There were five of us who escaped; five who survived the bloody, terror filled massacre, five who watched everything they treasure, love and hate burn in a fiery furnace before our eyes, five who lost everything, five who remember, five who survived the Darkest Demise.

They hunted us all down, one by one. Number one was killed in Syria when I was one hundred and twelve. Number two was murdered in Nepal at the very moment I turned two hundred. Number three was hunted down in Kenya when I was two hundred and fifty. Four was killed in Australia a century ago while I was on the stream train to Braemar, England to escape a few of the trackers from the Darkest Demise.

If they find out where I am they’ll come of me. I am the only one left. I am the last of my species. My life is in danger 24/7 and one slip up will result in my death.

They will hunt me to the ends of the Earth; I can no longer be myself.

I am the last shifter.


2. Chapter Two.


I stepped into the school and I could instantly feel the glares, stares and lustful looks sent to me from the wolf population [i.e. the students].

I was fighting the urge to run into the forest and join a wild goose flock, running away with a herd of deer, uniting with a wild wolf pack; I could be free. I had spent the past four hundred years travelling around the world, living with wild wolf packs, lion prides, wild horse herds, flocks, colony’s, gaggles, wild animals.

As I opened the front door of the building marked ‘office’ I pushed the past away and focused on the now; get my schedule, map of the school and locker number without drawing more attention to myself.

“-and I swear that the alpha must have rejected his mate or something because he’s fifty- three and she still isn’t by his side. It’s sad really, that he just rejects every female in the pack; I think that Dana would make a great luna, she’s-,”

The front desk lady was cut off when I rung the bell sitting on the counter top, drawing her attention from the phone to me. I could see her subtly scent the air around me and I knew the moment she realised that I was ‘human’; her happy expression literally fell and in its place was a scowl.

“Hi I’m Cora Devin, could I get my timetable?” I asked politely, ignoring the glare she was giving me.

She didn’t give an answer, though I could hear the printer working so I guess that she was actually giving me my timetable, map of the school and locker number, hopefully.

“Here.” She dumped a thin plastic slip with papers inside onto the desk, turned back to her computer and totally ignored me.

“Ok then.” I sighed and picked up the packet.

Fortunately this was a small school so I didn’t have to work hard to find me way, unfortunately since it’s a small school, everyone knew everyone else and newcomers probably aren’t welcome; especially if they think I’m human.

Walking down the hallway I figured that I was late for biology class. Great.

I pushed open the door and locked gazes with the teacher. He looked to be around twenty- five, though he would be much older, and was around 6’1”, gorgeous brown silky locks, piercing brown eyes and a straight nose. “Well thank you so very much for gracing us with your presence Miss. Devon.” He said sarcastically, coldly.

I plastered an award winning smile on my face and walked calmly towards a spare desk in the back. “You’re welcome Sir.” I answered in an equally cold and sarcastic tone.

He froze and watched me with curious, furious eyes; obviously they all think I’m a weak human.

I turned to face the board and dropped my bag to the floor and pulling out a notebook, ignoring the eyes watching me.

The teacher shot me a glare and then opened the book in his hand.

“Today we will be looking at the anatomy of the human body.”

I zoned out and started scribbling in my notebook.


The bell rung and I walked out of my fifth period class; history. It was lunch and honestly I was dreading it.

After the incident in Biology I had avoided any kind of contact with teachers or students; answering questions when aimed directly at me, but otherwise I was trying to be invisible.

I tuned out everyone else as I walked down the busy, narrow corridor towards my locker.

“Oi watch where you’re going!”

I looked up to see a 6’2” wall of muscle. I stepped back and sidestepped him and his friends and kept walking.

“Stupid little human.” I smiled and ignored them; at least they believe my little lie.

I opened the door to the cafeteria and joined the line, behind a few girls.

I picked up a tray and bought three chicken and salad sandwiches, a coke, two green apples, one mandarin and a bowl of chicken nuggets; hey I’m hungry and I actually need to eat more than a werewolf since I change into so many different animals, resulting in way more energy loss.

I paid for it with a card linked to my bank account and walked towards the exit; I was planning on eating my lunch outside under a tree somewhere, alone.

Somehow I was able to see over my piled tray and easily avoided the feet placed in the aisle, aiming to trip me. I made it out of the doors and sat under a huge tree and entailed my lunch; so I was hungry, sue me.

“Gosh she is disgusting; I guess that it’s amazing she’s not totally obese.” I snorted and rolled my eyes at the female voice on the track, her posse’ perving on the football team as they did warm ups.

“At least I’m not a bitch.” I said under my breath, knowing that she would hear me. I pushed myself up and grabbed my trash and bag just as the bell rung for 6th period. I pulled out my folded timetable and smiled; gym.


I stood on the grassy field watching the cheerleaders practising their routines and the footballers training for their next game.

I stood at the back of my class, tuning out the teacher as he talked about who knows what.

“Devin!” My head shot up to look at him and his smirking face; like every other wolf he hates me.

“Yeah?” Out of my peripheral vision I could see that people were snickering at me and all looked to be anticipating what the teacher was saying.

“We’re doing track and field so I need a time trial for you, get on the field.”

I nodded and headed towards the track, trying desperately not to smile; they have no idea. Although I couldn’t run at my full speed, for fear of raising questions, I could match theirs easily.

