How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


13. Part 13

So you still stuck on who did it, im not I know the answer ha and you dont but you will be finding out.



I was trying to get the promise ring out of my pocket, I was about to show Lauren but someone flipped our boat. Oh my Im not a very good swimmer. I was still holding the ring trying to Look for Lauren. I hope she could swim. I looked left to right until I heard the bushes and saw Lauren against a rock. I swam towards her she looked dead, but she was still breathing.Her back was ripped open, blood was everywhere. I took her to my car and drove really fastly to the hospital. I decided to call the boys.

*Ring ring*. Come on pick up.*Ring ring* Come on

"Hello" A groggy voice Harry said.


"OH SHIT OKAY IM ON MY WAY WITH NIALL, ILL CALL THE OTHERS." he said. I rushed and got Lauren out of the car and rushed to the Emergency Room.

"Help my girl friend was cut on a sharp rock on her back she's losing all her blood she might die."

"Its okay sir well take her." The nurse said putting her on a gerney

"Wait will she be Okay." I said

"Shell be fine" The nurse said. I was freaking out, they were rolling Lauren away I ran for it but 4 Nurses stoped me.

"I know you love her but we can take care of her." One of the nurses whispered in my ear. I started crying.



"No" he said

"Come on I know you dont feel goo and youve been throwing up all night but Lauren is in the Hospital with Zayn." Niall shot up and ran downstairs but then I heard throw up noises. I got the garbage can from the bathroom and gave it to him to take wit him to the hospital. We got in to th car and Niall fell right back asleep with the Garbage can. I decided to call Liam then Louis.


"Hello" Liam said. Man he answers quickly


"Okay Im on my way." Liam said. I hanged up the phone. Man I wonder what happened. I decided to Louis.

*Ring Ring Ring Ring* Dang Lou pick your phone. I called Eleanor.

*Ring Ring*

"Harry, I was Sleeping. What do you want." She said in a annoyed voice.

"Sorry Eleanor but Can you and Lou come to the Hospital Lauren Is kind of in the Emergency Room" I said sacastically.

"OH HARRY WILL BE THERE SOON." She said freaking out. We were almost at the hospital.


"Monica please wake up." I said trying to wake her up.

"Nooo let me sleep."

"Well lauren wint talk to you if you dont get up were going to the hospital."

"What why" she said as she shot up from bed already putting on pants.

"Well all I heard was that she was in the Emergency room and Zayn is there waiting until the doctors come out to see if she was gonna be fine of not."

"Okay lets go." She said running to the front door of her flat.


I sat in the V.I.P waiting room, I told the doctors to get her the best room that had. I was thinking for so long on whats gonna happen all i know is that Lauren is still breathing. Well thats what the nurse told me. I got up and looked outside the window and stared at all the cars. I wonder who flipped out boat. I turned around and saw Niall with a garbage can and Harry holding him.

"Put Niall on the couch." I told he put Niall aside and walked over to me.

"Shes gonna be alright." He told me I didnt want to believe him.

"How do you know Styles?" I questioned him.

"Well even though we only known Lauren for like a month shes like a family too us, we know her weaknesses and what makes her strong. We know what she laughs about and what makes her sad. We all know shes a fighter that will never give up. She will fight for you Zayn, she loves you. I see it in her eyes and I know I sound gay right now but Lauren knows what she wants and its you. Let me tell you a little secret. The day i bumped into Lauren I thought we would be together. But then she found you, I think she made the right desicion of picking you. She might think im still a player like every girl I meet says but you know my Player days are over, ever since angeline." He paused and a tear came down his face.

Angeline broke Harrys heart out of all the girls we've ever seen with Harry. They were madly in love. None of the paps knew about Angeline, thats why no one know knew except for the boys and I. They went out for almost a year, until Angeline went wacko crazy on Harry. Everytime Harry went to her flat she would Abuse him. I didnt get it, what did he do to get her all crazy. One day all of the boys decided to do the Angelines flat. The front door was left open we called her name and looked into her room but no one was there until Niall found her on the kitchen. She killed her self with a knife Harry knelt down and kept shaking her but we all knew she was dead. There was a note on the the counter,

" My Dearest Harry Im so sorry I have to Break your Heart today. I know I've changed and I'm sorry it wasnt a good change. I know we had some good times togther but it shall end today. I 'll never forget the time we had spent with eachother. Never. This is the best for us, I have gone crazy, wacko I know I've abused you for no reason this is why I am gone now."xoxo~ Angeline

When I saw the note I noticed a tear, right by the not was a scrap book of Angeline and Harry. It was really sad. Harry still has the note and the book. He will never forget about Angeline.

" Well as I was saying, Lauren is really special dont let her go." He said. I pat his back and comforted him. We heard the door and saw Louis and Eleanor with Liam and Monica. All in pajamas.

"Hey mate any news on Lauren?" Liam asked breaking the silence

"Hello Im Doctor Suville. Is this Laurens family?" The doctor asked as he walked into the waiting room, we all nodded." Well here is the recent news on Lauren." he said. I looked around and didnt see Niall where did he go.


I woke up on hospital couch, I saw Zayn and Harry chatting away. I decided to look for a cafeteria. I snuck out very quietly once I shut the door I felt something coming up my throat. OH NO I PUKED.

"Are you okay sir" A nurse said.

