How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


23. Part 23


"What are you talking about" I sputtered, as he held on to the collar of my shirt.

"Don't Fuck with me Harry! I know she's here. I saw the news" He shouted. Hes turning back to the old mean Zayn. Zayn did a couple of anger management classes after the Niall incident. He wouldnt stop beating Niall so Simon made him go. He got better but right now he's turning back to a monster.

"Zayn breathe in and out rememeber you can't be holding people by the collar"I warned him, he let go. He took a big breath in and out for a couple times until he broke down.

"Harry I just wanted to at least say sorry to her"He cried. I patted his back.

"I know Zayn, but she isn't ready to face you yet"I said. he sighed.

"When will she. I'm not the same as before. Sure I have anger still but I can controll it now"He said, I felt bad for him. He loved that girl, but so did I.

"I know Zayn. But she needs to think. We just only found her today, it might take a while for her to adjust back to us." I said.

"Okay Harry, I'll see you tomorrow okay'He said, walking twoards the door.

"Kay bye mate"I said shutting the door. He will never forget about Lauren.


'I'm still not sure"My sister said.

"Your so judemental" I said, he shrugged her shoulders.

"So are you but seriously Lauren. What if one of them hurts you"She said.

"We're all just friends. The only person I would and could go out with is Harry. He was like my best friend, plus I think I'm gaining my feeling for him again. Also Zayn has a girlfriend so I wouldn't even go near him"I said, she laughed.

"What?" I questioned her.

"You said you didn't like any of them. Now your instantly liking Harry"She giggled out.

"How is that funny"I question her.

"Because your still a stupid little Lauren. But im not gonna mess with your love life"She said, exiting the room leaving me all alone. So what I'm gaining feelings for Harry again. Thats no bad it is? I mean were so a like and Zayn and I are over. He has another one to love.

*Next day*


"Lisa call her over"Niall pleaded while Liam and Monica entered our room. ELeanor and Louis were in the kitchen making some snacks.

"Hey guys"Liam said, taking a seat next to Niall.

"Please LISA" he pleaded giving me his puppy eyes.

"What does he want?" Monica asked.

"He wants me to get Lauren to come over here"I said.

"What! Lauren's coming" I heard Eleanor yell coming out of the small kitchen. Monica cheered.

"No guys"I said, thier smile turned into an instant frown.

"Why not?!" Louis questioned adding some sass.

"Yeah we want to see her"Liam pleaded.

"Why don't you guys call her then"I said.

"We dont have her real phone number"Niall said.

"What yeah you do. Just because over the last couple months she wouldnt answer doesn't mean she changed her number. It's still the same." I said.

"Okay gosh don't need to be sassy"Louis said, taking his phone out.

"Lauren! Hi this is Eleanor"I heard Eleanor cheered. I guess everyone is a slow dialler. "Yeah do you wanna come over?" she asked. Knowing Lauren she's probably gonna say 'How about you come over here' She still afraid of Zayn."No Zayn and Perrie left hours ago, and I think Harry might join us" Eleanor said. Lauren's answers is gonna be YES because of Harry. We all know they like eachother."Okay I'll see you in a bit bye"Eleanor said.

"What did she say?" Niall asked.

"She said YES!!"Eleanor cheered. We all cheered, I guess Lauren just made out group better.


Perrie and I just out on the city walk looking at the shops. They have very interesting shops here. Like wierd interesting.

"Zayn I dont feel good" Perrie whined.

"Awwh Pez lets go back tot he hotel okay" I said, she nodded in agreement. I carried her bridal stile and started walking. She was perfect.


"So Harry How are you?"I asked my curly friend, while everyone else was being all couply. He smiled and fixed his curls.

"I'm better since we've found you"He said in his deep sexy voice. I swear my ovaries exploded. I love this guy, I'm totally falling for him. But we need to just stay friends for now.

"Awhh, I seriously missed you so much"I said, he smiled.

"I missed you more! You were my bestfriend"He said, forming little tears.

"Haz dont cry. I'm back now."

"Do you promise you wont leave again"he said. This was a big Promise

"I promise"I said, hopefully our friendship wont go down hill. His lips were so soft,  we were both leaning in.

"HI guys!"I heard someone say, pushing the front door open. I instantly jumped and hopped over the bed. I can't see him, not yet.

"Oh hey Zayn"I heard Niall say a little nervouly.

"So what were you guys doing while I was gone?"He asked.

