How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


8. Part 8


I woke up really cold, i turned around and was is shock. Lauren was not where i saw her last time. I got up and put on some clothes on, as I walked out it was quiet.

" Hello!" I yelled no one resopnded. I started to look around the house. I looked in NIall's room, not there. Liams room, not there. Louis room,not there. Last but no least Harrys room, not there. Where did everybody go. Im FOREVER ALONE.


I woke up and noticed Harry wasnt with me uhh where did he go, he could get lost. I heard music coming from downstairs. Oh no hopefully Harry didnt find all my tracks in the recording studio. I went to the 3rd floor, my family called it the fun floor or activites floor. If you had nothing to do you could just go to the 3rd and have fun, theres so many things to do here. Theres the game room, recording both (my favorite place to go), the screening room, and if you had a bad day theres a spa and jacuzzi, theres a workout room and more. I walked in the recording room and saw Harry.

"Oh hey Lauren, I decieded to venture around your house. I didnt know you could sing. Harry said smiling. Oh how I loved to see him smile.

" Well I do, but im not the greatest." I replied smiling

" But you sound so good, anyways we should be heading back to the house. Zayn is probably by himself."

" True lets go now. Can I ask you something Harry."

"Yes Lauren my princess."

"That house your staying in now, your just renting it right?"

"Well yeah we did have house we bought but we decided to sell it."

" Well I was wondering, since Im gonna be all by myself in this house, do you guys want to move in."

" Of course well move in, come'on we gotta tell the others. I think they should all be home,"


We arrived at the house opened the door and saw Louis, Niall, and Zayn. But no Liam

" Hey where did you guys go i was up for like an hour by myself looking for you 2."

" We went to get coffee sorry Zaynie." Lauren said and pecked his lips

" Okay i forgive you."

" Does anyone know where Liam is?" Louis asked

" What No I thought he was with you, I thought he was gonna apoligize to Danielle." Harry said

" Oh no he left before me to go some where." Louis said. Before anything could happen we heard someone unlocking the door. It was Liam...

With another Girl

She was light skinned and had hazel eyes with her hair being a light brown passing her shoulders.

" Hey guys this is Monica"

" Hi" She said shyly

" Hi Im Lauren, curly fuzzy hair over there is Har-"

" Hey dont make fun of my Hair" Harry complained

" Your sounding like ZAYN. Anyways mr. grouchy pants over there is Harry, over there with the the sailor shirt is Louis, Mr. quiff is Zayn, and Last but not least is the irish guy who eats all the FOOD! yeah his name is Niall."

" Hi" they all said, but not Liam. Liam looked a little upset for some reason.


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