My fan fic

It's about one direction


3. The party

 We all wake up pretty early and Sophie makes pancakes. “Mmmmm, smells good” says Jasmin. “I recon, let’s have some” says Zayn. “So what are we doing today?” says Niall. “It’s a surprise but put on your swimmers” I say as I wink at everyone and walk into my room. “We’re leaving at 10:00” I yell from my room. I put on shorts and a singlet. I put my white two piece bikini’s on underneath. Everyone else get’s dressed and they all follow me in their cars. We stop at a lake with a big swing. We all hop out chuck our towels on the ground and strip off. Before I hop in I open the two front car doors in my car, turn the music up really loud and then run over to the swing. “Do a back flip” yells Harry from the water. “Ok” I say. I hold onto the swing and take as much as steps back as I can. Then I run up and jump up as I swing really far out. When the swing swings as far as it can go I let go and pull myself backwards doing a back flip. I land straight in the water and make a big splash. “Woooo” they all yell. “I didn’t know you could do that” says Harry as he swims over to you. “While I lived in Australia I took gymnastics, turns out I was really good at it” I say smiling. We start to swim around when I hop out and run over to my car. I pull out a big blow up mattress so I blow it up and chuck it in the water. Then I hop on the swing again and swing out and jump land on it. After I did it everyone else did. Later on the day we were all still swimming. I swim over to the mattress and I lie on it and close my eyes. All the other girls come over and hop on it as well. We start to chat when we notice that the boys had disappeared. “Where did they go” says Jasmin. “I dunno” says Ellie. “They must have gone somewhere” adds Ireland. “Oh well, they’ll turn up” says Sophie. We keep on chatting when, out of know where, the mattress gets tipped and we all fall off. When we all surface together we see the boys on it laughing. “You guys got so scared when we disappeared” says Liam. We all swim over and hop on as well. “It’s gonna sink if you all are on their” I say swimming next to it. And the mattress does sink. They all start to scream. “Ahhhhhhhhh abandon ship, abandon ship” Louis screams with a high pitched voice. The all jump off and start to laugh. Girl on fire comes on and I run out of the water to the car and turn it up. “This girl is on fire” I sing along. “Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway” Louis also sings along. “Hahahaha, Louis why do you know this song” I say laughing. He just smiles and keeps singing. The sun starts to set and most of us hop out except Zayn, Louis, Jasmin, Hannah and Brooke. The rest of us have laid out our towels and are lying on them. Harry lays out his next to mine. We both lie on our backs and look up at the sky. “So what are we doing tomorrow?” he asks. “Ummmm...I can’t remember” I say laughing. I roll to my side and look at him as my arm is holding my head up. “But I know that it will be great” I say smiling. “Are you hungry” I say. “Yeah” he says. “Ok I’ll get the sandwiches out” I say as I get up. I look in the car and grab the sandwiches and esky. Everyone comes over and grabs a drink and a sandwich. The sun starts to set so we begin to pack up. “Are we going back to the house?” asks Zayn. “Not just yet” I say smiling. They all follow me to a really fancy big modern house with to fountains out the front and a beautiful garden. “What are we doing here?” asks Niall. “Just some friends who are throwing a small party” I say smiling. We walk together to the front door and I ring the bell. Two beautiful blonde, tall, and tan twins who are about 18 open the door. “Hey” they say as they hug me. All the boys drop their jaws and then smile. “Who are your friends” they ask smiling. The boys push their way to the front and say “we’re One Direction”. The girls smile and say “you are the One Direction”. “Yeah there with me, and this is...” I say as I name the others. “You are having a party and I thought we could come and check it out” I say. “Yeah of course you can come in and join the party” they say as they move out of the way. We all walk in and see heaps of people walking around. A lot of the girls are wearing short dresses and the boys in fancy suits. “Um...Lilly, do you have something more suitable I can change into?” I ask one of the twins. “Yeah, come on follow me” she says as she grabs my hand and takes me to her room. After about 5 minutes I come out with a strapless fitting red dress that is a bit higher than the knees. I brushed my hair and she straightened it quickly. Everyone looked at me with a smile.

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