"Just hanging, Wheres Perrie?"Harry asked.

"Oh she didn't feel too well so she's back at the room."Zayn said. I shall be forever stuck hiding someone needs to help me.


Oh crap! Where the hell did Lauren go? She like dissapeared. She was like Magic. Hey "Cause Everything You Do Is magic" I sang in my mind. Oh my goodness Lisa think straight. I got Harry's attention while he was talking to Zayn.

"Harry"I mouthed, rising my hands."Where is she"I mouthed.

"Over there"He mouthed, pointing to the other side of the couch. I jumped over the couch leaving Niall coufused.

"Lauren come over here"I whispered, she crawled over too me.

"How will I get out?"She asked.

"I'll get the boys to distractt him I dont know. Why don't you just face him"I said.

"Lisa not yet"I she said.

"Lauren it's time"I told her.

"No just distract him"She said. I went back up to the couch.

"Lisa what were you doing?"Zayn asked.

"Oh umm I lost a charm from my braclet. But don't worry I found it" I said, he shrugged.

"Niall I need you and the other boys to ditract Zayn for a second."I whispered in his ear. He nodded and whispered it in everyone else ear, except for Zayn. I mothed it to Harry.

"Hey Zayn mate."Niall said, interuppting Harry and Zayns convo. Hopefully this goes smoothly.


"Hey Nialler"I said. Louis and Liam came over.

"So Niall did you tell Zayn about your thing"Louis said, Liam nudged him

"What thing?" I asked.

"Oh its in Niall's room, shall we Niall"Harry said. Niall nodded nervously.

"Yeah I need your opinon."Niall said, as we entered his room. He should me 2 suits until the boys pulled 6 more.


Okay I'll see you guys later"She said.

"Okay"Eleanor said, hugging her.

"Guys I already said the third one"Zayn shouted entering the living room. I pushed Lauren down.

"Hi Zayn" Monica faked cried. I think she's trying to get rid of him.

"Oh Monica what happened?" Zayn asked coming cloder. Monica wiped her teard and put a smile on her face.

"Oh no need to come closer. Just doing some girl talk"Eleanor said. I made Lauren crawl to the door. She was doing pretty well. She opened the door. Yes she's almost out of here.

"WOAH!!"I heard someone shout.

"Lauren!"I screamed. Our plan was almost successful until Laure just had to get run over a maid cart. Like Seriously. Zayn ran to the door. He helped her up.

"Lauren?" He asked, she hesitated before running. Zayn grabbed her wrist.

"Zayn please let me go"She pleaded, Zayn didn't listen.

"Can we at least talk?"He asked.

"No I'm really busy and I need to leave now"She said, before trying to run off again.

"Please"He pleaded, She sighed.

"Fine"She said. Lets see how this goes down.


Why was she being so difficult, I'm justb ttrying to say sorry. But she wont even listen and look at me without glaring. Like what did I do? I didn't hurt her, why was she so mad?

"Lauern can you please?"I asked, she looked at her nails and looked up too me. The room was so quiet everyine was wacthing us.

"Im all ears"She said. She rooled her eyes, I sighed.

"Obviously Im trying to say sorry but you wont FUCKING LISTEN!!!"I screamed, the bots got a handle of me, she got scared. I didn't mean to make her scared, Its just I lost my temper.

"Zayn please calm down"Niall whispered. I did my Breathing exersizes.

"Lauren I feel so bad, right now. Will you please accept my apology, I didn't mean to scare you that day.I know you don;t love me anymore. But can we at least have a suddle relationship as friend" I said, she looked atme twice, like she hesitated.

"Zayn I can't with you right now. I don't believe you, you seem like your lying"She said.

"HOW THE FUCK AM I LYING!!!!! NI JUST WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND"I shouted, before the boys held me back covering my mouth, she was cryine. I was a monster, How did I end up like this?

"I can't trust you because your so mad and mean"She cried, all the girls huddle up with her trying to make her stop crying.

"Please?" My voice cracked.

"Bye Zayn"She said, me tears formed down my face. Why? Why can't we just be friends? She left leaving me looking like a bad guy.

"Well that was eventful"Harry said, I just sat on the floor not caring for anyone.

"Zayn I think Perrie would like to see you"Liam said, I got up and just left. I don't want to an enemy to Lauren. I just want to be her friend.


Maybe I should've just ran out of there. Why did I even love him?


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