“Ready, set, go!’ I took off running and passed the football team in the middle of the field in a matter of seconds, closely followed by the cheerleading team and back to the ground in 30 seconds; definitely not as fast as I could go but fast enough.

“How’d I do?” I asked dryly, not amused with the looks of shock and suspicion they were sending me.

“Twenty nine point six seconds around an eight hundred metre track. That’s not possible for a human.”

I pretended to be shocked. “For a human?” I questioned, sounding confused.

He realised his slip up and froze. “Uh you know, what we all are, human. Yeah, great time!” He scribbled it down and walked off.

“I want at least ten laps by the end of gym!” He yelled behind him.

I took off at a very slow jog, well it probably looked like I was sprinting considering they thought me human, but it required no effort at all.

I completed ten laps easily and then slowed down to a slow walk while the rest of the class passed me, pretending to puff with exhaustion as I braced my hands on my knees. I lay down on my back with my knees bent and hands resting on my stomach, watching the clouds as I relaxed, while I ‘cooled down’ from my oh so exhausting run.

“So new girl,” I looked up and raised an eyebrow at the girl who was standing about me with a group of males not too far off; her guards. Obviously this girl was one of the few seven female wolves who could actually shift into a wolf, sure other werewolf born females have the increased speed and senses but they couldn’t shift and were ‘inferior’ to the girls who could, at least in the eyes of the ones blessed with the ability of shifting anyway. “How’d you manage to beat my record?”

I snorted and stood; figures, only talking to the measly human to rebuilt her broken ego.

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you.” She hissed and grabbed my arm with bruising force.

I turned to glare at her and grabbed her wrist before applying pressure; the alpha in me wouldn’t allow her to be so rude and I wouldn’t ever back down.

“Now you listen here you little bitch,” I hissed. “You need to pull your head out of your ass and realise that you’re not god’s gift to the world.” I increased the pressure on her wrist until she whimpered and I felt a small crack; I’d fractured her wrist.

She let go of my arm and fell to the floor, cradling her wrist to her body as tears streamed down her face. I turned and walked towards the school, picking up my bag as I went.

It’s only my first day and already I’d stirred up trouble; so much for going unnoticed.  I shrugged and walked outside the school doors, heading towards my rented house.

Maybe I should just move on? Stick to an animal form like I’ve been doing for the past four centuries?

But I just can give up when the going gets tough; I would have died a long time ago if that was my mentality. I’ve got to keep moving on and stick to the decisions I make.

I growled under my breath and ran into the forest; so this wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made, and I probably could have handled that better and done some research and recon on this town.

I ditched my bag and clothes in the top branches of a tree and shifted into a Red- Tailed Hawk, which are native to Colorado.


As I soared over the tree tops, the wind under my wings, keeping me in an active flight. I kept an eye out for Gophers or Voles; my prey and hopefully dinner.

I had been rising higher on the hotter air currents and enjoying the view when I spotted a piece of bright orange, floral fabric; something wasn’t right, especially since there was a spot of blood on the side of the fabric.

I tucked my wings into the side of my speckled brown body and nose- dived towards the ground at an alarming rate. The air streamed past my streamline body and ruffled my feathers and I felt the adrenaline rush pump through my body at the sheer exhilaration of free falling. I snapped my wings out at the last second and landed smoothly beside the torn cloth.

I shifted into a grizzly bear and grabbed the cloth, since as a bear my sense of smell is best because though the brain size of a bear is one third of a human’s, its nose is much bigger and the part devoted to smell is five times larger. The inside surfaces of bears’ nostrils are enlarged with folds to make room for thousands of smell receptors, so I am far better off than a greyhound when trying to track a scent.

I bought the cloth up towards my nose and sniffed.

The smell of fresh, innocent blood wafted into my nose; the blood of a werewolf pup, the blood of a child.


I followed the scent to an abandoned wooden cabin in the middle of the woods where it was heavily saturated with the scent of three werewolf, Darkest Demise members and the blood of a child. I must have run far though since the Darkest Demise wouldn't come so close to another pack's territory and then kidnap a child from said pack.

I shifted into an African Lion; one of the most deadly land animals, sometimes weighing over 250kg and only slightly smaller than the tiger; the largest of the feline family. I was silent as I crept closer to the house, peering into the window to see three rouges playing cards around a small, circular rickety table while a tiny little girl was bound to the filthiest mattress, if you could even call it a mattress, that I have ever seen.

The dirty glass shattered as I threw my entire weight against it and immediately attacked the nearest rouge; he didn’t know what had hit him.

I shredded the other two when they went to help their friend and the end result was a bloody pool of gore, limbs, chucks of flesh and many other body parts. I think I even saw half an eyeball.

I shifted and ran over to the little girl who had been watching me with unconcerned eyed. “Hey there little one, you ok?” I whispered as I sliced through the ropes binding her with my claws that I had kept when I shifted. The claws retracted and I scooped her up into my arms and held her close; she was so scared that she was shaking.

 “Home?.” She sounded so tired and I felt so angry at those rouges; why did they have a little girl anyway?

“Shh, sleep now, it’s ok, you’re safe.” I felt her nod and her head rolled back as she fell asleep. I kicked the door of the house outwards and started running back the way I came. I needed to check to see if she was hurt, and I know that she would need a bath, food and loads of sleep. Then I'd have to find her family.

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