Falward's Collection of Poems

I create too many poems for them to be in seperate movellas, so I've decided to put them all together into one collection. They are all written in English and the genres are quite different, yet they all remind of eachother.


Jeg laver for mange digte til at lave movellaer til hver enkelt af dem, så derfor har jeg besluttet at putte dem sammen under en digtsamling. De er alle på engelsk, og jeg skriver i mange forskellige genre, dog minder de alle om hinanden.


2. The Smiling Bird


That was the word I told you long ago.

But as I come closer to you,

the pain just becomes more unbearable.

You're a unique bird.

You are more colorful than any other of your kind.

A bird very dear to me.    


Others come and go,

as the season changes around me.

I always end up on a bench next to you,

trying to keep you warm as the snow falls.

You're a special bird.

One I thought I'd protect by leaving alone,

finding your own way in life.    


You've touched my heart.

A finger poking lightly to my very existance.

Never to forget,

the one person who changed me forever.

You're a beautiful bird,

coloring everything around  you.

One bird I wish I could be with forever.    



I've seen the one caring for you.

He'll make you happier, I am sure.

I was the one who pushed you into his arms.

You're now free,

color the lives of the ones you feel deserve it.

I know that I made you smile in the end.

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