How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


25. Part 25



I woke up having Harry by my side, I guess I slept with him after the concert. Shit I need to call Rachel, I dashed out of bed but almost fell on my face since Harry grabbed my arm.

"Where are you going beautiful?" He asked in his sexy morning voice. I giggled as he tried to pull me closer to him.

"I forgot to tell Rachel, she must be freaking"I said, Harry chuckled like I was stupid.

"Don't worry after you fell asleep after the movie I texted her"He said, he was so good to me.

"Thanks Curly"I said, he smiled.

"Anything to make you smile"He said, so cheeky.

"Now that we have no problems and 2 1/2 weeks together with no rehersals, concerts, sound checks, and interviews. What shall we do?"He asked.

"Oh I know you can go make me breakfast"I said, he chuckled, lifting the covers up. Revealing his bare chest, I giggled.

"What?"He questioned.

"Your 4 nipples"I laughed, he chuckled.

"Oh c'mon you love them"He said, pulling me towards his chest kissing me softly. Just perfect, his kisses just make me melt.

"Okay love, What do you want for breakfast?"He asked.

"Hmm I'm craving pancakes"I said, he smiled and went tot he kitchen searching for some ingredients. I heard my phone buzx, I looked at the Caller I.D


Hmm what does he want? We made up yesterday didn't we? I picked up the phone.

"Hello"I said, trying cover up my werid morning voice.

"Hey Lauren, Sorry if I ruined your sleep"He said, I guess he remembers my voice once I wake up. Awh how cute...

"Oh you didn't I just woke up thats all. So whats up?"I asked.

"Well I was wondering if you still wanted to meet up with Perrie. I think you two will be great friends"He said, I smiled Oh thats why he called. Lauren your so stupid sometimes.

"Oh yeah I'll meet up with her, maybe after I eat breakfast say around 11'ish Maybe"I said.

"Okay that'll work, I'll go tell her"He said.

"Okay Malik, I''m gonna go now"I said

"Bye"He said, before hanging up. Is Perrie a good idea? I mean when Zayn and I WERE together she litterally tried to kill me... and I don't want to be in the hospital again.


"Okay Pez everything is set up" I told Perrie as she fixed her hair. She smiled.

"I hope she'll forgive me"She said, I went up to her and hugged her.

"Don't worry she's very understanding"I said, she smiled and hugged me back.

"I love you Malik"she said.

"Love you too"I said, as we kissed. I think she's the one.


"Hey beautiful" I said, waking up Lisa, she turned and smiled. I kissed her lips and moaned.

"Hey"She giggled.

"So anything planed for today?"She asked.

"No not really today, but Lou and El said they want to announce something later"I told her.

"So more time for this"She said, kissing my lips I chuckled as we hid under the covers.


"Wake up Moni" I yelled, while she ignored me trying to punch me. Will she just wake up?

"Go away"She groaned, I chuckled as she pushed me off the bed.

"Naw I just think you should,WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!"I yelled, she jumped.

"Okay what"She said, sitting up.

"Hi"I said, she groaned.

"Are you kidding me Li"She said annoyed, I chuckled and kissed her lips. "Awh I love you too!!" She said, kissing me again.


"Do think their gonna know El?"I asked, she smiled.

"Nope Lou, we didnt give out any clues so... No I don't think so" She said, kissng my lips. She's so perfect.

"I can't till we tell"I cheered.

"Me too Lou, I just wanna see all of their faces."She cheered. Just a whole day till we tell.


"Harry I swear if you don't give my clothes back, you'll have to stay goodbye to your curls"I threatened, he chuckled and kept running. This boy was seriously trying to make me late. I was running around in my underwear and bra, but this cheeky bastard took the rest of my clothes. I ran up to him and tackled his ass down as I pinned him down.

"Oh I like this postion"He said, I giggled.

"Stop being dirty minded and give me my clothes"I said, as I sat on him. He handed the clothes over and I left him their lying on the floor like an idiot.

