How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


19. Part 19

I woke up to the sound of a beep and a sad cry, i open my eyes to see Lauren on my bedside. I see Eleanor and Louis cuddle up in a chair sleeping while Harry was outside talking to the doctor. I remembered all the events that happened tonight. Lauren and I kissing, Zayn Spazzing out and Leaving. While leaving me beaten. The sad cry was coming from Lauren, I thought she was asleep guess not.

"Lauren" I say, she stops crying and wipes her tears, but they keep coming back.

"Niall I messed everything up" she said, she looked guilty and mad and sad all at the same time.

"Lauren It's my fault to. I messed things up too" I said. she shook her head and grabbed on to her hair she shook her head a couple times, her tears were flying everywhere.

"No Niall It was MY Fault. I wanted to do the drinking compition. I was drunk, I kissed you, you never kissed me. If I still was'nt drunk We would've told Zayn when he was sober. When he was thinking correctly. Not a DRUNK DANGEROUS ZAYN. NIALL ITS ALL MY FAULT." She yelled, not loud enough to wake up El and Lou though. She fell on the floor, she looked a little crazy.

"Lauren I heard a, oh hey Niall how are you feeling?" Harry asked me, giving me a smile.

"I feel okay." I said turning to him. My body ached, I tryed not making a face,

"Niall are you hurting, I saw your face." Lauren Wanred me as Harry was helping her up.

"Guys do I look Okay?" I asked them.

"Umm...well" Lauren said handing me a mirror. I looked horrible, with black eyes and cuts. Hopefully no scars. My arms were bruised too. The worst pain came from the side of me, where Zayn kicked me a couple of times. But I deserved it, I deserved it all Lauren and I did kiss.

"Nialler are you Hungry?" Harry asked me


"Wait what did you say"Lauren said. They were suprised, I wasn't hungry. I'm suprised too at myself.

Her voice was so familiar, where have I heard it before. I looked at the figure in front of mer her golden locks shined in the light. It was Perrie Edwards

"Zayn did you punch the wall?" She asked. I looked at my bloody fist and nodded. She helped me up."Why dont we go back to mine to fix that, We gotta deal" She said. I wasn't to sure if I should go with Perrie. I mean Lauren and I didnt break up. Wait a fucking minute if she cared she would've already found me. So for now own I dont care About Miss Lauren Jacobs. Shes the real Bitch.

Monica went back to the house, it was cold and lifeless. Monica looked scared, i was scared too. Where did everyone go? I looked on all of the floors. I called Zayn.

"Hello" Zayn said he didn't sound to good. He sounded like he was crying. Why was he crying. Monica went inside all of the bedrooms.

"Zayn, its Liam are you okay?" I asked, he whimpered. Something happen while Mon and I were gone.

"Liam I screwed up, meet me at the coffee shop. I'll explain it to you" He said.

"Okay I'll be there. Bye" I said hanging the phone up. I looked up to Monica she was putting her jacket on. Where is she going?

"Mon where are you going?" I asked.

"I called Lauren she said, that Niall was in the hospital" She said. Okay something serious happened yesterday.

"Okay I'll be their in a while. I'm gonna meet Zayn, maybe he knows what happened." I told her. I gave her a quick kiss, and got into a car. Lets see how were gonna figure this one out.


I'm so horrible, I never meant any of those words I said last night. She's probably gone, I lost another love. Perrie and I, I can't even talk about Perrie right now. I kicked my best friend. Niall Horan I beat him up. Thats like illegal, I broke the law. He will never forgive me. Lauren the one I love, i still love her even though she's probably pissed. I saw Liam's car pull up, this it i have to tell the truth.


She was crying so hard, i don't even think shes crying all of her tears were gone. She told me everything, all the events Liam and I missed.

"Do you think I'm a bad person?" She asked.

"Lauren you aren't bad it was just a mistake. I tiny mistake" I told her, rubbing her back. How did this girl live? Being hurt. Everyone was with Niall I guess, I'll get everyone else's point of veiw.


"You had sex with her!?!" I whispered shouted, people still stared.

"Liam it was an accident Perrie found me with a bloody fist. She fixed it but then we got all touchy feely." He told me. Zayn Malik had sex with his ex. What was happening here.

"Everyone is at the hospital. I think you should come with me."I told him, he looked scared. This was his fear he had face.

"Liam everyone is mad at me" he said.

"Not everyone, you have me" i told him, he went inside my car. Lets see what happens next.


I was getting food for everyone, i looked at the hospital entrance. There was my bald friend Liam. He instantly saw me and gave mea hug. Right behind him was a strange guy with his hoodie Zayn!?!

"Ahhh so you came" I said to Zayn with a little Sass.

"Lou be easy on him, he has a lot to tell" Liam whispered. Go easy on him. He beat up his best friend, his brother. He typically hurt his family.

"Lou, I just wanted to say sorry too you. For being as stupid I am. I wasn't thinking. Please forgive me" he pleaded. Damn right you weren't thinking. I didn't want to forgive him just yet.

"I'll think about it. Lets just go the room." I told them, leading to Niall's 2nd hospital room this summer. We walked in and everyone just stared at Zayn. Now I felt bad for him.


I was the center of attention, what do I say. Who do I forgive first. Liam nudge me closer to Niall's bed. Everyone was watching. Niall didn't look so good, his black eye, brusies, his arms were a brownish purple, and his side was bandaged up. I was a monster.

"Niall" I said softly. He turned the other way."Niall I'm sorry, i'm so horrible. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was a monster though, i know you don't want to listen but man your my brother we cant always fight. Niall please forgive me." I pleaded. He turned and smiled. Niall was always forgiving.

"I forgive ya mate" he said, all of the weight was lifted off my shoulder. I felt relived. I apologized to everyone for my bad behavior. But someone was missing Lauren.

"Umm Monica wheres Lauren" i asked her. She turned and pointed to an empty chair. She finally noticed no one was there.

"Harry did Lauren tell you were she went" Monica yelled. Harry shook his head. Where did she go. I took a look on the chair. There was a note.

Dear everyone,

Sorry for not telling you guys in person, but it would be more hard. Not just for me but for you guys too. Harry and Niall go find a love out there don't stay single. Liam and Louis take care of your girls make sure they're always happy. Zayn, your probably not there but I just want you too know to find another girl... Someone better than me, i still love you but I need to do me right now. Guys I love keep making music. Girls keep the boys fun and exciting.

She left. She was gone.


Wait did she die or did she just leave them? I don't know we'll figure it out in the next chapter. Next update!

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