Falward's Collection of Poems

I create too many poems for them to be in seperate movellas, so I've decided to put them all together into one collection. They are all written in English and the genres are quite different, yet they all remind of eachother.


Jeg laver for mange digte til at lave movellaer til hver enkelt af dem, så derfor har jeg besluttet at putte dem sammen under en digtsamling. De er alle på engelsk, og jeg skriver i mange forskellige genre, dog minder de alle om hinanden.


4. Walking Backwards Into the Future

A silhouete among people,

a shadow in the night.  


I've felt this loneliness so very often,

haunting me more than any nightmare ever did.

I see the smiles and I feel them,

yet they are distant as if I was not there.

as if I was a shell of nothingness.

Standing my ground because I have to,

standing my ground because I have always done so.   


It's a bitter disease to live with for so long,

without even knowing a cause.

You feel so helpless as you stand there,

feeling the touch of the tears falling from your cheeks.

I felt like the only person on Earth,

while looking at everyone around me smiling,

while looking at everyone around me moving forward.   


"It is okay to stop up sometimes"

is the setence I would've told myself back then.

Maybe life moves forward,

but a break from your everyday can save you.

A night is only that long.

Your life is not meant to make sense all the time.

Your life is not meant to be easy at all.  


And yet I stand here today.

Perhaps not the perfect shaped human.

But I am human nonetheless.

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