How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


9. Part 9


"Liam Can I Talk To You?"

"Yeah Sure." Liam responded. I took Liam's hand and went inside his room.

"Is there anything wrong." Liam asked

"Uh yeah you were just with your 2 year girlfriend yesterday and you guys broke up and now, your a player on with a new girl. I can't believe you." i said, Liam looked a little down i think he knows what he has done. I mean what happened to sensible Liam, the Liam where he couldn't let anyone down. As I was Leaving putting my hand on the door knob, i felt Liam's hand on my shoulder. Theres the sensible Liam.

"Wait Lauren"

"What" I said with my arms crossed

"Well its a long story lets sit down." Liam said sitting on his couch, patting a place for me to sit

"Okay go. Explain yourself."

"Okay well right after you left to the hospital, i was going to go to apologize to Danielle. But then I thought she wouldn't take me back. So I just sat on the couch until everybody left. I went to a cafe and saw Danielle." He paused and started crying.

"Aww Liam don't cry"

"Well I saw her with this..........other guy. Even I didn't know him. Then I saw that the cafe was having a mixer type thing. Well it was going great until they said to go to a table i was paired with Monica. She told me everything about her and i told her everything about me. Oh she was perfect, that Great feeling turned into the best moment in my life. We exchanged phone numbers,but then the Mixer people told us to switch out tables. I met other people that were really nice, but not like Monica. I also made new friends. Until we did the Last switch up.I was with Danielle. I tried being nice and asked her stuff like hows it going. I tried to apologize but she wouldn't listen all she did was yell at me.


"I'm really sorry Danielle won't you please listen"

"Why would I listen too you. You broke my heart."

" I did nothing you were the one that left."

" you said too"

"You didn't have to"

" You know what shutup. Why are you here. Are you trying to get me back , well your wrong Mr.Payne. Hey i know why your last name is Payne cause you caused me so much Pain. You need to stop. GO AWAY! You caused me soo much PAIN MR.PAYNE YOU DID GOOOOOOOO." Danielle yelled she started crying all I wanted to do is hug her. When I tried to she ran off.

*End FlashBack*

"Oh Liam you must be heart broken"

" I am, i cant believe I caused her Pain."

" Its okay just don't think about it, out there is a new girl who will forever love you. Something that Danielle didn't give you."

" Your right. Com'on lets go. You have to get along with Monica Since your with Zayn." Liam said running out the door.

Zayn that rang through my head. I really do love Zayn, but then theres Harry.I stopped thinking and look down to see everyone I love and a new girl, i will learn to love.


"So Monica, do you really like Liam"

" Well Liam and I are just friends"

"Suree" Harry and Zayn said. I saw Liam running down the stairs, giving me a hug. Wheres Lauren.

"Well hello to you to" i said giving Liam a smile

" Hi" Liam said. Did Lauren drug him or something

" Liam why are you so Happy." Harry asked

" Just Because"

"Oh I have good news"Harry said with an excited voice

"What is it." Louis said

"Well while Laren and I were out getting coffee. She asked if she wanted us to live at her house since her parents are gone. Her house is really big its 4 storys and like a million acres so are you in."

"Uh yeah" All of us boys said together.

"One question. Wheres Lauren?" Zayn questioned

"Umm well she should be up stairs."

" I'll go get her." I said. I went upstairs and went into her room. No one I checked all the other rooms. I couldnt find her. i walked into Zayns room seeing the balcony door open.

"Umm Zayn did you leave your Balcony door open?" I yelled

" No" Zayn yelled back

" Well I think Lauren got kidnapped cause your balcony door is open and she not upstairs"

" WHAT" everybody yelled

" I was just up there with her. I didn't here any one up there." Liam Yelled

"Well there was" i yelled

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