How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


22. Part 22


We finally found her, after 5 months. Sure after like 3 months everyone just gave up, but I never did. I was always looking for her. Even though Simon told me to stop I never gave up, but finally we found her. Lauren, we finally found her.

"Do we have too talk about it now" She said shyly, like she knew none of us.

"No, we should wait for Zayn" Louis suggested, getting his phone out.

"Wait Lou, this is why I didn't tell you guys I was here. You guys are frightening Lauren" Liam said, rubbing Lauren's back while she was trying process all of this. I think she was afraid of Zayn now. Since last time, I could understand her. I just don't get why she had to leave though. Our group was just ruined once she left.

"Where did Lauren go?" I asked, looking at Liam who was just rubbing her back, he was in shock. We then heard a door slam.

"Don't worry I know all of her hiding places"Lisa said. She ran down the hall and opened a cabinet, there was Lauren Crying her eyes out.

"Lauren its okay" Lisa said comforting her, I wish I could do that. But what if she was afraid of me. Lauren whispered some things in Lisa's ear, Lisa nodded. What were they talking about.

"Guys can you pretend to leave while I'll go slap some sense into her" Lisa said, quietly making sure Lauren didn't hear. We all nodded and gave her fake goodbyes and slammed the front door to make it seem like we had left. We all sat on the couch hoping for Lauren to come back and telling us the truth.

"Hey Liam, How did you find her?" I asked, he looked over to me.

"While I was getting food, we kind of bumped in to eachother"He said, hugging Monica. They've been staying strong. They were like the last 2 puzzle pecies. They just fit. I've never seen them fight, like ever. Miam? Lonica? I dont know but they are just perfect together.


They finally left and now I was stuck in my room with Lisa. She said she wanted me to think and just tell the boys why I left. I'll tell 4/5 of One Direction but not the full One Direction. Yes it was true I was kind of scared to see Zayns face. Just too even be in the same state as him scares me. Like I used to love that guy and now I'm scared to even say his own name.

"Just tell them" Lisa pleaded, I don't know if I should ever trust her again. I mean she kept one of her biggest secrets from me.

"You never told me about Niall so why should I ever trust you" I said, sticking my toungue at her. Sure she was my bestfriend but its tough love for her forever and always.

"Look i'm sorry. When we started going out was when you were in your Derp mood. I would never lie too you, It's just I didn't want too talk about him in front of you." She said almost crying, I didn't mean too hurt her feelings. I hugged her.

"Lisa I'm sorry I'm just overwhelmed right now" I said

"Look I know your hiding your feelings, I know your scared, nervous, sad and mad in there. But maybe if you talked too the boys. You won't feel like that" She said, sitting next too me. I mean I really would love to tell them everyhting but I just don't want to know their reaction.

"What if they react badly. What if after I tell them they just won't care" I said letting a tear escape, Lisa wiped the tear away.

"Lauren I've been with these boys for a couple of months, all they talk about is you and how you were on of the coolest girls they have ever met. Of course they rarely talk about you when Zayn is around but they still love you. Let's make a deal, okay. You can tell the boys now not including Zayn though. But when your ready to face him, you have to tell him"She said referring to Zayn. I nodded.

"Guess your gonna have to call the boys and tell them to came back"I said, Lisa laughed like I was stupid.

"I knew you were gonna tell them so I just told them to wait. Theyre probably in the livivng room" She said, my bestfriend just gets me.


We were all sitting and waiting for Lauren to come out. Hopefully Lisa can persuade her to tell us. I mean she all put us in shock when she left. I think Harry and Zayn got hurt the most. I rememeber when Lauren was falling for Harry but eventully went with Zayn. Harry was her best guyfriend, he was always there for her thorugh thick and thin. Zayn was her boyfriend they always had fun times and cute moments. But sometimes I think Harry was more perfect for her. Hauren Jyles all the way. I kind of believed Zayuren Jalik. But I guess they weren't just ment too be.

"Who the fuck are you and why are you in my hous!1" A lady screamed, she looked a tad bit like Lauren.

"Mam we are friends of Lauren and Lisa" Niall siad, the lady grabbed a bat.

"Lauren! Lisa get down here!" She screamed. Lisa appeared first looking a bit afaraid, the Lauren was right behind her.

"Hi Rachel"Lisa said, grabbing the bat from her.

"Rachel these are the boys"Lauren said a little terrified.

"The Boys? Can I speak to you for just a second" Racel said, grabbing Lauren and taking her in the kitchen. We kind of heard there whole conversation. Whil Lisa was awkawardly standing and waiting for them.

"I thought you were finished with those boys?"Racel whispered, or at least tried too.

