How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


15. Part 15


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THANK FUCKING GAWD THAT INTERVIEW IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! God dang, I was so anxious to see Lauren....and Niall too. We had our bromances Ziall Horlik! Duh! I still love my Irish Leperchaun. I was waiting for the others in the car, they were getting food for them. Man I feel so happy and jitteryyyy ahhh im going crazieeeee. That reminds me.

"LETS GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY TILL WE SEE T-" I got paused by the boys entering the car, i just paused like a rock.

" I see that someone feels A WHOLE LOT BETTER!" Liam said punching me playfully. I just laughed. As we were driving to the hospital, we were all just catching up.

"So Liam getting it IN with Monica?" Louis asked, playfully to Liam. I hysterically laughed, along with Harry and Louis. Liam just looked away. I Knew he was embarrassed with the question. I ruffled his hair, he just blushed.

"So Harreh, find anyone special?" I asked him. He had a faint smile, he was probably thinking about Angeline. It was really quiet. Harry finally looked at me.

"No one special, I've just been taking care of Niall." He responded. Harry has changed for the last couple days.Since he's been thinking about Angeline so much now. He acted like this for 6 months when we were on tour, after the death. But then one day, we went clubbing. We made Harry go, then he finally changed back to the regular Harry. The happy Harry who just wants to live his life. Time passed by really quickly, while I was thinking we had made it to the hospital. We quickly got into the lift, and went to the top floor. The Lift went Ding and all I heard was a scream and a big crash. I turn left and see the nurses helping Niall up and rolling Lauren back to their room. WHAT IN THE SAM HILL HAPPENED!?!?! I ran into their room, and they just started laughing. I hear the boys right behind me, they have confused looks on their faces. Im not surprised.

"What was that out there???" I questioned them. Their laughter finally died down.

"Dont worry ZaynniePop. We were just trying to have fun." Lauren said

"NO YOU GUYS WERE TRYING TO GET HURT" Zayn aggressively yelled.

" Yeah what was that?" Harry asked looking at Lauren.

" Care to Explain?" Liam asked shooting Niall and Lauren a questioning look.


*Flashback 10 minutes ago*

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked,Lauren nodded. I thought this girl was crazy. She wanted to go around our hospital floor, I would be steering of course.(A/N what Niall is doing is he is push Lauren's bed, like when you push a grocery cart and put your feet up. Kind of like that.)

"Lets do this shit!!!" I yelled as I started running, we got the hang of turning, by leaning. But I think the bed was going to fast, since we. CRASHHEDD. Of course we got in trouble with the nurses, but who cares.

*End of Flashback*

The boy didn't sound to happy when we explained what happen. Zayn went wacko crazy. Liam went Daddy-Directioner on us. Louis was giving us Sass, and Harry wouldn't even talk to us. Fine Silent Treatment it is Hazza.

*1 week later*


I was all alone in my hospital room. I haven't had fun since Niall left. How I miss him being here. Theres just nothing to do, I had to eat that yucky mush. Since the boys had to go to a town that is very far away, plus they had to stay there. But I can get out of my bed at least. I take little strolls with my wheel chair. I usually go down to the 8th floor to play with the cancer kids. My doctor said I can probably get on cruches in a couple of days. I'm glad I didn't fully break my back, or I would be in a back brace. My phone buzzed, it was a text from....ZayniePie!

From: Zaynie

Hey babe, guess what! I'm finally free. I'll be at the hospital in a few okay love. See you soon ;) xoxo

I smiled at his text, he was so sweet and generous. I texted him back.

To: Zaynie

Hey lover boy! I cant wait to see you ;) Ive missed you so much. Since I haven't seen you in like days, if your with the boys. Tell them I said hi. Okay love you boo! :* xoxo

How did I get this lucky? I ask my self that question almost everyday. Its not normal when Harry Styles gives you his number. Then you call him, and he already invites you to a week long camping trip. Then when the trip is over, you go on a date with Zayn Malik. But then your parents die in a dramatic way. But having best friends like One Direction, you forget what happens and move on. Finally you go on a date with Zayn, but the out come is bad. You get hurt, by the evil Perrie Edwards(A/N: No hate toward Perrie or Little Mix. I Love them like a lot). And now your hear waiting for Zayn too come. I sigh, that all happened in a month. 1 more month of summer and then back to UNI. Wait UNI, how am I gonna tell Zayn. How am I gonna tell the others.

