How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


11. Part 11

"Hello Im Simon Cowell, you must be Lauren."

"Thats correct. Nice to meet you Simon."

"Well lets get with buisness. I want you to go on a date with Zayn later on today."

"Okay" I said excitedly

"Then wait a week then the boys can move in. Make sure you do stuff on twitter like post pics of your self and Zayn, make sure you you do all the teenage stuff you know kiss and stuff, but dont get wild I dont want to be a Great Uncle." All the boys laughed except Zayn and I, we glared at them.

"Well okay Nice meeting you Lauren. Goodbye boys."

"Bye" They yelled as I closed the door.

" Well we have to just have to wait a week.'

" Yeah a long week." Liam said

"Why is it a long week"

" Because this week is an interveiw week, we have like 2-3 interveiws a day." Louis said in a glum voice.

"Well thats a good thing"

"Why" Niall asked

"Because I can be a supportive girlfriend and go with you guys."

"Smart one Zayn you have right here." Harry said Patting my Head. I looked aound. WTF? Wheres Zayn

"Um guys have you noticed that Zayn isnt even here."

"Yeah I just noticed that now." Niall stated scratching his head.

"ZAYYYNNN" I yelled

"YES" I heard him scream back from upstairs.

"Where are you?" I said walking Upstairs

"Lauren will you go on a date with me?" Zayn said with a tux on.

"Uh...No... I mean Yes. Your such a weirdo." I kissed his lips and kept teasing him.

Everytime I pulled back he would get sadder.

"Stop Teasing me." He pouted

" Just wait till Later. Let me get dressed."

"Can I come." He asked

"Um no."

" Aww shucks I ll just wait downstairs." I chuckled.

'' Kk Ill be just like 30min."

"Okay Babe" He said giving me one last Kiss. I walked Into Zayn's bathroom and turned on the shower, I striped off my clothes. I walked into the shower and felt the water jets, its always feels refreshing after you take a shower. I only tookna 5min shower, New best time. I grabbed a towel and wiped my self down. I put the towel up on my hair and changed into a Dress. I was Pink and flowy. It went down and touched the ground. On the top of the dress was a pink and it turned into a sheer pink with sparkles, Under my boobs is when it turned a diffrent type of fabric. I put on my Nude heels and looked in the mirrior, my outfit was
perfect. Now for my hair, I dried my hair and put my hair into a Braided sockbun. Now for the make-up, Uh im too lazy so I put on natural make-up. I walked downstairs quietly not making a sound, the boys didnt even hear me I snuck up behind the couch who had Harry, Niall and Zayn. They were watching a chick flick, Harry looked like he was gonna cry. I got my phone out to get ready to snap the picture of me scaring them.

"BOOOOOO!" I yelled, they jumped and made these halarious face. I quickly snapped the picture.

" Theres my first Twitter Picture."

"OH MY GOD lauren you scared me." Niall Yelled taking big breaths

" HAHHHHHA YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE, ESPECIALLY YOU HARRY." I yelled, Liam and Louis started chucking. Harry started crying.

"Aww is wittle Haareh crwying." I said giving him a hug

" Yes cause her mother just died."

"AWW get over it. Its just a movie" I said lightly punching him. I stood up and all the boys stared at me.

"Oh Zayn your so lucky." Niall said. Zayn gave him a look.

"What are you guys talking about." I said

"Your goregeous cant you see, your just perfect" Zayn said giving me a hug.

"Aww your perfect too Zaynnie."

"You love birds better head out, but we want to see you guys back no hotels." Louis joked

"Whatevs lets go Zayniepie"

"Kay Kitten" Zayn said. This night was going to be Perfect no one will mess this night up.


When I saw Zayn with Lauren they looked cute, im happy for them, but im Jealous i never had a relationship like theirs, well since One Direction I havent had a girlfriend. I had like a week relationship and that girl just dissapeared. I dont love Lauren but I just feel Jealous for some reason.


I was with the most beautiful girl in the world. I was going to take her to a little park first then we would go out to dinner then we would go for a boat ride.This was just so perfect and it's a surprise hopefully she'll like it. I turned and saw her on her phone posting the twitter pic. I felt a buzz and looked at my phone

Laur_<3's: This a new life for me.

She posted and put the picture of Niall,Harry and I. I smiled

" Zayn watch out!" Lauren yelled, we were right about to crash into a big truck until i swerved out of the way.

"sorry" i said

"It's okay babe...So where are we going."

"I'll give you a hint, it's a fun place for kids, it's outside, an-"

"Were going to the PARKK YAY" Lauren screamed

"Well I call it a jungle gym but we can call it that too."

"I love parks they're the best they remind me of my childhood" Lauren said as I parked the car. We got out and started walking, I held her hand.

"So what was your child hood like?" I asked her. She turned too me and smiled.

"Let's see being the youngest means you get more stuff.But my sister used too hate me cause of that, but now she's gone she lives on the U.S we barely keep in contact only for birthdays is when I call her, I wonder if she knows about our parents.I loved my childhood even though my sister wanted to kill me I had a loving brother but 2 years ago he got shot at a college party. I miss him really bad but at least he's with my parents."

"Oh im so sorry"

"It's okay Zayn so what about you what was your childhood like?" she said looking into my eyes.

"Well having sisters gets annoying but I love them. But when I was in my 4th year of school people made fun of me, they use to call me names and all of these other things.One day I couldn't hold in my feelings so I punched them out of course I got suspended but then my mother got mad so I told her all the things the people did to me, she understood so we moved to bradford and I was well respected there."I said letting one tear out.

"Aw Zayn dont be afraid to cry " She said giving me a hug. "Com'on Zaynie lets go on the swings and clear our minds." We stayed at the park for an hour just sitting on swings and going down slides, we were having so much fun.

"Lauren, you know i love you right."

"Um yes" She replied with a confused look.

"Do you know how many times ive said I love you"

"No why would I count you little weirdo."

"well ive probably said it 1,000 times"

"Well thats good" Lauren replied giving me a peck on the cheek. We ran to the the swings and sat together and held hands.

"You know I love you. Right" She said turning her head, not looking at me. I turned her head to face me and kissed her passionaty, I started to french kiss her, i think we kissed for about 10 min and she pulled back.

"Does that explain your answer."

"Yess it does."

"So you want to go to the resturaunt now" I asked

"I would be glad too." She replied as we walked to the car and drove off to the city. Where all the paps were.

just the start of the date more to come next week
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