My fan fic

It's about one direction


2. The fun begins

Mariah's P.O.V

"Ok everyone look lively because today we are starting our first activity" I said as I winked at Harry. "Follow me outside" I yelled. Everyone followed me and Harry stood beside me. We walked to the paddock where I had three horses tired up. "Today's activity is horse riding" I say as some people get excited. 

First me Hannah and Harry hoped on a horse each. We all started off good. But Hannah’s horse started playing up, it jumped up and down. Hannah started to scream. I jumped off the horse and ran over to hers. “Wo wo wo shhhhhh” I said as I waved my arms around the horse. But it was too late and Hannah slipped off. We all thought that she was going to smack the ground and break a bone or something worse. But luckily Niall caught her. He held her in his arms as she said to him “You...You saved me”. “Yeah, I guess I did” he said back. They stared into each other’s eyes while we tried to calm the horse down. The horse started to run off so Harry and I chased after it. The other’s took Hannah inside and made some sandwiches.

Hannah’s P.O.V

I was so close to dying, my whole life over. But I didn’t because of Niall. He caught me and all I did was stared at him hoping he would kiss me. When he took me inside everyone left us alone and went into the kitchen. We sat next to each other and looked at each other. “Thanks again for saving me” I said. “That’s ok” he said. “Oh you got a little dirt on your face” he said. He wiped it off with his thumb slowly. He stared into my eyes and slowly moved in. Then he kissed me on the lips. I couldn’t believe it; I put my hands on his cheeks. After about 10 seconds we both pulled away and smiled.


Mariah’s P.O.V

We were riding after the horse for a while but we couldn’t catch it so we stopped. There was a tree near a small water whole. We stopped there and sat against the tree. “That horse is long gone, we’re never gonna catch it” I say disappointed. “Don’t worry, it’ll turn up” Harry says trying to comfort me. “Yeah I know but the first activity is already ruined” I say. “Not really, I mean I enjoyed it” he said smiling. “Really or are you just saying that to make me feel better” I say still smiling with my eye brows up. “No I really did like” Harry explained. I lifted my eye brows up again, “Oh really, well then what did you like about it” I say bitting my lip. “I liked it because I was with you” he says smiling. “Awwww, you’re too sweet” you say laughing. We both smiled and looked into each other’s eyes. I started to think to myself; is he going to kiss me or attempt to again. I hope so and this time no one is around to interrupt us. He begins to move in closer. This is it we will finally get to kiss. Our noses touch and I feel his breath. Our lips almost meet when we hear some yell out our names “Mariah, Harry”. We both pull away and look around. “We...are we better go” I hesitate. We hop on the horse and race back. “Haha I won” you say laughing as you and Harry tied up the horses. “Are you sure I didn’t let you win” he says winking. “Ummmm...nahhh I’m pretty sure I won by myself” I say laughing. We walked together to the house and everyone is inside eating sandwiches. “Mmmmmm looks good, I’m starving” I say as I grab a chicken and salad sandwich. “Ok, Liam and Louis can you come help me with the fire” I ask. “Yeah sure” they both say. “Fire, what you mean fire” everyone else asks. “It’s a surprise” I say smiling. I lead them to where we are having the fire. “So, did you make your move on Ellie yet” I ask Liam. “No, not yet but I will soon” He says. “So what fire are we starting” asks Louis. “Well tonight I thought we could have a camp fire” I say. They begin to help me with the fire. Louis and Liam go and get some wood. I begin to light the fire as it gets darker. They come back with sticks and chuck them on the fire. “Thanks guys” I say. “You can go back now” I also added. They walk back inside when Harry comes out. “Hey, what do you think of my awesome fire” I say smiling. “Yeah it’s pretty good but I think I can do better” he says. “What ever” I say laughing. “So, do you want me to get the others” he asks. “No, I’ll get them because I need to get the marshmallows.” I say as I hop up and walk over to the house. “Hey guys do you want to come out now” I say as I stand in front of everyone. “Yep” Zayn says for everyone. I walk into the kitchen and grab the marshmallows when I hear someone playing the guitar. I walk outside and Niall is singing a song. “I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth but if I do it’s you oh it’s you they add up to”. “Woo, that was great” you say clapping. “Ok then it’s your go” Niall says. “, I can’t sing” you say. “Come on, when you were little you sang all the time” Harry says. “Ok then” I say. “But I’m gonna only sing a chorus” I say. “Yeah that’s reasonable” says Hannah. “Gonna take you for a ride on a big jet plane x2, yeah yeah x2” I sing as Niall plays his guitar. “Wooo, that was amazing” everyone says. The others sing songs and we all eat marshmallows. Everyone is sitting closer to each other and then Niall and Hannah kiss. “Wooooo” we all say smiling. It starts to get late so we put out the fire and go to bed, Hannah and Niall sleep together so Ellie and I swap with them. Ellie sleeps at the top and I sleep at the bottom. “Hey Ellie are you awake” I whisper. “Yeah” she answers. “Can I ask you something” I say. “Yeah what is it” she says. “Do you think Harry likes me” I say worried. “YES!!!! Of course I do” she says comforting. “Really” I say. “Yes, you’re really pretty and you’re voice is amazing and you guys have so much in common” she says. “Thanks, and don’t worry I know who likes you” I say. “Who?” She asks. “Not telling” I say. “Who?” She asks again. “Not telling” I say. We stop talking and finally fall asleep. 

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