How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


7. Part 7


After Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend i was shocked. All i did was talk to him and hug and maybe a little bit of cuddling. But I couldnt refuse him he was too hot. I still kept thinking about what i had done to harry when we were in the car oh how i felt bad. Zayn and I went on our date and partyed hard at this one club. I thought I saw that girl and Harry even Niall. But I just thought I was just Missing the others. I had a great time with Zayn but all i could think about was, 'whats going to happen to me?'. I mean im only 18, my brother was in college, and my older sister moved to the states. All I know is that I get all of my mom and dads fourtune since we were kind of rich, I mean my friends come over all the time sometimes when im not there. I know that the maid and butler our on vacation so i dont have to worry about them. Well I m just gonna think about it later when I have time.

" Babe whats wrong?" Zayn asked. As we were still at the night club

" Um just a little tierd. Can we head back to the house?"

" Sure any thing for my gurl" he answered. We got in to the car and I looked at the clock it was 2:30 a.m. I guess I was thinking and having fun with Zayn alot cause it only felt like 30min. We got inside and wonder where all the boys were so we checked ther room. Niall was gone. Louis and Liam were gone, probably to go to Dani and El's house, I felt bad for Liam he said the rudest things yet he's probably apoligizing. We opened Harrys door, to only see him there sleeping, he looked really cute so I took a pic, and put a reminder to post it on twitter. Zayn and I got to his room. I borrowed one of his t-sshirts and shorts and got in bed with him. He pecked my lips and said

"I love you"

" I love you too." I whisperd

After 5 min Zayn was out I was still thinking. I decided to go talk to harry now, I walked up to his door he look so cute and adorable. I opened the dor as slowly and lightly not trying to wake him up.

" Stop go away!!!!" he yelled quietly.

" Harry Its Lauren c'mon we need to talk I cant stop thinking about what happened earlier." i whispered

" Cant we talk Later its 3am. Dont you need to be with Zayn. " He responded looking at his alarm clock and making a face. Oh Harry.

" Well Zayn is asleep and i cant sleep c'mon"

" fine"

" get dressed warmly were going to the park."

" yay i love the park" He yelled a litlle to loud"

" shh"

I got ready and stepped out of my little bedroom I had been staying in with the boys. I know I was supposed to go home after the camping trip but, I just git a attached with the boys plus they wouldnt let me leave. I was wearing sweats with a jacket and a hat. Harry came out with sweats and a jacket and a hat.

" Twinzes" Harry said. I laughed

" Okay lets go my twin" I said racing him down the stairs of the big one direction house. We walked out of the house and went straight to the park.

" So how you feeling?" Harry aske me

" Well im not the best right now but, can I just tell you that I love you." Oh no what had I just said 'i love you' to Harry Styles, But Zayn I loved him sure its only been a couple of days but i love everyone I meet is that a problem.

" I love you too, but thats not the problem, Lauren can I just say your likea sister to me and I would never would want to hurt your feelings but did yoi really mean that you love me or is it like a brotherly sisterly kind of way?"

" I dont know, I just love everyone okay. But I need too stay true to Zayn." We talked for hours at the park , we even played a little game of marco polo, it was funny Harry ran into a tree. It was now 5 am and we were tierd.

" Do you want to got to the coffee shop down that hill?" Harry asked

" Suree"


Lauren and I talked about everything, she was my bestfriend now a bestfriend i couldnt fall in love with. Lauren told me the kiss was on accident and that she felt like that moment needed a kiss. we walked into the small coffee shop I saw Lauren already odering as she tried to hand the worker her money I stopped her and gave him a card to pay for all the stuff

" Harry I could have paid for that." she exclaimed

" well I wasnt gonna let you" i snaped back

" whatever Im getting tierd want to go to my house?" she said yawning

" This is where you live, In the rich kid area." I said giving a look

" Well this is where Ive always lived, my brother is in college and my sister mmoved to that states nobody will be home, unless the maid and butler came back."

" You have a Maid and a Butler" I questioned her. She noded. We headed to her house. She stoped at this massive huge gate, she put in a pass code and the gate opened into this massive beautiful white house it was like 4 storys high it was so beautiful. I stood there with my mouth opened, ive never seen a house so big.

"Com'on" she yelled being like 20 feet away from me. I ran up to her.

" So do you own this house rich girl?" I asked

" Well yeah now I do " she said as she opened the door and enetering the beautiful house. We walked and removed our shoes.

" You hungry?" Lauren asked me

"No Im fine"

" Suit yourself" she said grabbing food out of her cabinet

" Com'on lets go to my room so we can get some sleep."she said going to the elevator

" You have an elevator in your house!"

" Yeah is that not normal" she said

" Well kind of""

" not for me this house is 4 storys and has 2 storys under the house. I dont think you would want to use the stairs all the time."

" Whatever what level is your room"


The elevator door opened and said we were on level 4 Lauren ran to her room. I also ran to her room.i walked in and saw her already sleeping, i saw a chouch and started to lay down but Lauren told me to sleep with her. I jumped on her bad and she laughed. we cuddled and fell asleep.

this was a good night
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