How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


5. Part 5


" Shit" I yelled as I tryed to run out and go upstairs,but Harry grabbed my arm. " Lauren we need to talk about this.

" Harry said. " I cant I have to get ready."

" Fine, we'll talk. Later."

( Harry)

Omg what just happened Lauren Kissed me. Why do i feel good, she's with Zayn. I watched Lauren go into the house. I sat in the car 15 min, I looked at my watched it was almost 8:30. So I decided to head up in the house. Zayn was already, but lauren wasn't.

"Hey Lad, were've you been?" Zayn asked.

"Oh I was just in my car." i repiled

" Harry, Bayybeeeee your home." Louis jooked. Niall started Laughing. I went upstairs and noticed that Lauren was putting jewlery on. I walked to my bedroom and I started to talk to Liam, ever since the Danielle thing that happened earlier Liam hasn't been talking.

"Aye Liam." I said

" Hi Harry, How was shopping with Lauren?"

" It was fun, I got to get something for my date."

" You have an date?" Liam said with a confused face.

" Ya with Perrie, we decided to go on a date since the rest of the girls are going out and she dosent want to go them." I replied.

" Oh, well you have fun" He said and leaving the room. I got ready. I felt really weird, Like Lauren kissed me and she going on a date with Zayn. I started to sing

"Now that you can't have me
You suddenly want me
Now that I'm with somebody else
You tell me you love me
I slept on your doorstep
Begging for one chance
Now that I finally moved on
You say that you missed me all along

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think I am?
You only love to see me breaking
You only want me cause I'm taken
You don't really want my heart
No, you just like to know you can
Still be the one who gets it breaking
You only want me when I'm taken

You're messing with my head
Girl that's what you do best
Saying there's nothing you won't do
To get me to say yes
You're impossible to resist
But I wouldn't bet your heart on it
It's like I'm finally awake
And you're just a beautiful mis-"

"Hey Harry" Lauren said scaring me


As I finshed getting ready I decided to go talk to Harry before Zayn and I left. I walked up to his door I heard him singing, I didnt want to disturb him. I love harry singing he was so beautiful with an angels voice. As I heard Harry singing I leaned against the door making it open. I was so emmbarresed

" Hey Harry" I said casully.

" Hey" he said back. Uhh fuck.



"That Must be my date,Talk to you later Lauren." Fucking crap Lauren.



"I'll get it. I wonder who it is" I open the door slowly and saw Perrie outside smiling.

"Hey Zayn long time no see eh." She said in her perfect lovely accent.

"Hey Perrie what are you doing here?".

"Oh Harry and I are going out." My heart stoped.I let Perrie in and I closed the door. i saw harry coming down, oh i wanted to kill him, but i was going out with lauren. I missed Perrie alot she was like one of my sisters to me at one point we kind of dated but i cheated on her , and she broke up with me oh i didnt feel good. I went to the bathroom and started crying. Whats wrong with you zayn be a man .


"Well yourhere early" I greeted Perrie and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I am arent i, i was just excited to see you." She greeted back we sat down in the living room with louis, niall, and zayn. Zayn got up and went to the bathroom with this weird expression on his face. Lauren came downstairs. She didnt look good.

" hey lauren why dont you came and join us." Louis said.

"Hello my name is Perrie" Perrie said in her kind beautiful voice.

"Hi" lauren said. "Well you look fancy " niall said " thanks " lauren said almost bursing out of tears.

" Whats wrong love, you look a little down." I asked lauren.

"M-my parents just died, I have no where to go."

Hi haa bye
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