How many times do I have to say "I Love You"

Lauren meets 1d at a meet-n-greet and Mr.Styles give her his number. Will She Call? Will He Answer?


1. Part 1

My first fanfic


I was one of the luckiest girls in the world. I One Direction V.I.P tickets,everyone was jealous because they were hard to get. All my friends wanted to be me. Later on I got home, but my mom got home late so she dropped me off later than planed. I finally got to the arena, but my mom being my mom dropped me off far away from the arena. I was running to get to the Meet-n-Greet , while she was running I hadn't notice the person in front of me. She ran into the man.

" Sorry" Lauren said

"It's okay" the man said, I looked at the man and noticed that this wasnt any regular man this was the one and only Harry Styles. Harry ran as fast as he can to not startle me.


"What just happened" he said to himself while he was running. Harry was breathing hard and said

"Hey lads are you guy ready to see the fans."

"What happened to you its like your a fangirl." Louis said while laughing.

"Well i ran into this girl and i didnt want to startle her so i ran as fst as i could."

"Okay"Zayn and Louis said.

"Well lets GO" Liam yelled.

"WE'RE COMING!" the rest of the boys said. One Direction walked and all the fans were yelling. I saw the lady that I had bumped into.


I didnt even know what just happened, I got up and started running to the arena I finally got there. I waited 5min for the boys to comeout. Finally One Direction came I noticed Harry first, Harry stared at her and smiled. Waiting in line for her turn I finally got to talk and take pictures with the boys, when I got there autographs the boys where whispering they asked for her name "Lauren" she said. Right after the autographs I noticed under Harry's signature there was a phone number. I didn't want to scream in front of all of all the other fans. I had the best night in years, I got a celebrity phone number, and got to go to one of the best concerts ever. When I got home she went to her bedroom and screamed. She called the phone number *Ring* *Ring* "Hello"


At the Meet-n-Greet Harry stared at the girl that I bumped into. The boys were whispering to each other.

" Do you see that girl over there, thats the girl i bumped into." Harry whispered

"She kind of cute" Zayn whispered. The girl came up and talked to them "Whats your name." Louis and Niall said.

"Lauren."I fancied this girl very much so I gave my number to her. After the concert Harry was waiting for Laurens call. Harrys phone rang he answered


" Oh hi Harry this is Lauren from the Meet-n-Greet".

"I know who you are your the girl who bumped in to me.ha ha".

"OMG I am so sorry for that.".

" It's okay, I was wondering are you off this weekend?" Harry asked in a shy way.

"Umm well It's summer so i think im free" Lauren said in a confident voice.

"Okay well the lads and i are going a camping trip with everyone i was wondering if i could take you with me."Harry said quickly.

"Sure where should i meet you".

"At the Bakery".

"Okay i will bye." Harry hanged up and smiled


"OMG I JUST TALKED TO HARRY FREAKIN STYLES!!!!" Lauren yelled. I packed for the weekend and went to bed. The next morning Lauren told her mom

"Bye mom i'll be gone for the whole weekend, to go campng with my friends."

"Okay have fun." her mom yelled.Lauren went bakery and saw Harry and she smiled. Harry walked over and introduced Lauren to all the lads and their girlfriends,

" This is Zayn, this is Liam and Danielle, over there is Louis and Eleanor, and theres Niall."

"Hi everyone, I'm Lauren.". Lauren was so excited she thought to herself and thought that Harry liked her alot even though they met just yesterday.

" Okay lets go camping"


I helped Lauren with her bags and helped ont the bus. They got on and Lauren was Talking to Zayn and I got a little jealous . I thought Lauren really liked me, But I thought wrong because Lauren was laughing at everything Zayn said. Harry joined the convo.

"Zayn can I talk to you" Harry said.

"Sure lad, whats up?" Zayn said

" Do you like Lauren alot "

"Well I think shes pretty and has a nice smile and pretty eyes, and her laugh is so amazing."

"So you love Lauren" Harry said in a quiet voice." Now that i think about it I think im falling for her after this trip im going to make her mine."

" Good luck with that" Harry said in a sad voice. The bus stoped they were at the camp sight.
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