"Hey! Aren't yoiu gonna help me"He said.

"Oh right"I said, I bent down and slapped his head.

"Ow"He whined.

"Thats for taking my clothes curly"I said, helping him up.

"Whatever, have fun with Perrie"He said, leaving the hotel room. Strange... He didnt even give me a hug bye. Oh well. I finished up and brushed my hair. I just hope Perrie and I can be friends.


I sat in the coffee shop watching Zayn leave with the taxi. I kept my temper, I mean the first time I met Lauren, her parents kind of died and I was the one who made it worse and by ruining her date which made her go to the hospital. Making Zayn depressed. Okay now I feel like a devil, for all the things I did to her. And I wasn't even trying to be mean, I just wanted to sneak onto the boat but I accidently bumped it making it tip and while I was trying to escape I ran into Lauren, running her into a rock. I just hope she'll forgive me. I saw her walk into the coffee shop, alone and she smiled as I went up to her. Where was Harry?

"Hey Lauren! Would you like some coffee, my treat"I said, she smiled as we walked over to the barista. She oredered while I payed, as we sat sown at an empty table.

"So Lauren just starting off. I want to say Sorry for everything I did, putting you through the pain. I feel like a devil for what I've done to you. When you were on that date, I just got Jealous cause a couple weeks before Zayn and I were still Dating. All I wanted to do it just like jump on your boat. But I slipped and tipped the boat over. I didn't mean to push you in the rock I just didnt want you guys to see me. But I failed since I hurt you."I said, she looked sorry for me.


Maybe Perrie has changed? She said sorry for all the things she had done, I mean everyone needs a second chance. Perrie started crying, she felt horrible. She even called herself a devil.

"Perrie, I forgive you. everyone needs a second chance. But please don't call yourself a devil, your way to perfect."I said, she wiped her tears and smiled.

"Thank you Lauren for being understanding. Do you wanna go tot he mall?"She asked, I looked at the time 11:45. Hmm I could get a new dress... If Harry takes me on a date soon.

"Sure!"I cheered, giving her a hug and making her feel better.

"Okay, I'll go call a cab."Perrie said, as he phone buzzed. She cheered for some odd reason.

"What?"I said.

"Oh nothing um... Jesy got to spend time with her BoyFriend and he suprised her"She told me, I smiled. As the taxi came.

*An Hour Later*

"Perrie! Thats so gorgeous on you. I don't know how Zayn will handle"I said, she smiled and looked at me.

"Oh..My God"She siad.

"What?"I asked confusingly.

"Lauren, Thats just so perfect for you."She said, referring to the dress. It wasn't all great to me though. It was a simple Red velvet dress with the top having black lace flowers with diamonds. Perrie grabbed some Black heels, I put them on just perfect. As I twirled with Perrie around in our private dressing room.

"Your totally getting that"She said.

"Why?'I questioned."I wasn't gonna buy a dress till Harry took me on a date."I siad. She smirked like something was going on.

"Well Maybe he'll suprise you.."She siad, going in her dressing room, leaving me clueless. I looked a quick look at myself, I really did like this dress. It was very gorgeous, maybe I will get it.


"Thanks Perrie, we should hang out some time"I said, she smiled and opened her's and Zayn's hotel room.

"Of course Lauren, you got my digits"She said, winking I giggled and went over to Harry's room. Great he still Isn't here. Well now I'm a loaner, and Its only like 3. Maybe Lisa and Niall are doing something, so I can join. I hate being alone, unless I need space.

"Knock, Knock,Knock"I said, I jiggled the door knob, Wow they need to learn how to close the door. I know I shouldn't be snooping at all but you know what, I am!

I walked tworads their bedroom, thank god they werent getting jiggy with it. If you know what I mean, It wouldn't be the first time walking in on Lisa. I walked in one time and we were awkward for the rest of the day, with her ex and stuff oh god I HATED HIM. But now she has Niall, so it's all good. I peaked in their room snapping some pictures of the sleeping couple. Okay I feel like I'm a freaking stalker. But c'mon if they get married, I can put a slideshow of their love. Okay now I'm bored time to ruin their cuddling session. Plus its like 3 they should really get up, unless their dead. HaHa no.

