Falward's Collection of Poems

I create too many poems for them to be in seperate movellas, so I've decided to put them all together into one collection. They are all written in English and the genres are quite different, yet they all remind of eachother.


Jeg laver for mange digte til at lave movellaer til hver enkelt af dem, så derfor har jeg besluttet at putte dem sammen under en digtsamling. De er alle på engelsk, og jeg skriver i mange forskellige genre, dog minder de alle om hinanden.


1. What am I?

Everything - so very quiet,  

please let it be this way forever,  

let me live as I've lived for so long.

Don't disturb me with your bickering.  


I've always been alone,

yet I'm always happy to help.

I'll comfort you when you cry,

and I'll make your heart relax.  


I've always been alone,

and I'm able to find your pain.

You'll slowly be devoured in your own misery,

- nothing but hatred left behind.  


If I appear I can make things awkward,

making even the toughest guy think his words twice.

You know that I'll forever be the best wine,

- But drink a bit too much and you won't be yourself.  


I'll be your crib for as long as you want me to be,

- You'll always seek me in the end.


What am I?

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