How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


16. Part 16

The next morning


Whoa, Wtf i have the worse Hangover ever. What the hell did last night, Harry was full on naked. Louis was just passed out. And Liam wait a sec wheres Liam. Theres a guy over there but he has a shaved head. I walked over to the guy and shrieked. Everyone else woke up but Liam. When he gets drunk he becomes a Zayn sleeper. None one could wake up a Zayn sleeper.

"What the hell Niall!" Louis yelled throwing a pillow to my head.

" Oww... That hurt" I said rubbing my head. Harry finally put on his undies." Guys do you remember what we did last night?" I asked them. They both nodded 'no'.

" Come here look at Liam" I said. They walked closely to Liam and shrieked. Liam Payne is officially shaved i just thought I was hallucinating(<--- Learned how to spell it)

"Whats Mangenment gonna say" Harry says. I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe we can make up an excuse.

"Anybody got and exscuse so we dont sound stupid" I said. While Louis was watching something On the video recorder. He started chuckling.

"Guys I think I know what we did" He said, facing the camera to Harry's and I face. There was the answer. Harry being him drunkself daring Liam too Shave his head. We were all drunk and stupid. For hecks sake Harry ran naked, I gave Liam a Lap dance, and Louis liked whip cream off Harry's Nipples. We were fucked up. Oh well. Liam started moving. We just stared at him, he finally awoke. How will we tell him he loved his new hair style.

" Hey lads why you staring at me?" Liam said confusingling looking behind him. Louis restrated the whole video and showed Liam.

"Wait, I shaved my hair" He screamed running into the bathroom. Now we just have to tell Mangement.

*A meeting with Mangement*

We all walked in with our stupid hangovers. Seeing Zayn Happy and Wide awake. I guess he stayed a night in the hospital.

"Hey lads" He spoke giving us all hugs. We groaned. Liam had his hood up so we wouldnt let the paps see it. "Liam why dont you take the hood off arent you hot?" He said. Liam sighed taking his hood off. Zayn gasped.

"We all got drunk and did stupid dares" Liam said. Zayn just gave him a hug. Zayn helped him styled his mini quiff every morning. Man they're drama queens about there hair. Simon and a couple of his workers came in. We sat down.

"So boys you wanted to talk to me?" He asked us. Louis nodded and started the video.

"WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL!" He shouted, we all got scared even Zayn and he wasnt even the one whose gonna get in trouble. "Liam take off your hood" Simon told Liam, and Liam did as he was told. he gasped. "well with you guys being stupid we need to make an excusee.........Ah I got it, Liam you shaved your head for cancer. Okay are we clear." We all nodded.

"Did you clear the other rumours Uncle Si" I asked him. He shook his head No. We didnt want the whole world to know that Perrie was a bad person. She also works with Simon were all signed to the same label. Well if she didnt do it in the first place we wouldnt be here right now. And Lauren would be fine.

*A week after*(Lauren has been out for 2 days)


2 days after the release.

Lauren has been one of the best girlfriend's I ever had. All the other girls are just bimbos dont even know why I date them. Im actully worried for Lauren, shes been getting a lot of hate and I know shes trying to be strong. After the Perrie thing her back always. I mean Perrie is a wonderful girl. but I think she needs to get rid of the past when we were dating she needs to let that go. Gosh today Is one of the biggest days of the year for the band and I, it's the last concert of Up All Night . Lauren has been really supportive, even though she should rest she's been going to all of the interviews we have to go to. 6:53 a.m, I only have 7 minutes of alone time with Lauren in bed. I woke Lauren gently.

"Hey babe we should get up before the boys do." I said shaking her lightly, she groaned."Come on I know you wanna see this." i said she smiled and her eyes opened. "Hello Beautiful." She smiled again and poked my nose, she got up but I stopped her."What No morning kiss" I pouted.

"Not with yucky morning breath" She exclaimed. She got up and stretched all of her scratches are healing. But she either needs to use cruches or a wheelchair just to get around.

"Okay now you can have a morning kiss." She jumped on top of me and kissed my lips.

"Soo whats for the agenda today?" She asked.

"Well today is a full day. I have an Interveiw with the boys I think at 8 and at 8:30 we actually have an Interveiw."

"Cool" she said holding her back trying to get her cruches. i helped her."Thanks babe" She responded

"Babe i know your hurting, you can stay home."

"No its fine really Ill just take some meds. Plus Ive been stuck at the hospital for a whole 2 weeks. Its only my second day out. I can handle it babe."

"Okay but if you really are hurting just tell me." I said walking with her down the hall into the kitchen.

"I Love You Zayn" she said as she was taking a seat.

"Love you too babe."



