My fan fic

It's about one direction


1. Almost kissed


Mariah’s P.O.V

Ok who am I going to invite. Hmmm, oh I got it; Brooke, Jasmin, Ireland, Ellie, Hannah, Hannah and Sophie. Um who else, oh how can I forget, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. That’s if they can come. You jot down everyone’s name on a note pad and their numbers beside them. You grab your phone and begin to call each of them. You first call Ellie. “Hello” she says. “Hey it’s Mariah” you answer. “Hey how are you” she says excitedly. “Yeah I’m good, how are you” you ask. “I’m good” She says. “Hey um the reason that I’m calling is because I’m having this kind of camping trip only it’s not camping. Anyway I’m inviting a few people and I was wondering if you wanted to come?” you ask. “Oh that sounds fun; yeah I would love to come. Where is it?” Ellie says. “It’s at this kind of farm house at Ubobo. My grandparents own a house there but their going away to Bali for the holidays and want me and you to take care of it so I decided to turn it into a fun holiday” you say. “Oh cool, no yeah I would love to come” she says. “Well it’s gonna be cold and warm sometimes so bring both clothes and there’s a water hole so bring togs as well” you say. “Oh ok thanks, oh and when is it” she asks. “Oh yeah so drive to Ubobo and the first house you see that is red with a green roof is the house, stop there and I’ll be waiting for you. Oh and that will be next Friday” you say. “Ok cool I’ll be there. Ok well I better get going so see you then” she says. “Ok see you, love ya” you say. “Love you” she says. You hang up, you call the rest of the people and they all are about the same kind of conversations. You call Harry last. “Hello” he says. You get goose bumps as you hear his voice. You and Harry have been best friends since you were little. You lived next door to him and were in the same class. You had always felt like he was your best friend, he was always there for you and always made you laugh when you were upset or sick. After you were about 13 you started to like him in a different way but you never told him. You never said anything to do with the concept just in case you ruin your friendship. After you moved to Australia when you were 15 you missed him so much. You called each other every day. You remember one conversation when he told you how he is going to go on the Xfactor and that you had lost your accent. After One Direction was created you never talked to him or saw him. To hear his voice excited you. “Hey it’s Mariah” you say with a big smile. “Oh my god, Mooy (he used to tease you with that name)” he says almost screaming. “Hey Hooy (you teased him as well), how’s it going I’ve missed you so much” you say laughing. “It’s been great touring around the world. I’ve, missed you so much too” he says. “I’m so jealous that you get to tour around the world that is so cool” you say. “Yeah it’s pretty good, but how are you” he asks. “Yeah I’m good, bored but good” you say. “I haven’t seen in like a proper 2 years” he says. “Hahahahah, you were always the funny one” you say laughing. “Go away Louis I’m on the phone to my best friend in the whole world. No you can’t talk to her” you hear him say. “Is that Louis? Hey Louis” you yell. “Hey Mariah” you hear Louis yell. “Sorry about that. They all miss you” he says. “Awwww I miss them too” you say smiling. “Oh um anyway, what are you doing next week because you guys are gonna be in Australia and aren’t you in Brisbane now” you ask. “Yep we’re in Brisbane now, and I’m pretty sure we’re free next week. Why?” asks Harry. “Well I’m having a kind of holiday thing at my grandparents. They asked Ellie and I to take care of it so we decided to invite a few people and turn it into a vacation” you say. “I would love to come and so would everyone else” he says excitedly. “Ok cool, well then do you wanna drive to Ubobo and it’ll be the first house you see that is red with a green roof. Ellie and I will be there waiting” you say. “Ok we’ll be there, but when is it?” he says. “Oh yeah it’s next Friday” you say excitedly. “Ok then see you soon Mooy” he says with a cheeky laugh. “See you soon Hooy” you say with a cheeky laugh. You hang up and start to jump up and down. “Yes yes yes yes yes yes” you say with a big smile. You go and have a shower, hop in your PJ’s and put on a movie (what to expect when you’re expecting).

