How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


6. Part 6


Harry left and went down stairs. I got a phone call, i picked up.

"Hello is this Lauren Jacobs." A mysterious man said.

" Yes. May i ask why you are calling"

" Well your Mother Jane and Father Jack had gotten in a car accident, A truck had crashed into them." The man said

" Oh" I started crying " Uhh what will happen to them" my voice trembled

" Well, we looked in there files and they had be chosen to be used on experiments. But you can come here and see them 1 more time, and gather their stuff."

" Okay, I'll be there as soon as possible." I hung up the phone. I have no emotions right now, my parents died and i hadnt seen them at all since i left for the camping trip. What was i going to do Zayn and i will just have to go to the hospital for our date. Well im gonna have to tell someone to drive me. As I walked downstairs, I didnt want to cry but i did.

" hey lauren why dont you come and join us" louis said. I wiped my tears, I noticed there was a girl she look familiar but i was to sad to think. The girl came up to me.

"Hi my name is Perrie." Perrie said

" Hi" i said trying to not to cry

" well you look fancy" niall said

" thanks " i said trying not to hide the tears escaping my eyes

"Whats wrong love you look a little down." Harry said with his deep voice.

" M-my parents just die. I have no where to go."

" Oh I'm so sorry love do we need to go to the hospital." Harry said. Zayn came out of the bathroom, he looked terrible he looked broke down.

"Hey babe, whats the matter" he said sitting next to me

" My parent died, they're in the hospital. Can you drive me?"

"Of course, lets go"


I had been in the bathroom for a while. I was to scared to go back out, i looked in the mirror. I looked like a mess, i tried to fix my hair it wouldnt cooperate with me. Oh well, i steped out of the room and saw Lauren crying. I didnt have the best feeling.

" Hey Babe, whats the matter." I said as I took a seat next to her.

" My parents died, they're in the hospital. Can you drive me?" She answered. Oh I felt so bad, her mother and father were gone.

" Of course lets go" I said running to the door.


We had made it to the hospital, i was waiting for Lauren to come out of the room. Their could only be 1 visitor. I was watching her talk to her parents body.

" I love and miss you guys already but maybe there was a reason for you guys to go. I love you" she said kissing both her parents and exiting the hospital room.

" What to do" She said

" Well we can go have that date i promised you, to get your minds off things." I said

" 1 question Zayn, before we go on this date. Why did you look sad and mad when you came out of the bathroom?" she asked . shit. I didnt want to tell her, but I didnt want to lie to her.

" Well... I was thinking about our date and I wanted to ask you a question, but then I thought you would say no so i got confused."

" What was the question." she sad with a smile.

" I-Its stupid really" I replied smiling back at her beautiful face.

" C'mon I wont no. I love you so much I could never hurt you."

" fine my question was will you be my girlfriend"

she looked at me and smiled i took it as a yes


Zayn and Lauren left but they hadnt been back for 3 hours I was starting to get worried. Perrie left about half an hour ago, we went to the bar and had a couple of drinks and even snoged a little. I feel so bad for Lauren with her parents dieing. It was very qiuet in the 1d house. Liam and Louis went to Danielle and Eleanors house, we all know to have sex, but not for Liam probably to apoligize for what he said. Niall went with Perrie and I to the bar but when we were leaving he said to go cause he said hell find a way home.Oh my leperchaun getting drunk and meeting a girl.

Its 1am in the morning.So I decided to got to bed, knowoing no one will come home. But someone did come home and tapped me on the head

" Stop go away!!!!" I yelled quietly knowing people were home

" Harry Its Lauren c'mon we need to talk I cant stop thinking about what happened earlier." Lauren whispered

" Cant we talk Later its 3am. Dont you need to be with Zayn. " I responded looking at my alarm clock and making a face

" Well Zayn is asleep and i cant sleep c'mon"

" fine"

" get dressed warmly were going to the park."

" yay i love the park" I yelled a litlle to loud"

" shh"

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