"Ya I'll be fine." I said, she looked concerned.

"Come with me" She said leading me into a room, with all of these scary machines. They take a lot of test on me.

"Sir I think you have food poisoning."

"Oh so what do I do?" I asked her.

"Well is there any of your friends or family."

"Oh my friends are in the V.I.P waiting room."

"Okay lets go back there." We walked back to the waiting room, I opened the door and saw everybody all depressed.

"Where were you." Zayn asked.

"Oh well he was just getting test. He has a mild case of food poisoning."

"Oh see Niall I told you not to eat so much food."Liam said play punching me.

"So whats wrong with Lauren?"

"Well the doctors said she might not be able to walk for a week or two, cause of her back problems. But they did say shes gonna be fine and back to normal in at least a month" Zayn trying to say all happy like. The nurse tapped me on the shoulder amd said I should put my gown on, as soon as we got into my hospital room. I passed Laurens room and saw her, she looked like she was gonna wake up. Oh no.

"BLLEAHHHHHHH" opps. The nurse gave me meds so I could stop hurling, after that I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up in the hospital, my back was in pain. The doctor came in and noticed I was awake.

"Ahh Lauren you finally awoken." he said."Im doctor Suville. I'll let your friends in after I give you a report." he said getting his clipboard out. "Well you will be fine, but your back will hurt for a while. Now you'll have to stay here in the hospital for about a week because we want you to leave with your back at least healed. One thing since your back will hurt a lot, your legs will be hard to function so, you might not be able to walk for 2 weeks tops."

"Oh okay." i said trying not to be sad.

"Well Ill let all of your friends in." The doctor said heading to the waiting room. 2 minutes after he left the Door opened again... it was Zayn.

"Oh babe thank god your okay." He said giving me a light hug. Everybody gave me hugs until I noticed I was missing someone.

"What wrong love?" Harry questioned me

"Well I missing a Horan hug. Wheres Niall?" I asked. Everybody had a look on there face, like he died.

"Well Niall is in the hospital to." Liam said

"Oh what happend."

"Well you know Niall he eats everything so he got food poisoning." Louis said

"Oh so he will be out by tomorrow right.?" I said

" Actually No he has a really bad case of it so he will be here for a couple of days." Louis said

"Well can Niall and I at least be in the same room. I think I know who flipped our boat Zayn and I want everyone to know who it is." i said

"Lets go ask guys." Liam said, while evryone in the room dissapeared but Zayn.

"I was worried Sick about you."

"Your so sweet, loving and charming you make me feel like a princess" I said Zayn interupted.

"Lauren you are a princess, We've knkown each other for a month and youve already stole my heart. Not like any other girl that I've met. On that boat ride I wanted to ask you something really important but someome just had to ruin the moment and get you hurt. But Lauren I have this one question." He paused and got down on 1 knee." I havent properly asked you to be my girlfriend, weve just been going out but. Will Lauren Maria Jacobs go out with me Zayn Javaad Malik and promise too be together forever?" Hesaid. I was already tearing up

"I promise Zayn." He got up and kissed my very passiontaly and put the beautiful detailed ring on my finger. I noticed there was and infinity sign with an L and a Z, it was so cute. The door opened and everybody was cheering I saw Liam pusshing in Niall.

"That one is for twiiter." Louis said as he was typing on his phone. I guess herecorded our special moment, I heard my phone vibrate, I got it out of my little purse that Zayn must've brought.

@Louis_Tomlinson- These two love birds @zaynmalik and @Laur_<3s. A little accident happened with @Laur_<3s #PrayforLauren #ZaynandLaurenforevva. When I see these love birds It reminds me of @EleanorJCalder and me when we first started dating. Love you babayyy

Louis put the video up and instantly there were a billion retweets and #ZaynandLaurenforevva and #PrayforLauren were trending. I got so many followers. When I first started twitter I only had about 1,000+ Followers. But when you hang with one direction. Especially when your dating a member you gain like a million more. But then theres hate with it.


Oh I love Zayn and Lauren as a couple I havent seen Zayn so happy. Even though I was just a little jealous I dont hink I am any more. I mean Zayn is my best mate and Lauren Is my bestfriend. I dont think anyone could hate her unless your jealous of her dating Zayn. But she s really nice.

"Okay Niall is here so who flipped the Boat."Monica said eagerly. I think Monica Is nice and Liam's kind of girl but sometimes she lookes like a person that would be a gold digger. Just for Liam's  money and fame.

"Well as I was being pushed down the rocks." Lauren started."Well I think It was...


Perrie" She sputed out of her mouth. I looked over to Zayn he looked like he was gonna have a fit.


"Zayn calm down." Liam said trying to make Zayn calm down, but nobody can. I know you think Louis is the craziest but its actually Zayn. If Zayn were a girl he would be a high class bitch but... hes a boy or he likes to say man.

"Hey babe theres nothing we can do. All we can do is probably get a restraing order." Lauren said as Zayn walked over to her. I think Lauren can handle Zayns crazyness, Zayn always calms down when he sees Lauren or even talks about her. Man I sound really gay right now.

"Okay visiting hours are over." A nurse said as she was checking up on Niall. We all left the room to leave Niall and Lauren in the room.

"Come on Zayn. Lets go home, you must be tierd." He nodded. Louis went back to Eleanor and Liam went back to Monicas. 





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