "DANNIE!" She look frightened at first and then she saw me. I ran towards her, I grabbed her, not hard though. I hugged her. Her arms didn't wrap around me. So I pulled away. She look at me in the eyes and said "Lou, I have to go. All I am is just trouble. Your not going to want me there for very long so why not just let me go now?" "Dannie u are not trouble, and u have no where to go. And having u is no problem. Please stay?" Because I like u. But I thought better not to say that. She shook her head. I looked at her in the eyes and begged her to stay.

Dannie: Louis ran after me when I told him not to, because I know that I will fall for him, and I don't believe in love. He is still in his sweatpants, he has no shirt on, and no shoes. He must of ran out here really quick. I looked at him I could feel the tears in my eyes. I shook my head. And ran off.
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