How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


17. Part 17


3 More weeks just 3 more weeks left of summer. My back was fully healed and I can walk without cruches. I have 2 weeks Until I tell all of the boys I'm going to UNI. I got a call...

"Hello" I say

"Lauren!!!! You little bitch, you did'nt tell me about Zayn" My best friend Lisa said. I havent talked to her in ages by that I mean like in a month. We are dorm buddies at the college and we went to the same schools so I guess were sisters.

"I just forgot, It's been hectic living with these boys" I said, she laughed.

"Well, you know my beach house?" She asked me.

"Yeah the one were your parents used to take us."

"Well my parents said I'm old enough to Own it so It's MINE BABY! Im gonna fly back to the U.K In a week. Can you pick me up? Oh and On the last week of summer I'm inviting only you and the boys to go down to the beach house with me." She said excitedly.

"Of course I can pick you up You didnt even need to ask babe. Plus the boys are living in My house" I said

"They're all living their. What did your parents say?" She asked. Well I do need to tell her.

"My Parents got into an accident and well they died" I said holding back my tears

"Oh I'm So sorry boo boo. Gotta go call you later alright Bye"

"Bye" I felt good Talking to Lisa, shes my best friend and no one is gonna ruin our friendship. I heard the boys in the gaming room. Really? They're playing Pokemon. Looks like Liam was winning, nows the time to crush his dreams.

"Hey guys"

"Hey" They choursed

"Mind If I play you Liam" I asked Liam who was sitting by Monica. She looked bored out of her mind.

"Hey Mon thiers a spa downstairs you and El can go. I'll caatch up with you guys once I beat Liam."

"Thanks Lauren for letting us use your things. And good luck None of these boys can beat Liam, C'mon El"

"Have fun" I said waving at them as they leave the Gaming room

"So Liam You think your the best huh" He nodded as the boys were saying 'oooohhhh'

"I think if we play, I'd win" Liam said confidently. He has no I dea what he was getting into.

*10 Rounds of Pokemon later*

"NOOOO!!! NOOO HOW COULD THIS BE" Liam yelled having a tantrum he only won once. Haaa haaa. The boys laughed with me as we made fun of Liam.

"Bye Boys, Liam learn how to play" I said going up to the spa.

" Moni, El lets go shopping" I said entering the spa they had facial masks on. I took a pic and posted it on twitter

@Laur_<3's: Monica and El having facial masks @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson lets scare them. Come upstairs now!!

I sent the tweet and heard footsteps coming towards me.

"What are we gonna do?" Louis asked stupidly. Everyone just stared at him. Like seriously he's a pranking genius. But I was also a pranker.

"Okay they have those masks on for about 10 more min. I was thinking we scare them and throw these water ballon things. But they're actually filled with mud from the mud bath."

"Lauren are you sure a girl?" Louis asked. Everyone nodded in agreement even Zayn my own boyfriend thinks I'm not a girl.

"You guys are stupid of course I'm a girl but growing up with the pranking master my dad and brother. Its rubs off on you. So yeah" They didn't look like they believe me. Whatever.

*Ding Ding Ding*

That was our cue, we were hiding pretty good you couldn't see any of us. We set up a camera to post on twitter. This is gonna be good

"El I think we should go to the club. Lauren is feeling a whole lot better." Monica said washing off her mask. We waited till they finished washing of their mask.

"Yeah lets do that" Eleanor replied. They turned and the boy and I started shooting. After the result they were so shocked. They started to grab mud from the mud bath and throwing it at us. Thats it its war. We did about a 10 min mud war until Mon and El gave up.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Scared mine and @Real_Liam_Payne girlfriend with the crew. @Laur<3's is a pranking genius

I smiled a Louis tweet, instantly Eleanor and Monica grabbed me and ran too my room.

"What the hell!!" I screamed.

"We have 2 hours to beautify you. We know you wont do anything special cause its a club." Eleanor said. Whenever I went to a club I usely wore pants, because I dont want a strange rapist on me. Nope.

*2 hours later

So We all took showers and put on our dresses, I still have no idea what these gurls are up too. Monica was wear a midnight blue skintight dress with a cute belt with sparkles. Her hair was in a fancy up do with curled hair that was sticking out. Her makeup was just some lip gloss and eyeliner, but it looked really good. Oh Liam better keep her caged in. Eleanor was wear a white goddess dress, it was stunning.

"Okay were DONE!" Monica yelled. Her and Eleanor high five each other, I laughed. I looked in the mirror. My god these girls were miracle workers. I was wearing a light lavender dress right above my knee with sparkles. My hair was actually curled, like omg I never curl my hair.


We were waiting for the girls to come down. The boys and I decided to dress up too. We don't go to those skanky clubs. Niall and I were the loaners like always.

"Here we come" Eleanor shouted. They came down, they were all so beautiful. Especially Lauren. I never said that shhh don't tell Zayn. Guess Narry will have some fun right.

*10 shots, 3 hours later*

Fuck Lauren is a hardcore drinker. Shes already had her 15th shot. Like I thought you would die after 11. Wheres Niall, fucking crap being drunk is so hard. Oh theres Niall snogging a girl. Oh yeah go Niall. Wait who is that girl. Is that...



I updated hope your happy. Merry christmas, you'll have to wait. MWAHHHHAAAAHHHA. Yeah.

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