Falward's Collection of Poems

I create too many poems for them to be in seperate movellas, so I've decided to put them all together into one collection. They are all written in English and the genres are quite different, yet they all remind of eachother.


Jeg laver for mange digte til at lave movellaer til hver enkelt af dem, så derfor har jeg besluttet at putte dem sammen under en digtsamling. De er alle på engelsk, og jeg skriver i mange forskellige genre, dog minder de alle om hinanden.


5. Red and Black, Hand in Hand

A little drop of love,

isn't that what most singles would like?

Someone they'd be able to share themselves with,

a person that make them forget about loneliness.  


At least for a time.  


Perhaps we don't actually fall in love because of loneliness.

But rather to love somebody,

making the two of you tie a bond so very close.

Love is a complicated thing in the end.   


At least it's what I've learned.  


No love-story seems to satisfy me.

They feel fake or just not done well enough,

losing the meaning of reality. 

It feels more like a cloud of air than anything else.   


At least it's what I see it as.   


But why don't I just try to find love then?

Then I'd have no reason to do what I do.

My meaning of life is loneliness.

I wouldn't be able to write without my muse.  


At least it's what I am telling myself.   


I love my own self-pity as it gives me a reason to be,

no matter how much these thorns hurt as I struggle.

I love my loneliness because it makes me feel human.

I am lonely because I've decided to give my love to my passion.  


At least I'll pretend to know the answer to my questions. 

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