How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


3. Part 3

"Whats going on"Harry asked

"nothin" Zayn said "We were just playing a game." .

"Okay" Harry said. Harry was very random for the rest of the day he didnt help anyone not even Lauren.

"Are u okay" Zayn said to Harry

"umm no actully, what was the real reason lauren said yes" Harry asked

"Okay ill tell you Lauren and i are going out." Harrys heart stoped for a sec and he stared at the wall.

"Are u okay lad" Zayn said in A Worried voice.

"Oh im fine" Harry said

"well ill see u later bye" Zayn yelled and walked out of the room.

"OMG" Harry said to himself

"I love Lauren I can never stop, but Zayn comes in and steals her, shit im mad" When Harry said that Lauren was easdroping and herd what Harry said but she ran to Louis room to go talk to him.


"Louis i was listening to Zayn and Harrys convo and Harry said that he loved me I cant believe he said that" Lauren said quickly

"Well to break it to ya, whenever Harry looks at you he has like a love stare."

"Oh really now" Lauren says.

"Whats is all that noise coming from?" Lauren asks

"Oh its Liam and Danielle"

"What are they fighting about now"

"idk but i sent Eleanor to go talk to them but that was like 15 min ago she probably left."



"Did not i saw u at the club with a girl."

"Yeah but that was when we werent dating." Liam said

"Still." Danielle said ina snotty voice.

"You know what danielle i think its time for us to break up."

"What are u saying you dont love me." Eleanor walked in.

" What do you want" They both yelled

"I just wanted to see what was happening Louis and I herd you guys."

"Oh heres whats happening danielle was just leaving."

"So you guys are going to break up?" Eleanor asked.

"Well Danielle always has something to say to make us fight."

"Mee oh no mister sassy pants you always have to get products for your hair and you always have to work out like come on cant u spend time for your girlfriend."

"Well no because when I have free time i have to pick you up and drop you off for dance, like seriously get a real job oh while your at it stop freakin eating fatass."

" Guys stop fighting what is this fight even about" Eleanor yelled because everyone kept yelling,

"i found this picture of liam and another girl"

"let me see the pic" Eleanor said

"This girl was before you Danielle so this fight is pointless" Eleanor said and left.

"So are u going to leave" Liam said pointing to the door you know what i am leaving Danielle walked out of Liams room and went to the front door and said "bye bye bitches" and put her middle finger up she opened the door and slammed it after she left.


Good job Liam you got rid of the devil harry said to himself.

Sorry its so short

No hate to Danielle.
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