How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


12. Part 12


Zayn is just so perfect. I love this guy we was funny,smart, charming he had all the things i find in guy. I look out the window and saw 100+ people hovering over the car. I saw flashes and everything, the car stoped.

"Okay, if the flashes hurt your eyes just look down." Zayn said giving me a smile looking down.

"But when you smile at the ground its not hard to tell YOU DONT KNOWW OH OH YOU DONT KNOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL" I sang, zayn chuckled and gave me a kiss.

"You ready" Zayn asked I nodded. He got out of the car and opened my side and helped me out of the Car everyone was yelling. I heard questions like

"Zayn whos the mystery girl?"

"Are you guys dating?"

"Why are you with a whore?" after I heard that one i wanted to breakdown. We finally got inside the resturaut Zayn looked concerned.

"Are you Okay babe?"He asked

"Those people are mean"I stated.

"Dont listen to them, the people who are mean are not true directioner,they are just jealous that your more perfect than them." He said kissing my forehead. We sat at our table. We looked around and saw the people around us they all loked snootie and mean.

"Welcome to The Princess Garden. Can I get you guys some drinks." Our waitress said while looking at Zayn and giving him a wink. He had a weird look on his face. I'll just let that one pass.

"Can I have strawberry lemonade." I asked she nodded and kept staring at Zayn. That little bitch she needs to back off my man.

"Can I get one of those too" Zayn said.

"Anything for you Mr.Malik." She responded. Bitch wanna play,we'll play.

"Are you okay sweetie." Zayn said with a concerned voice. I guess he noticed im irritated.

"Uh not really that bitch wants you."I yelled, people stared at me. Opps a little too loud, oh well they dont know who i am.

"Here are your drinks." Our bitchy waiter said while putting our drinks on the table, she gave a wink to Zayn. Strike 2. We ordered our food, too make that stupid bitch jealous i started to kiss Zayn slowly and passionately. Our waiter left and the look on her face was so hella funny, thats what you get for trying to get my man.

"I know what your doing" Zayn said with a smirk on his face. I blushed.

"Well I should be the only one to do those things to you.Right?" i responded

"Well dont make her too jealous or your just gonna turn me on some more."

"Ha ha you little kidder, we cant tonight but maybe some other night."

"Please pretty please."

"I know you want some of this but lets just wait."

"Fine. But i still Love you."

"And I love you." I said pecking his lips.


The boys and I decided to go out and have some fun together well just without Zayn.

"Aye man you ready yet." Niall screamed to Louis and Liam, who are still getting ready, uh they're the new Zayn. I wonder how Lauren and Zayn are, I hope that motherfucker treats her right or I'll beat him.

"Okay lets go." Liam shouted, while Him and Louis were coming downstairs.

"Finally" I groaned. I turned not too see Niall WTF! Where did he go. I know where he is. I walked in the kitchen.

"I knew I'd find you in here" I said. Niall turned as he had a whole bunch of crisps in his mouth. He chewed and swalloed.

"Haz you always knew me too well." he responded giving me a hug. Bromance moment. I jumped on Nialls back and he started to run.

"Come on you two nincompoops, we have to meet Eleanor and Monica at the club." Louis shouted like he was are father,man when did he change. Maybe its his special time of the month.

*At the club*

I think Niall and I are just full on drunk. We promised eachother not to drink a lot but after our first shot we couldnt help ourselves. Oh well. I think Liam took Monica home and Louis was just gonna sleep at Eleanor's. I walked back to the bar and found a girl with bleach blonde hair. I know that hair anywhere.

"PERRIE!" I screamed giving her a hug.

"Why hello Harry" she exclaimed.

"May I ask why your hear with all your bandmates" I said looking beyond Perrie and seeing Jade, Leanne, and Jessie.

"Well our album cameout yesterday and since we couldnt party then we decided to do it now." she explained

"Ahh well congratz on the Album.The boys and I well also be having an album out soon." I slurred

"Ohh well thats wonderful, Where's Zayn.?" she asked.