"RISE AND SHINE CAMPERS!!!"I yelled, they both jumped landing on the floor. I giggled.

"Lauren What the Freak! Why are you here?!?!?"Lisa yelled, obviously being annoyed. Niall groaned as he was to lazy to get up.

"Get Up Horan! Plus you guys are like the most broing-est couple ever. All you guys do is sleeeeeeeeeeepppp"I caried on. Lisa and Niall chuckled.

"Maybe cause we're Tiiieerrrrrdddd"Niall dragged on, as he was still on the ground. I helped him up as Lisa picked up the blankets.

"So any explanation why you're here?'Lisa questioned me. Well aint she a little grumpy today.

"Well your info Gumpy. I was out with Perrie, but when I got home. The curly bastard wasn't there so I decided to super stalk you guys"I said, Niall laughed. Lisa looked down at her phone, looking at a text, she cheered.

"What?"Niall and I said nsync. Awh he was still my bestie!!

"Nothing um Lauren I need to Talk to Niall, about what he did that was out of hand yesterday"She said, why was everybody cheering and not telling me why? Like seriously I thought we we're all friends. Oh well I sat on the couch making some food for Niall and Lisa. I heard a knock at the door, I wonder who that is?

"Lauren!!"Liam and Monica cheered, giving me hugs.

"Miam!!"I cheered, using their ship name. We all chuckled as Niall and Lisa came out, in regualr daily clothes. I finished making food, watching Lisa and Monica chat. They both cheered. Okay I'm gettting so pissed off. What is happening?

"Here Niall"I said, he cheered and gobbled everything on his plate. He eats so much.

"So any reason why everyone is cheering and not telling me?"I questioned sitting next to Monica.

"Nope"Her and Lisa said.

"Whatever"I said, I turned over and started talking to Liam.

"Your gonna tell me what their talking about NOW!"I whisper yelled, I frightened Liam. He wouldn't even squeak. "TELL ME!!"I yelled, getting annoyed someone entered the room. I looked over letting Liam go.

Then appeared Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, and Perrie. Is everyone here but Harry? I feel so left out, cause I know everyone will go lovey dovey while I'll be like a monster eating food in the corner. Yup, I was that type of girl. We all shared hugs and all sat on the couch. Someone is going to tell me.

*5 mins later*

"YOU KNOW WHAT EF YOU GUYS I'M OUT"I screamed, no one would tell me. I was getting so fustrated. Like seriously, a whole bunch of bullshit I call my friends. I slammed the door to mine and Harry's room. Maybe I'll talk to Rachel, she gets off early today. Its about 4 so once I'll get to her house, she'll be home.


"Guys what just happened?"Lisa asked. We were all so scared, Lauren is usually never like that. Wait scratch that, she may be crazy but we've never seen her Carzy Mad.

"You girls! kept cheering and making her jealous."Niall retorted.

"Yeah I think she reallt wanted to know"I said, as Lpuis wrapped his arm around me.

"Well we can't tell her. It wouldn't be a suprise and Harry would be mad." Monica said. True True. But I don't think any of us wanted to make her mad.


"Rachel Boo I'm home I said, hugging her. She giggled.

"Well your home early"She said, she must of thought I was gonna stay with Harry for the 2 weeks, and not visit her.

"Well My curly BF, Isn't home and my bullshit friends wouldnt tell me there little secret so I'm mad at them."I said, she frowned.

"Well okay then! Have you've been on twitter lately? Oh my the 1d fans are going crazy over you and Harry"She said.

"No I haven't been on twitter since I left them in the summer."I said, tapping on the twitter app on my phone. Man it's been a while, what the heck is my twitter name?

