How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


18. Part 18


"Monica c'mon I know your teasing" I said to Monica. We were dancing on the dance floor and she was seducing me. How dare she tease me.

" C'mon Li Beg" She said practically air humping me. God this gurl.

"Moni, Moni I LOVE YOU! Give me your love." I pleaded

"Not good enough" she said, making me more hungry for her body.

"Thats It" I said Picking her up and leaving the club.

" Li where are we going?" She asked

" Nearest Hotel" I said, as we walked out to the streets.

" I knew you wanted me" she said

" I always wanted you" I said kissing her.

(Miam=Me-am moment bad ship name. If you have a better one put in comments below)


"C'mon El lets go have fun like the old days." I said. Man don't ever do a drinking contest with Lauren. Shes like the fucking queen, I think her and Niall are still doing the competition. Maybe I should go check on them. Nah they're both 19.

"Lou you seem to think like were an old married couple that never has fun" Eleanor responded. Man this girl, love her to bits and pieces. Hopefully we could get married and settle down but still have fun.

"Eh were both drunk c'mon El!!!" I yelled as we walked into the crowded dance floor. Best night ever.


His lips so sweet and tender. His kiss light and soft. Him cute and adorable. All I wanted was him. The guy of my dreams. As I open my eyes, I'm with...


I pushed Niall off me What in the name of hell. Wheres my love Zayn. How was I gonna tell Zayn.

"Lauren O My Goodness I'm so sorry I probably messed up ur relationship. I didn't know. Uh why am I so stupid."

"Niall don't call yourself stupid. It was my fault too. Hopefully no one saw." I said. Looking around. Harry came towards us.

"You know I saw that right?" He questioned us. He was probably sober since he took a break off our drinking competition. Ha ha these boys suck ass I won!!!
"I think Zayn Is still drunk you can tell him now and if he remembers oops if he doesn't your safe" Harry told us. That is true, if he is too drunk he wont remember.

"Harry go get Zayn" I told Harry, he started looking all over for Zayn.

" Lauren are you sure, I think its better if we tell him when he is sober." Niall said.

"Well... I don't know. But Niall let me tell you this, we are getting you a girlfriend this was just a drunk accident. I love you too pieces but Zayn already stole me heart" I said to Niall. He kind of had a sad look. Did he like me? No No he didn't.

"Hey Zayn c'mon lets go see what Niall and Lauren are up too" I heard Harry's voice. He was holding on too a drunk Zayn.

"Hey babe" I told him. He gave me a nod. He is to sexy.

" We have to tell you something" Niall told Zayn. I gave Harry a nod to hold Zayn just incase he tries too hit him.


"Zayniepop you know I love you. But you also know how drunk and stupid I get. After the drinking competition, Niall and I kind of Kissed" Lauren said as fast as she can. It took a while for Zayn to process. I put my gaurd down until.

" Niall you little Bastard." Zayn said taking me by my collar. He started punched my face so many times you couldn't even count.

"Zayn please no don't hurt him" Lauren pleaded, while Harry was trying to get him off me. I was week I couldn't even stand up.

"How fucking dare you touch her. And you" Zayn said turning to Lauren. "Bitch I told you how I was treated. I was used. But with you that all went away until know." Zayn said in her face. She broke down in tears. Harry instantly held on Lauren. Zayn kicked me and left.

"Niall man what happened" Louis said coming closer to me with Eleanor.

"Take me to the hospital" I told him.


What in the name of Fucks sake just happened. Zayn went wacko, Niall got beaten, and Lauren is crying on my shoulder. We'll let Zayn cool off, right now we just need to get Niall to the hospital.

"Harry It was just one little kiss" Lauren told me as we were entering the taxi to go to the hospital.

"I know love, but you Know how he was treated when he was a kid. I think he thinks he's back in school." I told her holding on to her.

"Harry why is love so hard?" She asked me.

"I wish I could tell you the answer but I don't even know the answer. But know this even though he is pissed of right now. Just remember he still loves you no matter what. Have I ever told you about Angeline?" I asked her. She wiped her tears off, and shook her head 'no'. For the whole car ride I told her about my relationship with Angeline (If you don't remember its on part 13 )


Fucking bitch asshole, Niall uhh wait what the fuck did I just do. I hurt Niall and Lauren. How will she ever forgive me. Wait a fucking second they kissed each other. She betrayed me, how fucking dare her. I'm turning into a monster i just wanna punch the wall.

"Awww shit punching walls fricken hurt"I yelled looking at my blood on the concrete wall.

"Well, well, well is that Zayn Malik" I heard someone say. Am I okay do I need to go to rehab. I'm hearing voices.


Who did Zayn meet? Whats gonna happen to Niall? What will Lauren do?

So many questions but they will be answered on the next part. I know i said i would update more but ive been really really busy, SORRY!!!

Thanks for understanding bye see u next update.

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