How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


4. Part 4



"Harry can I talk to you?" I said in a quiet voice.

"Sure" Harry mumbles.

"What do want to talk about Lauren?".

"Well i was listening to your convo with Zayn. Do you really love me Harry?" She asks. Harry stares at the ceiling for 2min and looks at Lauren and nods.

" Oh well gotta go." Lauren said really fast and runs out of the room. Oh My God 2 members One Direction love what am i gonna do lauren thinks to herself.

"Hey Babe" Zayn said as he walks in.

" Are you ready for tonight?'

" I guess" I said

" Whats the matter? Did one of the boys hurt you?"

"Umm no. Can u go so i can get ready for our date tonight."

"Of course see you later gorgeous." Zayn leaves. Shit Lauren you didnt bring any fancy dressess. I guess you'll have to go dress shopping oh wait you dont have a car to drive. Wait theres harry. I walk out of the room and tipped toed into the room Harry was in,he was on the phone this is what i heard.

" So you want to meet up?" Harry said in his sexy voice

"Yeah im free, what about 9:00p.m, Okay see you then bye." He hangs up the phone. I instantly scare him


" AHHH" Harry yelled .

" Harry can you drive me somewhere?" I ask

" Sure but we have to be back by 8:00 okay."

" Okay" I said smiling.


" Hurry up Lauren Its already 7:15 and you still wanna go to the shoe boutique".

"I Know just tell me aboout this one. I think this is the one." Lauren walks out in a stunning red gown it was so perfect for her, it should all of curves and the color was perfect.

"Wow" I said in a suprised voice.

" I know, I think im gonna get this one."

" Okay I'll wait for you here until you checkout" I said in a causual voice. Damit Harry your not suppose to love Lauren, Shes with Zayn One of your best lads. Plus your going out with Perrie tonight I thought to myself.

" Are you ready Harry?" Lauren asked.

" Uhh yeah Im ready." The rest of the evening,Lauren was shoe shopping and Harry was thinking about how he didnt get Lauren first.

" Okay im gonna go check out Harry be back in a sec." Lauren said in her sweet voice

" Well that was fast." I said in a confused voice thinking that it was gonna take forever.

" Yeah well just wanted some heels thats all nothing fancy." I was watching Lauren as she checked out. Lauren is so beautiful shes one of the most beautifuliest person Ive met but shes taken I kept sayng to myself in my head. We got into the car and I was driving,

" So Harry got any plans for tonight?" Lauren asked

" Umm well... Im goin out to with an old friend."

"Oh so Harry has a GIRLFRIEND." Lauren yelled

" Shes not really a my girlfriend but she really nice, all the boys know her, I think you know her to if you listened to her music."

" Oh really now.Who is she?" Lauren asked

" Its Perrie Edwards from Little Mix." Lauren was silent for 2min i wonder why, did she not hear me or something.

" Oh okay"Lauren finally answered. For the rest of the car ride it was silent until we pulled up on the driveway.

" Lauren can i talk to you?"

" Sure" she said

" I was wonderin-" Lauren cut me off and she kissed me, instead of pulling her away i I kissed her back until we stoped.

" Oh no , What just happened" she said

" You Lauren just kissed me Harry styles"

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