"Umm well I think hes on a date with his Girlyfriend Lauren. You guys met before."

"Oh yes we have. Well it was nice seeing you Harry." Perrie said with an annoyed voice. Huh whats her problem.

"Bye" I shouted, she turned and did a little wave. I looked at my phone the time was 12:30a.m I should find Niall now. It usually take me like an hour just too find him so. I need too now.


I think we went through 3 waitresses and 2 waiters. When our first waitress got is our appetizer she tryed to ask for my number I think Lauren was on the outrageous Bitch level so she smacked the waitress full on. The waitress ran out crying, Lauren was about too chase her but i held her back. I asked her why she was like that.

*Flash Back*

"Babe why are you so, well you know kind of over protective?" I asked her, i didnt want say jealous cause I was a little afraid.

"Well before I moved into the big house. I lived in this city where everybody hated my family. I dont know why. They all bullied me even their parents. But one day there was a new neighbor, it was this cute boy. Dont worry your better babe. But Him and I dated and there were ton of girl on him which made me jealous. He said he would never date any of the girls that jump on him. But one day i got sick and I told him not to come over. I went to the store with my mum and saw him with a bunch of girls. Soo does that explain your question." She said looking guilty.

" Hey babe dont think that im gonna be like that guy. Im way different, he never loved you as much as I do."I said kissing her cheek. That was a perfect moment.

*End of FlashBack*

It was Finally the end of the dinner, I payed the bill and now were leaving. Im going to surprise Lauren.

"So babe you tiered?" I asked her.

"No not really. Are we going somewhere special?" She asked.


"Zayn please tell me."

"Youll just have to wait. Lets get back to the car." I replied she put on a frowny face until we got to the door. I opened the door and all the flashes came back. You should of heard the question's some were outrageous. i got really annoyed so I had to do what I needed to do.

"Aye Paps can you stop being so annoying. STOP with all the rude comments and Racial slurrs. This girl right here is my girlfriend and if you make another comment then you'll just end up in a hospital" I yelled. Lauren had a shocked face like she never knew I would do that. We finally made it to the car.

"Zayn you really didnt have to do that. What if it gets in the papers.What if management calls you."

"Fuck them. Those people out there should have never said those things, like seriously they need to grow up. I dont get it, if they were famous for a day they would feel the same way i do."

"I know babe but dont take it too far."

"I wouldnt if you didnt want me too." I said, she kissed my forehead. Off to the next destination of our Date.


I finally found Niall he was passed out by the door, man was he drunk. We got out side and there were a bunch of fans, What the hell dont they have schoo tomorrow?Where are their parents? Man our fans are so irresponsible but we still love them. I was helping Niall walk out, I put on his glasses so nobdy can see that he is hald asleep. People were grabing on us, all of thge sudden.

"BLLLLLEAAAHHHHHHH" Niall speuted out, had thorwn up. Oh my it was so disgusting, thatas what he gets for eating before drinking. Niall threw up on a whole bunch of reporters and  a security gaurd. Thank god not any fans that would have been worse.

"Harry I think im sick" Niall said as he was laying in the car resting on my lap.

"I know nialler, but Uncle Si cancled our interveiw tomorrow so we can get you all better."

"Okay" Niall said, before passing out. I hope he's not that sick.


Zayn blindfolded me, man this must be romantic.

"Okay babe take it off." he said excitedly. I took off my blindfold and saw the most wonderful place in the world.

"Come on lets go on a boat ride." He said getting a boat. I feel like were in Little mermaid when erick takes arial on a boat ride and that crab sings. It looked just like the movie, which made me feel like a princess. Zayn got the boat set up and helped me in.

"So how am I doing so far you like the date."

"Like the Date...Zayn Javadd  Malik I love the date.' I said

"You know the stars shimmer just like your eyes glow."

"Oh you little charmer." I said. I kissed him, he looked down like he was trying to get something. Before he could show I was shoved down into the water and pushed down into a sharp rock. The rock riped my back open. I opened my eyes trying to see who was drowning me.

It was......




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