I sighed once again. I decided to check twitter, its been like 3 days since I didn't. I clicked on the app and instantly came all these notifications.

@Directioner_4Lyfe: Eww who the fuck is @Laur_<3's she such a fucking slutty whore. Zayn you could do way better.

@Zaynsfuturewife: Gosh look at this whore @Laur_<3's your making Zayn a mess. Just cause your in the hospital.You probably have AIDS.

@Ibelieveinyou: Guys didnt you see Zayn's last tweet. Please be nice to @Laur_<3's or Zayn will just hate us.


@Ibelieveinyou: @thebetterdirectioner if you didnt care so much why did you respond. Or even read my tweet. @Laur_<3's if your reading this. Dont listen to their nasty comments they are all just jealous. Please stay stong for Zayn.

I felt my tear fall down my face, those are some mean directioners. I was glad one person knew what I was going through. I decided to tweet her back and follow her, she seemed nice.

@Laur_<3's: @Ibelieveinyou Thank you so much for the support. Im still hanging in there, thank you for being a true directioner. I hope I get too meet you someday. I'll make the boys follow you. You just made my day and i just feel like i need to repay you.

As I sent the tweet, the door handle started to wiggle. I quickly wiped my tears away. Zayn smiled at me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Hey babe I missed you!" He said in his bradford accent. It just made me melt. While I have Manchester accent. I gave him a smile he looked at me confusingly.

"Are you okay Laur, were you crying" How the hell did he know. I mean I wiped up all the tears and I'm smiling.

"Well..." I didn't know if I wanted to tell him or not, i mean I don't want him to worry that much." I'm just getting a lot of hate on twitter. They are all so mean. I've never been bullied in my life. So to receive all this hate it just breaks me" i just broke down, i couldn't hold it in anymore.

"How about we make this night a better one." He looked at me, with his glowing eyes ehhh he is so perf. Zayn helped me into my wheel chair. I have no clue where he is taking me. He went into this little room, he opened the door and it was just perf. The room had a window that was looking out in the sky, the moon was full and was beautiful. There was a table in the middle of the room. It had 1 candle lit and rose petals everywhere. This night was the night no body could mess up.


A night with the boys... Not including Zayn though. Eleanor and Monica were both busy so they couldn't come join us. It was just Harry, Niall, Liam, and I. Its been really quiet, since Lauren left. We were all just in the living room chilling out.

"Hey anyone up for a game of truth or dare." Liam asked, i was surprised. Usually Liam is the one whose like, its not my fault if anything bad happens person. Monica has totally changed him, well maybe a little. He isnt always daddy directioner on us all the time. I like the new Liam.

"Sure c'mon let get in a circle, I'll go grab the beers!" I said excitedly. Havent drank in 2 days so this will be fun. Maybe we should all get drunk, first." Hey guys to make the game a tad bit better, LETS ALL GET DRUNK" I yelled. They all nodded in agreement

*40 beers later*

The boys and I drank 10 can each, man were we drunk. Like seriously I can barley walk and talk and well anything. I think Harry is naked, Liam is talking to a lamp and Niall was laughing at the ceiling. Man we are fucked up, lets start the game. I decided to record us since I know we would have hangovers and wouldnt remember a thing. We all sat in a circle, im glad harry put on some underwear at least, but Liam he brought the lamp with him. Maybe he's halosanating (<-- is that spelled correctly.) Let the games begin.

"I THINK WE SHOULD ONLY DO DARES!" Niall yelled at the celing, we all nodded our heads. Nobody was talking so I decided to go first.

"I choose you Niall to go and...give Liam a lap dance with only undies." I didnt know what too say, I was drunk. But Niall did what I said. We put on Music. Liam looked like he liked Niall's Lap dance. Niam is back on. Harry was looking at me like he wanted to rape me. Maybe 10 beers was a bad idea.

