How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


21. Part 21


I saw her, her eyes, her smile, her hair. It all added up too Lauren. Its been a solid 5 months since we last saw eachother. Her hair was a tad lighter, but she was still here.

"Lauren" I said, she was about too run away but I grabed her wrist before she could leave.

"Hi" She said awkwardly, like we've never talked before.

"Lauren no need to be awkward, were still friends you know" Her eyes lightened up.

"Well I should be go-'

"No your not, your gonna come with me" I said, pulling her.

"No really Liam" She said.

" I dont care. You coming with me" I said pulling her arm again

"Liam I cant face everyone else right now" She said. I would get it, she just left. She was afaraid of Zayn, since she saw the whole fight. She probably only see's Zayn as a monster.

"You dont have too, we can go to your house" I preferred. It took a while for her too answer but, hopefully she says yes.

"Fine" She sighed.


What did I just agree too.


5 months and I'm still thinking about her, I missed everything about her. Sure I still have a crush on her and I know I will never see her again. Everyone gave up on looking for her, but not me. I've literally gave up my life for her. I know we were only friends from the start, but if I do find her I want her too be mine. All mine and Not Zayns. Zayn has changed A LOT. He's always moody, once in a while he'll lighten up but thats only when pigs fly. Niall has found a love, her name is Lisa... I think. They were chatting online, and one day they decided to meet up with eachother in London since she was there on a vacation. They instantly fell in love. I was happy for Nialler, he finally found his Love. Louis and Eleanor still going strong, they truly love eachother. Liam and Monica are going stong too, Monica has joined us on tour. So they see eachother all the time. One Thing I forgot to mention about Zayn, he's back with Perrie. Perrie Edwards the one who almost killed Lauren. I guess he doesnt care anymore. Perrie isn't a bad person, but the things she does is bad. Right now were all in LA. Doing nothing. We're waiting for Liam too come back. Where was he?

"Anyone wanna track his phone?" Monica asked. We all nodded.

"Just did, he's in a house" Niall said, sitting next too Lisa. Who joined us today. Lisa snatched the phone from Niall, she looked nervous.

"He's cheating on me!! Lets go!" Monica yelled, I hope Liam aint doing that. Doesn't sound like Liam.

"Perrie and I are going on an outing, we'll see you guys later" Zayn said.

"See Ya" Louis yelled, as all of us waved goodbye too them. Now Liam where did you go?


"But we missed you, you just left us in a shock. We even thought you killed yourself!" Liam Shouted.

"But everyone was getting hurt." I cried

"Don't cry please" Liam said hugging me. I told him the full truth why I left, it seemed like a good reason back then. But now I just sound stupid.

"Liam I think you should be going, tey might worry" I told him, he nodded

"Are you going to be okay by your self?" Liam asked. I nodded."Dont lie too me" He warned me

"I think I can manage, my sister will be back in an hour" I said.

"Okay I'm go- Whoa" I heard Liam scream

"LIAM WERE YOU CHEATING ON ME!" I heard, it sounded like Monica. I hid under the kitchen counter.

"No Moni, Why would I do that." Liam responded, then I instantly heard more footsteps. Are they all here?

"Hey look Lisa this looks like you" I heard an Irish accent say. Wait Lisa? Lisa was here and with Niall, I need to talk with that girl.

"Yeah totally, now put the picture down" I heard Lisa say. Hope fully they just leave.

"Hey look its a piano!" I heard a voice scream, Louis? Im guessing.

"Play me a song Lou" I heard Harry say. So Liam, Monica, Lisa, Niall, Harry, and Louis are here. Hopefully no Zayn.

"Guys I think we should get going, my friend left a couple minutes ago and uhmm he told me to lock the door, since I was fixing his chair"Liam lied, he's not the best Liar you could say.

"Yeah lets go" I heard Lisa say.

"Wait look at this picture on the piano stand" I heard Harry say. Shit Shit Shit, My sister and I were looking through some photos and those photos piano are of me.

"She looks just like Lauren"I heard Louis say, No durr it is Lauren.

"Let me see" I heard Niall say

"Guys we should really be going, my friend hates it when people touch their stuff." Liam lied.

"Why leave so early...unless theres a girl in the house" Monica yelled. I heard foot steps come into the kitchen, please dont go look under the counter. Pretty, pretty please. I saw Monica move right past me, phew she didnt see me."Wait" I heard her say. She walked backwards slowly. She caught me. "Lauren is that...Oh My Goodness LAUREN!" She screamed.

"Lauren where?" I heard Hary say entering the kitchen. God dang it. Harry gave me a hug a relly long hug. I gave Niall and Louis hugs then saw Lisa.

"Ahh well well well, we got a liar up in here" I siad to my bestfriend.

"I'm sorry" She said

"I forgive you" I said, giving her a hug.

"Wait...did I miss something. Since when did you guys know eachother" Niall asked.

"Since we were practically born. Horan when did you start boning my bestfriend?" I asked Niall, he blushed in embarresment so did Lisa."No seriously when did you guys meet?" I asked.

"Remember back in London, when I told you I didnt feel so well. So you went shopping by yourself. Yeah I lied I was meeing Niall. We talked online. I didnt want to tell you since you knew the rest of the boys" Lisa said.

"Its okay Lisa" I siad giving my bestfriend a hug.

"Now the question is. Why did you leave us?" Harry ask. Did he seriously have to ask that, I'm not ing the mood. But since they found me...


quick chapter update!!

So Im gonna Edit this book and add some extra chapters to it. The new book name will be 'Best Of Both Worlds' and thier will be chaptersin the middle of the story that never got posted. So you can reread those chapters once I post them. I'm only doing this because, this book was on Wattpad and I deleted it. So Im reposting.

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