"But they found me"Lauren said. Oh god her voice, i missed her voice.

"Doesn't mean you just trust them again Lauren!" She whispered shouted.

"I know Rachel, but I think its a good idea"Lauren said, Yes! I mean I missed Lauren like a lot. Even though we weren't a couple. She was like my best friend for like 2 months.

"Fine, but don't come running to me." Rachel said, harshly. They came out of the kitchen like we didn't hear anything.

"So..."Louis said awkwardly. Lisa nudged Lauren, Lauren hesitated and sat on a chair.

"C'mon Lauren"Lisa said, Rachel left upstairs, looking annoyed. I guess she really cared for her sister. But we weren't the ones who made her leave. Well I hope not.

"While all of you were in the hospital room, after the talk with Monica. I kept thinkning what I was gonna do if I saw Zayn. After Niall and I accidently kissed, you know Niall was beaten up. I just didn't want to see that. Being a directioner myself, it Loooked like One Direction was breaking up too me"Lauren paused and wiped her tears."I felt so bad, so guilty, just like I felt unneeded for your jobs. If I didn't leave that day what do you think would've happen? Everything would just be screwed up! I already know you guys missed me, but I just didn't want you guys to ever find me" Lauren said, I hugged her.

"Lauren, you know I was there. Why didn't you tell me" I said. She cried more.

"Harry if I told you, you would just freak out more"She said. Louis, Niall, and Monica hugged her.

"We freaked out anyways"Louis said.

"Guys can we stop talking about the past"She said wiping all of her tears away. We all nodded.

"We need to go... Louis we still have to pick up Eleanor"Liam said taking a look at his phone

"Okay bye guys..."Lauren said, what was she thinking?

"Uh Lauren aren't you coming?"Monica asked. She shook her head.

"Why not?" Lisa questioned

"I don't want to" She said. Louis gave her some sass

"Please come, Eleanor would love too see you, just to at least to know your okay." Louis said, he did his puppy dog eyes. Lauren giggled

"Fine" She sighed, Louis cheered as we walked into different cars. I was with Louis and Lauren. While Liam had Monica, Lisa and Niall.

"So...How have you been?"I asked,

"I've been good"She responded. I missed her.

"You know I missed you like alot."I said. She giggled.

"I miss you to Harry, I couldn't stop crying that I couldn't see my bestfriend"She yelled, hugging me. I missed her hugs.

"Me too"I said, we laughed, Louis glared at us through the drivers mirrior. We chuckled some more. We finally got to the airport, we just had to wait for Eleanor now. Louis was so excited, so was Lauren.

"LOUIS!!!" Eleanor screamed hugging Louis. Louis chuckled, thye were so in love.

"Hi boys, Wheres Zayn?" She asked.

"With Perrie" Niall said.

"Oh... Hey Monica, Hey Lisa"Elanor said, Lauren was hiding behind me, she was pretty skinny so you couldn't see her. We started walking, Eleanor still didn't notice Lauren.

"I missed you guys like A LOT" Eleanor exagerated.

"Awhh I missed you too Eleanor"Lauren cheered, coming out of hiding, Eleanor froze.

"LAUREN!!" She cheered, we all did a group hug. "How did you guys find her?" She asked.

"I just saw her at the store"Liam said. We walked out of the airport, there was a whole bunch of repoters. When did they get here? I covered Lauren hoping this won't be in some news article Zayn might find. I don't think Lauren was ready to face him.


I was just out at the park with Perrie. Why am I thinking of her? I s it because Im in a park? one of her favortie places to go.

"Zayn what wrong?" Perrie asked, I loved her so much. She was perfect.

"Nothing Pez, just thinking"I said, She nodded and lead me to a shopping centre. I looked at the t.v news.

"Looks like One Direction's Harry Styles found a girl? In this recording right here. You can see Mt. Styles was covering up a girl who looks very familiar. Our sources say thats Lauren Jacobs. A regular teen girl that the boys used to hang out with in summer. Last time we saw her she was dating Zayn Malik. How did Harry get her?" The repoter said, My jaw dropped. Lauren was back? why do I feel so jittery?


We just came back from a wonderful day with Lauren, we all went back to our hotel room. I was very lonely, noone was here with me, I was a loaner. Maybe Lauren could be mine, after she talks to Zayn. We had a fun day, I think Lauren and I have that love spark we had during the camping trip. I heard a knock at the door. I opened The doo r it was just Zayn.

"Where is she?" He questioned me, What was he talking about?

"Huh?" I said confusingly.

"Harry where is she? Wheres Lauren?" He qestioned. Oh Crap!


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