"I'm so sorry lampy I'm cheating on you." Liam said while Niall was air humping him. Niall looked up, and said

" Im trying to do my buissness ceiling STOP WATCHING MEEEEEEEEE" Niall slurred, he got up and started jumping but fell of the railing which leads to the door. I was laughing hysterically so was Harry. Liam was kissing his lamp wife? He's a weird drunk yes.

"Okay Nialler c'mon you get to pickt the dare now" I said helping him up. He gave me a hug for some weird type of reason. But he whispered

"Melon Balllsss" in my ear and backed away hushing me. Okay I think we're all weird drunks. We all got back into the circle. Harry and Liam were fighting over the Lamp. So I just threw out the deck.

"Myy wiffe!" Liam yelled.

"Okay so I dare you Harry.... to umm.... Run down a whole block naked." Harry gladly accepted the challenge. We all walked out side and harry stripped. I grabbed the camera to get this. What we didnt know was that there was a robbery on the other block so we got caught. Harry started running and yelled.

"I'm free like a bird." Harry sang, we aw flashing lights. The cops caught Harry, oh shit.

"Officer, umm this is my adopted child and he has a mental problem. I'll just be taking him home." I said to the officer who already hand cuffed Harry. The officer Nodded and handed me Harry. We started walking back to the house. When we were far away Harry and I started laughing.

"Haaaa you got caught" I yelled at him while he was putting his underwear on.

"Shut up." He said. We got back inside and started out game again.

"Okay well Liam You havent gone so.. erm I.. I dare you... too.... SHAVE YOUR HEAD.!" oh you cant get out of that dare. If you dont do it that still means you shave your head. Liam nodded, well he is drunk so he doesnt know a thing he is doing. We got out the shaver, and turned it on


The deed was done, Liam Payne is offically shaved. Well not fully he still had hair though. Man Mangement is goning to be mad. Oh well the dare was done. We went back our circle, adoring Liams shaved cut.

"Loouiis I dare you too like whip cream off Hazza's Nippple's" Liam slured smiling like a chesire cat.

"Okay!" Everybody just stared at me. Yes it was a weird dare but im not gonna shave my head. Oh no the Sass master needs his hair. Niall grabed the whip cream, and Harry layed down. Liam put amount of Whip Cream on each of Harrys 4 nipples, well two nipples plus birthmarks. I licked all the whip cream off and looked at harry's face. He looked happy. WTF! he looked high.

"Oh yah Louis Lick My Nipple Again!" Harry screamed still on the ground. I laughed hoping he was kidding. All the boys laughed. Tinight was Fun.


"The perfect night with the Perfect girl" I told Lauren, She blushed. We were laying on the ground and looking at the stars outside the window.

"You know I love you right?" She told me. I nidded and kissed her forehead. 

"Do you know how many time's I said I Love you too you?" I asked her. she looked up at me.

"You seem to always ask me that, I know you say i love you. Like millions of times." She said kissing my lips. We sat there for a good 10 minutes just making out. I wish we could do more but of course shes still injured." Zayniepop what time is it?" Lauren asked pulling from the kiss. I looked down at my watch.

"Umm its 10"

"Shit" Lauren muttered.

"Why?" I asked her.

"Well I help the cancer kids, I said I will be there at like 8. I love hanging out with the kids. They usually cant got to sleep. I read them a story or something." She said witha sad expression on her face.

"C'mon I bet they are still up waiting for that bed time story." I said, helping her into her wheel chair.

*1 storybook later*

Lauren finished the last page of the story to the little 5-6 year old childeren. I felt bad they all had cancer and thei tiny bodies cant take it. They were all pale. But they were sleeping, wanting thei dreams to come true. I wheeled Lauren out, and heard a cryign baby. No nurse seemed to hear.

"Zayn dont you hear the crying?" She asked me. I nodded. I wheeled her into the baby area. Obviously there was something wrong with the baby. Lauren grabbed the baby which seemed to be a girl. She started rubbing the babys back. I sat with her humming a tune of a baby nursurey. The baby was slowly falling asleep. Then I hear a slight snore, which means the baby fell asleep.

"You hummed her to sleep" Lauren whispered to me, putting the baby back into its cradle. This moment was perfect. If Lauren and I ever had kids we would have a perfect family.

"You know your perfect." She told me giving me a peck on the cheek.

"Not as perfect as you" I replied, she blushed. A good way to end our night.


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