Uh stupid alarm. I feel actually pretty good today. Last concert of Up All Night, I'm sad its ending but there will be other tours. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. Only Zayn and Lauren were in there so it was kind of..... Akward you can say. VERY VERY SILENT TOO.

"So Lauren, You feeling any better?" I ask Lauren taking out ingridents to make everyone breakfast.

"Well Kind of I just wish i didnt always have to take meds." She responded. i felt bad for her.

"Harry I smelled your pancakes so I decided to get up" Niall said eating one of the pancakes I made. Lauren Laughed. "Lauren have you ever had a Harry Styles Pancake?" Niall asked. She nodded No so Niall put a pancake on her plate."Eat it" Niall simply said

"Whats so grea-" Lauren said having a bite and having a shocked face."Harry when you said you worked in a bakery you werent kidding were you?" She asked me.

"Of course not. I never lie"


*5 minutes before Zayn and I interveiw*

"Zayn I'm so nervous" I say, Zayn was just holding my hand while we wait to go on stage.

"Your up" The producer said to us Zayn had to help me walk since they didnt let me use a wheel chair or my cruches. Stupid producer people.

"Hello and welcome back to rise and shine. Today we have one of the hottest couples Zayn Malik and Lauren Jacobs or as your fans like to call you Zauryn Jalik"(<--- Stuid ship name put comments for better ship names) The announcer said, I think her name was Angela.

"Thanks for having us" Zayn spoke up. He looked like a natural while I look like a nervous person. I've never been on tv so this will be fun. I'm Probably look like a sweaty pig.

"So how long have you guys been a couple?" Angela asked us. Since Zayn already spoke I guess Its my turn.

"About 3 weeks almost 1 months" I speak up, phew I didnt stutter. The interveiw went along fine we had so much fun until we answered questions from the audience.

" Hi Im actually a Zauryn Jalik Shipper. Lauren how do you deal with hate?" A girl, about 12 asked.

"Well I ignore hate as much as possible but some tweets actually are very nice, those tweets usually make my day." I spoke. She smiled. We got a lot of questions like where we met and how we started dating. If we ever fought and everything. Until...

" Just saying Im not a shipper of you guys and I think your a slut bimbo just for Zayn's money and that you need to get a real life" This snotty girl said. I just froze, Zayn froze too even the host.

"Well see you after the break" Angela said to the camera. I didn't want to cry. I didn't feel like crying. All the security guards escorted her out. But before she did, she ran and jumped on top of me.

"You bitch stealing Zayn from me! He was mine but your little ass just took him." She said slapping me. I couldn't even get up, my back my stupid back if it wasn't like this I'd be all over this bitch. The security guards got her off of me while Zayn got me. Everybody was holding their phones recording the evidence. Why does everyone hate me?

"Babe are you okay?" Zayn asked me. I nodded no. I had bruises all over my face. The boys came running towards me.

" Lauren are you okay? Is your back okay?" Niall asked.

"Guys I think Im gonna head home, and stay there. but I'll be there for the concert alright" I said as they helped me up. I got into the limo saying my goodbyes. Now I can cry, All of my tears can finally flow. I feel like a broken sprinkler that can never turn off.


*End of the Up All Night Concert*

Today has been shit, all day. Everyone in the whole world saw that crazy fan jump on Lauren. Like seriously can our fans listen they already give her hate they don't need to jump on her. Well I have a special surprise just for Lauren. After "I Want"

"I want, I want, I want, To be loved by you" Liam sang.

" Thank you for being a great audience, for our last Up All Night Tour. We are really thankful. By-" Harry said but I cut him off.

" Wait there Harry, I asked simon and he said we can do just one more song" I spoke, the audience cheered. The boys shot me a confusing look. I mouthed 'Go Along With It' They all shook their heads still being confused.
" So all of you fans must have seen that video of a crazy fan jumping on Lauren. May I tell you Lauren has been injured and still is. I don't know why you guys don't listen and for the fans that do listen Thank You for Supporting her. Do you know how much Hate she gets per second. Its not healthy to cry every single hour of the day. Yet shes doing it. I just want you to support all of us. Eleanor and Louis, Monica and Liam, and Lauren and I. I wanted to share this song with all of you tonight and I want you to show it to the world. We got a deal." I said confidently. The fans need to know.

The piano started to play, and the boys got familiar with the tune. Liam started to sing. While pictures of Lauren and I and the boys went on the screen.

" People Say we shouldn't be together we're to young to know about forever but I say they don't know what their ta-ta-talking about...." I looked at the big screen and there was a live camera of a crying Lauren. She was smiling, I haven't seen her smile like that in days. Harry started to sing while they wheeled Lauren to the stage. We finished the song. I gave Lauren a kiss and the audience awed us, Today will be the most memorable night ever.


Okay so I know its on the boring side. But don't worry it will get better when I update next. Okay we got a deal.

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