How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


14. Part 14

Ohhhhh gosh, Im really sorrry. for not updating. I was sick, then i was getting better, and then I forgot all about this book. Sorry hope you can forgive me by reading this new chappie




I woke with the sun hitting my face, as soon as I sat up, and I threw up. Man I don't feel good. I wonder if I already threw up all of my organs and guts. I havent eaten yet. Uhhh I miss my food.

"Niall?" I heard, wait where am I. Oh my god Im in a hospital. What the heck when did I get here.

"Hello whose there please dont hurt me." I yelled covering my face with the hospital blanket.

"Its just me Niall" The voice said, pulling the curtain so I could see her face, it was just Lauren.

"Oh It's just you Lauren, I was terrified. I thought you were some type of robber." I said, she chuckled. The nurse came in and put some type of mush on our food tray. She gave me pills to cure my sickness and gave Lauren pain killers for Lauren. Lauren and I were silent, we didnt know what to do it was awkward. The nurse just barged in, she finally left. Lauren and I look at eachother and started bursting out laughing.

"HAAAAHHAAA THAT WAS SOO AWKWARD." I laughed out. "OH MY GOSH YEAH!" Lauren replied. A couple minutes later laughing our butts off we finally calmed down.

"Ew whats this?" I said looking at the mush that was supposed to be my food.

"Well if you take a bite. I'll take a bite." Lauren said, I nodded

"Ready. 1....2.....3..." Lauren and I put our spoonful of mush into our mouths. We instantly spit out our food and drank our water.

"Uhh that food Is rubbish" Lauren said taking her pain killers."Don't worry Ni, I know your Hungry I called the others and they said they would bring some food after the interveiw." Lauren said

"So Lauren" I said, eyeing her suspiciously.

"So Niall..." She responded giving me a weird face.

"Well im very bored lets do something." I pleaded.

"Lets watch the interveiw shall we" Lauren suggested pulling out the remote and putting the channel of the interveiw on.


I don't think Zayn got any sleep last night. I heard him crying from his room, he was trying to hide his emotions but I don't think he can. I felt bad for Zayn, the girl he loves has a injured back that must hurt like hell. We have an Interview without Niall. Its gonna be so weird without his laugh. Zayn and I were already in the van waiting for the others to come back,since they went back to their girlfriends house. Zayn was looking at his phone and started to do a faint weeping noise.

"Are you okay mate?" I asked him, he didnt look very well. Not the same Zayn I knew.

"Uhh yeah Im fine.... Just a little sleepy." Zayn responded in his thick bradford accent.

"Zayn I know your not okay, I know you miss Lauren, and you feel bad. But can you please be happy for the interveiw. For Lauren. She said she'll be watching the interveiw. We dont want her to question you when we go to the hopital later on today do we?" I asked him, he looked up at me and said

"For Lauren."

*Interveiw Studio*

Zayn got a little happier after he got his hair and makeup done. Man Lou our make-up artist was a miricle worker. Zayn had huge bags under his eyes. But now they're all gone. I was glad he was in a happy mood. We have 5 min till the interveiw, hopefully it goes good.

"Heyy Zaynie pie you feel better?" I asked him sitting next to him on the couch.

"Yes I feel better." He said, looking up from hid phone. He was looking at a picture of him and Lauren, when we were on that camping trip. I think he was posting it on twitter. I checked my phone, and there was the picture.

@zaynmalik: Please pray for my babe @Laur_<3 Shes in the hospital with @NiallOfficial dont send her hate please. #NoHateTowardsLauren #ParyforLauren #PrayforNiall

All of Zayns hashtags started trending, I was glad that zayn got a girlyfriend. Even though i was just jealous. I mean Lauren was smoking HAWT!! But I dont like her in that way anymore... I think

"Boys your up" The stage director told us, We walked on the set and all I heard was screaming. Its like 8 arent they tierd of screaming. I am, but thats our fans for ya. The interveiw started and they asked all the questions, that most interveiws do when were getting interveiwed. Zayn looked pretty happy so I didnt have to worry. I dont think the lady knew Niall was gone. It was kind of strange, Niall wasnt hear. I missed his laugh.

" So I was wondering, dont you guys have 5 members not 4?" She questioned us. I think it was my turn to answer the question.

"Well uhh Niall is in the Hospital right now." I paused, I knew the audience would AWWW and they did. The i resumed." He got food poisoning, and it was a really case." I finshed.

"So whose single and whose taken?" She asked

"Im Single, and Niall Is too" I said. The audience cheered.

"I m still with Eleanor." Louis said

"I met this new girl, named Monica." Liam said. The audience cheered that he got a better gf than Dnaielle.

"So Zayn, any one special?" The interveiwer asked

"Umm actually yeah... Her name is Lauren, and she in the hospital with Niall." Zayn responded

" Oh Im sorry dear is it anything serious?" The interveiwer asked Zayn once again.

" Well she just.... she's just in a lot of pain, she kind of broke her back" Zayn said. All the boys know, that Zayn wants to break down but he's just holding it in.


We watched the interveiw, it was quite funny. I laughed and Niall laughed. The tv went to commercial break. We had an awkward silence.

"So Niall, tell me what you find in a girl?" I asked breaking the silence. He looked over to me and gave me a 'Wtf' look.

"Why do you need to know Miss Jacobs?" He questioned me.

"Niall i know we've only known eachother for like a month or so...But your a guy with a loving heart and you have lots of love but no one is returing that love." I told him.

He sighed." Well I like a girl with a loving heart just like me, and well a girl similar to me." He responded with a smile. I smiled back.

"Time to play match maker."

"What?" Niall said with a confusing look on his face.

"Once I can walk Horan. We, Us, you and me are gonna fing you the right girl!" I said excitedly.

"Lauren you dont have to help me. I m fine single." He stated putting his hands up. I laughed.

"You are getting a girlfriend. I want you to be happy!" I shoted at him.

"Fine" He huffed.

"Bored. Huh" I said. He nodded back at me.

"And hungry" he said, rubbing his stomach.

" Lets take a stroll" I suggested

"How?" Niall asked.

"Well, I think the boys just got done and they'll be here in like 10 min. Lets go on an ADVENTURE!!"


Okay I know its very crappy. I know and im very sorry. I'll make it better next week when I update and I promise I will.

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