Falward's Collection of Poems

I create too many poems for them to be in seperate movellas, so I've decided to put them all together into one collection. They are all written in English and the genres are quite different, yet they all remind of eachother.


Jeg laver for mange digte til at lave movellaer til hver enkelt af dem, så derfor har jeg besluttet at putte dem sammen under en digtsamling. De er alle på engelsk, og jeg skriver i mange forskellige genre, dog minder de alle om hinanden.


3. When You Trip Into Nothingness

Am I half or am I broken?

A common question of mine.


I feel dead yet alive, 

in a world that I dislike.

A facination for the unknown,

and hate for what is before me.  


I feel teared into pieces,

broken and unknown.

A cloud of shadows and darkness,

consuming my everyday life.   


The feeling of loneliness,

and the feeling of nothingness.

Why do they feel so alike?

An empty shell left to rot.   


I've lost my meaning of life.

I've lost my happiness. 

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