Thursday morning

You wake up and begin to pack while you’re on the phone to Ellie. “So what are you wearing?” she asks. “Something sexy probably” she adds. “That’s me the sexy beast” you say. “Um not sure probably clothes” you say smiling. “Nahh just go nude Harry will like that he’ll probably join you” she says laughing. “Haha very funny” you say smiling. “I can’t wait for till tomorrow it’s gonna be so fun” you say excitedly. “Why, are you gonna make you’re move on harry aye” says Ellie. “No, I’m excited because it’s gonna be fun” you confess. “And the fact that Harry’s gonna be there” says Ellie. “You better stop or these gonna be some bitch slapping in your future” you say smiling. “Ok ok I’ll shut up” she says. “But you are excited to see him aren’t you” says Ellie. “Do you want me to hang up” you say. “No” she says. You finish packing and pack the car with other things. You start to drive to Ubobo when you phone starts to ring. “Hello” you say as you start to pull over. “Hey its Harry just wanted to tell you that we’re on our way” says Harry. “Oh ok well I’m on my way to so see you soon” you say smiling. You both hang up and begin to drive. You start to think to yourself, this week is going to be great; I can’t wait to see Harry. But I’m going to promise myself now that I will absolutely, positively not mention anything to Harry about how I like him. You finally arrive when you see Ellie there already. You park the car and jump out. “Hey” you say walking over to her. “Hey, dammm girl you looking fine” she says walking over as well. “Dammm girl you jealous” you say. “Yes, how come you are so beautiful and perfect” she says. “Look who’s talking” you say smiling. Ellie helps you with your bags and you go inside. “It looks great, let’s check the rooms” you say as you put down your bags. There are three bunk beds, three single beds and two queen beds. “Two of us are going to have to share” says Ellie. You start to think to yourself. I wish me and Harry could share. “How about you and Harry share” says Ellie. You just ignore her and keeping thinking about Harry. “Mariah” yells Ellie. “W..what” you say confused. “You were thinking about Harry weren’t you?” she says smiling. “No” you say. She lifts her eye brows. “You know you can sleep with him if you want” she says smiling. “No no I’ll sleep with you” you say. “Ok suit yourself” says Ellie with a cheeky smile. You hear a honk. “Harry” you yell as you race outside. But to your disappointment it was someone else. “Hey” you hear someone say. “Hey” you say as you find out that it’s Jasmin. You greet her, show her where to put her bags and sit outside on the veranda. It starts to get late and every time someone shows up you get excited, thinking that it’s Harry. Everyone finally turns up except for Harry. Its 7:30 and you’re still outside waiting for him. “Mariah, dinners ready” yells Ellie. You go inside and everyone’s sitting at the table when you hear a car. “Harry” you scream as you run outside. You see him hop out of the car. You feel a big smile come as you run over to him. You almost jump on him with the biggest hug as he spins you around. “I can’t believe it’s you” you say. “Believe it Mooy” he says smiling. “I’ve missed you so much” you say still hugging him. The other boys run over. “Mariah” they all yell. “Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall” you yell as the squish you with a big group hug.

Harry’s P.O.V

I can’t believe I’m actually seeing her. She looks so beautiful. I’ve missed her so much; she was the only thing I could think about. This week I have to tell her how I feel but we have to be alone. Mariah leads Harry and the others to the kitchen. Everyone ran up to them and hugged them and said hello.


Mariah’s P.O.V

I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. I showed everyone to the kitchen and we all had some spaghetti. After we watched a movie (pitch perfect), it was so funny because me, Harry and Ellie were the ones that laughed the most. Finally showed them to their rooms. Harry and Louis decided to share a bed. I walked Harry to his room. “Well this is yours and Louis’s” I said as I stood at the door. “I can’t wait for tomorrow, what are we doing?” asked Harry. “It’s a surprise” I said smiling. He got closer to me. Our faces were about 10 centre metres away from each other. He slowly moved in closer. I thought to myself: oh my God he’s going to kiss me I just know it, or maybe it’s me who’s moving in closer, oh God I hope not. You were now less than 5 centre metres away from each other when you heard Louis. “Nice room” Louis said as he walked in. “Ok then guys...well goodnight” I said as you left.

Harry’s P.O.V

“Louis what the hell man” I said. “Wait?” Louis aid confused. “You interrupted us and we all most kissed” I said annoyed. “Sorry, I didn’t know” Louis said. “It’s ok” I said calmly. We both went to bed.  


Liam’s P.O.V

I got up early but Mariah, Harry and another girl was all ready up. The other girl look so beautiful, I can’t believe I didn’t notice her last night. I asked Mariah who it was. “Why, you keen aye” she said as she nudged my shoulder. “No I just...I know wanted to get know everyone” I said. “Don’t worry I’m just teasing. Her name is Ellie” she said with a smile. “Go talk to her” Mariah suggests. “I don’t know what if she doesn’t like me” I said worried as I rubbed the back of my neck. “Um...stop being such a wuss and talk to her, and she is going to like your famous for God sake. Now go on, go” she said. I walked up to her, “Hi” I said with a smile. “Hi” she said with a smile as well. “You’re pretty” I accidentally said. “What?” she said smiling still. “Um...I...I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk” I kind of screamed. “Um...ok” Ellie said kind of confused. Ellie and I walked to the barn and the whole it was silent. “So” she said with her hands behind her back and her legs crossed singing herself back and forth. “What’s your favourite colour” I said. “” Ellie said smiling. “Ok now a question for you” she said. “What’s your favourite food” she said. “Chocolate, ok what’s your favourite animal” I asked. “Oh I know this one, a dog” said Ellie. We spent another twenty minutes just asking questions. When we ran out of questions it went silent. I just stared into her eyes. I slowly moved in closer to go in for a kiss but Ireland and Hannah came in to the barn. “Come guys we got to go. Mariah’s got a surprise for everyone” they said. We walked back together.


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