How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


20. Part 20


5 months a whole 5 months since I last seen, heard, talked, texted, and emailed the boys. I could say that summer was fun, except the last part. After I left the hospital I went straight back too the house. Packed all of my stuff, and left too the airport, to go back to L.A where I lived half of my life for UNI. I did go back to London with Lisa, but I ignored every fan, just anything 1d I ignored. I didn't even want too check up on the house, I was too afraid that they were still there. Lisa cheered me up, Im stable now. I can sleep without crying. I could be proud of myself. Because I should be. Maybe Being friends with 1d was just a summer thing. They tried to call for the first 2-3 months I was gone, but I ignored it. But when Eleanor or Monica called I would sometimes answer it. I just told them to keep the boys safe and instantly hang up. Sure I felt bad but, Thats how I wanted to manage things.

"Hey Lauren" My older sister, Rachel said. Rachel was my big sister. She lived here alone, with a good job and stuff. Of course I lived here with her but I make frequent trips too London, because I get homesick. I always visit the park in London where my parents used to take me, Rachel, and Josh. Whose Josh you ask? He was the brother we cant find. He left us with no contact, I hope he is okay. Since my parent didn't get buried.

"Hey Rach" I said, she sat next too me on my bed.

"How you holding up?" She asked, I guess she can tell I was a little sad. Lisa wasn't here too cheer me up and Rachel was at work. Plus there is no school for 2 weeks. So I'm pretty much alone everyday. I keep thinking about the boys. I missed Liam's, Niall, and Za- Its too hard to think his name. Every time I say it, It just hurts me and my head.

"I know your thinking about them, but its been 5months Lauren Let them go." My sister said, I'm glad too have her here with me. I smiled.

"Yeah. I'll forget them" I said, she smiled.

"Now lets go on a road trip" She said, huh? A road trip?

"Why you hate road trips?" I questioned her. There was something up. I walked out of my room and into the living room. I heard the tv

"Guess whose in L.A? Cant guess well The Boy band one dire-" The tv host said, before my sister turned it off.

"So do you wanna pack now?" She asked me, smiling like I never heard the tv, i am not gonna go on a road trip just to avoid these boys. They don't know where I live.

"Is this why you want us to go on that stupid road trip" I asked, she nodded. I laughed

"Its okay Rach. I dont think I'll be running into them" I said.

"Are yah sure" She asked.

"Positive." I answered

*Next Morning*

I woke up and walked into the kitchen, seeing a note by some pancakes.


Sorry I had to go to work early today. I didn't want too wake you up, You looked a bit tiered. But can you go too the market and get some food for the house? I'll text you the list okay.

I loved my sister, she made me breakfast. I love her so much. Mow I just have too go too the market. I ate my pancakes, and immediately got ready to go to the market. I wore grey leggings with a long sweater that goes mid thigh. I had a vest over it with my combat boots and a beanie. Now Im ready! I walked onto the market it was pretty warm. I grabbed a basket and started shopping. I accidentally, bumped into someone. Oh shit.... Really it had to be Liam Payne.
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