How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


10. Part 10


We called the police and they said if she wasn't found in 48 hours then they would come. Stupid cops. I miss Lauren soo much, so did everybody else. Monica left about an hour ago, she felt bad she was leaving but her family needed her. All the boys are gone out looking for her, I decided too stay. where did Lauren go I miss her blonde beautiful hair, her personality always made me smile, her body which I loved cuddling with, and mostly her eyes. Her eyes are like shimmering blue crystals that you couldn't help to stare at. Sure shes blonde but she isn't like those Blonde bimbos, who try to show you there boobs like every point second. She was different,thats what made her standout from all the other girl I dated. I think shes the one. The front door opened.

"Hey Zayn"

" Lauren where have you been we thought you were kidnapped."


"Yeah, Niall went upstairs to look for you and you weren't there. My balcony door was open so we thought we had lost you forever. I need to call the boys there out looking for you. But before I do that." I smashed my lips onto hers, she started kissing back, my tongue was touching her lips she opened and we were full on snogging until I had to step back to call the boys. She kissed my forehead and walked upstairs. She was perfect.


It's nice too know they care for me. As I was walking up stairs, I saw a lot of boxes, maybe
Harry told them. I went to my room, man it was a mess. I decided too clean up. As I was getting finished I heard loud footsteps coming closer to the door. I walked away from the door knowing I was gonna get slammed by the door.

"LAUREN!" all 4 boys yelled running giving me a hug.

" We were so worried" Louis said. Zayn walked in.

"Hey Babe"

"Hey" I responded

" So where did you go?" Liam asked

Man I cant believe they thought I was kidnapped at least they cared for me. Well I was only gone for like 3hours.


Oh how so perfect I love the boys,and the boys love me. But right now I need a break.But how do I get out, I know if I go somewhere the boys would want to tag along. Oh idea, I'll just sneak out of Zayn's Balcony. I grabed my purse and my sunglasses going to Zayn's room, I took a liitle peak downstairs just see there faces. They won't notice I'm gone.Right. I walked into Zayn's room opening his balcony door open gently so no one could hear. I looked down 10-20 feet jump. I Jumped having no fear. I opened my eyes,huh I was Still alive. I snuck out the back door.and went shopping.

*end of flashback*

"That's all I did. So what did you guys do"

"oh we just paniced"

"okay that's cool"

"you don't get it Lauren, we care for you we love you and if you really did get kidnapped we would do anything to get you back." Harry spoke

"Harry's right" Louis said giving me a smile."

"well Harry told you the the news right"

"yeah we kind of started packing" Liam stated

" well let's get finished so we could move in tomorrow."

"About that.Simon wants to meet you no Directioner knows about you since we've been hiding. So you need to go public first."Zany said holding my waist.

"okay well when can I meet him"

*Knock Knock*

"I'll get it" Louis said skipping to the door.

"Oh hello Uncle Si"

" You can meet him now" Zayn's said I smiled.I loved this guy


I know im sorry not very entertaing but next week I promise there will be some drama. This is just a filler

Thanks bye
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