Oh yeah @Laur_<3's

 I typed my password in, dang over million's of followers and over like a billion notifications. Lets see what hate I get this time.

@Direction_to_Harrysv_line: Oh look the slut's back!! @Laur_<3's Get a life hun!

Normal, that doesn't effect me.

@Zayns_1_nightstand: I am so confused 0.o Are you and Harry together?...But then Zayn and you... Explain @Laur_<3's

She wasn't against me so I guess I can answer.

@Laur_<3's: So  It's been a while since I've actually logged on to twitter, and even tweeted. Let me just say Yes Zayn and I are over and Harry and I are together. Please don't call me a slut, Zayn and I just didn't work out. But we are still friends, he has Perrie now and she's a wonderful girl. But please don't send hate to me and the other girls. Perrie, Monica, Lisa, Eleanor, and I. You don't know anything about us. @Zayns_1_nightstand does that answer your questions? Nice username ;)

I sent the tweet, perfect lets just see what they say now.

@Irish_charm: Your still a slut, and you dont controll us directioners!!!

@Lovin_thed: I love you Lauren, Stay strong for Harry!! Stop hatin on Lauren. #NoHateToThe1DGirls

@still_wishing: Yeah everyone stop hating on Lauren and the others. The boys will just hate on us! #NoHateToThe1DGirls

@Harry_Styles:Hey thanks everybody for supporting mine and the others girlfriends! #NoHateToThe1DGirls, Hey Lauren where are you? I miss you!!! @Laur_<3's

Awh now he misses me, finally he's been gone forever!!!!

@Laur_<3's: Haz Im at my sissy house, come on over! : * @Harry_Styles

I smiled and sent the tweet, logging off twitter, so today wasn't all bad except the secret the crew was keeping from me.

"Any reason why your smiling like a little dork" Rachel giggled, I lightly slapped her face.

"Cause I'm in love"I said, she smiled and hugged me.

"I know right, I'm just that sexy"She said, putting her leg over me. Oh gosh Rachel, so sexual.

"Totally man, I love you sissy!!"I said, my phone buzzed.

Alert log on and take your science test!!
I groaned, I hate Science!!!! Yeah UNI, gets so boring. I take some online classes cause I'm that lazy.

"Now I'm gonna go die while I take this quiz"I said, Rachel giggled.

"Have fun!"She said, Crapolla, really science!!!!


We we're all talking about how we miss home, the UK. Well except Niall he wanted to go back to Ireland to his family. I just can't wait till Louis and I tell them. So they won't be all sad and depressed anymore.

"Hey guys!" Harry cheered, walking into the room.

"Hey Haz, you ready to knock up Lauren"Louis said, joking around. Harry chuckled.

"Erm No, maybe later. But have any of you seen Lauren. I think her phone is like on silent so she wont here me call her"He siad, awh he was a cute BF.

"Well she like ran off, about an hour ago"Monica said. Oh yeah, she got pissed off at us.

"Why?"Harry questioned.

"Because we wouldn't tell her about your suprise."Perrie said.

"Hey look she tweeted"Lisa said. Showing the tweet to us, I saw Harry take his phone out and tweeted her. AWH he'll do anything for Lauren. Thats cute.

"Hey Perrie, you said you and Lauren went dress shopping right?"Harry asked.

"Yeah earlier, I told her to get a dressy dress for an occasian I made up"Perrie said.

"Perfect. Can you guys go over to Rachels and get her?"Harry asked the boys.

"Well Mate she's pissed of at us and you know how stubborn she can get"Liam said, Harry sighed.

"Just do it"He said, he looked over to me and the rest of the girls.

"I bought all of this makeup and stuff, do you think you guys can get her ready before 8?"He asked, I looked over to the other girls, we all nodded.

"Great guys, your the best"He said, leaving the room. I swear Lauren and him are gonna get married and have like a billion of kids. He was trying to make there first date just perfect.


So like I was gonna add more, but I didn't want to keep you guys waitng enjoy!


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