There were five of us who escaped; five who survived the bloody, terror filled massacre, five who watched everything they treasure, love and hate burn in a fiery furnace before our eyes, five who lost everything, five who remember, five who survived the Darkest Demise.

They hunted us all down, one by one. Number one was killed in Syria when I was one hundred and twelve. Number two was murdered in Nepal at the very moment I turned two hundred. Number three was hunted down in Kenya when I was two hundred and fifty. Four was killed in Australia a century ago while I was on the stream train to Braemar, England to escape a few of the trackers from the Darkest Demise.

If they find out where I am they’ll come of me. I am the only one left. I am the last of my species. My life is in danger 24/7 and one slip up will result in my death.

They will hunt me to the ends of the Earth; I can no longer be myself.

I am the last shifter.


3. Chapter Three.


A small, warm hand traced the lines of my face and I scrunched up my nose and growled at the ticklish feeling. I could hear childish giggles and my eyes flew open at the realisation that I wasn’t alone; like I’m meant to be.

I stared into the warm cocoa coloured eyes of a child, her eyes were dancing with laughter and her little chubby, red cheeks were lifted in Cheshire grin, little crooked white teeth showing; she was the picture of young and innocent.


I nodded and sat up, pulling her to my chest so she didn’t topple off my lap as I stood to my full height of 5’1”; yeah I’m short, so what?

“Do you want some scrambled egg?” I sat her on the kitchen bench and pulled out all the necessary utensils and ingredients as she bobbed her head, beautiful soft blonde curls bouncing with every move.

“Ok then.” I said cheerily as I whipped up some breakfast for us both.


“Let’s get you washed up ok?” I scooped her up off the bench and deposited the plates on the sink for later as I strode towards the bathroom attacked to my bedroom; the only bathroom in the house. Yeah it’s a tiny house, but I was only counting that I’d be the only person living here.

I lowered her into a warm, soapy bath and washed her hair for her as she giggled and floated in the tub. I was still hesitant to ask her why she was in that cabin, but I really needed to know; if they came back for her I would protect her and I just also wanted to make sure that she wasn’t emotionally or mentally scared. Because shifters value children above all else, apart from animals, since they’re the picture of innocent and know nothing of the dangers and horrors of the world; their souls are pure.

I stroked her hair gently and picked up a towel lying beside the bath, cradling her in my arms even though I got my clothes soaking wet.

Once she was dried and dressed I sat down on my bed and settled her on my lap so she was facing me, cocoa brown eyes looking into green.

“Angel, I want you to open your mind to me. I want to see what happened to you. Ok?

She nodded and smiled, her gaze diverted from my eyes to my wine red curls. I made no move to stop her as she reached out and pulled a wine red curl so it reached the bottom of my neck.

My eyes snapped shut and I gently entered her mind, so quietly and gently that she wouldn’t even realise it.

Shapes. Shapes of wolves seemed to jump out at me as I ran, stumbling over rocks and broken branches; but they kept finding me, tracking me, hounding me.

My knees and hands stung as I landed on them and small pebbles, sticks and debris sunk into my skin, breaking it.

Growling and snapping sounded behind me and I crawled under the cover of nearby bushes, tears running down my dirt streaked face as I desperately tried to escape.

I snapped my eyes open and looked at the little girl with sadness. They’d caught her and tied her up, obviously the blood I had smelt had been from a small cut that had already healed.

I sighed and lay down, gazing at the clock on my bedside table; one o’clock in the afternoon. Oh well I guess that I get to miss another day of school.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to go to school with her and find out who’s she is; I’m sure that she’s got a family looking for her and since the entire town is full of werewolf and from what I could tell, were lions, they would know who her parents are.


“Angel what’s your name?” I asked gently, packing my bag, making sure I have lunch.

“Ellie.” The corner of my lips curled up at her cuteness as I swung my bag over my shoulder and picked her up. “What a beautiful name.” I said, planting a kiss on her cheek. Her giggles echoed around the small space and I joined in soon; her laughter was contagious and I felt happy for once.

“Come on, time to go home to your family.” I said poking her nose.

She shook her head and crossed her arms. “Daddy no have time for me.” She pouted and I saw her eyes water.

I locked the door and walked to the second hand car I’d bought, strapping her into a baby seat I’d gotten in town yesterday. “Well, he’s going to start spending more time with you or he’ll be in trouble with me.”

She giggled as I shut and locked the front door, strapped her into her seat and took off towards the school.


“Excuse me.” I tapped the bell in front of the front desk lady, but she ignored me and flicked the page of her gossip magazine.

“Excuse me!” The sound of my hand hitting the desk was enough to draw her attention away from the oh so interesting page and she sneered at me before catching sight of Ellie.

“Where did you find her?” She jumped up and attempted to snatch Ellie from me but I took a step back and snarled at her, just as Ellie growled and snuggled into her chest.

“Call her parents.” I said quietly, cooing and cuddling the precious cargo gripping me like a baby koala.

I saw her huff, glaring at me as she picked up the phone to dial the Ellie’s parents. Noticing the plush couches in the corridor I took a seat with Ellie on my lap, playing with my great grandmother’s locket. The design on the front was of a howling wolf; the metal was made of silver but didn’t burn me since I wasn’t a wolf. The reason why there was a wolf on the front instead of say, a lion, was because shifters originated from the first great warrior wolves. It was said that the original shifters were wise wolves with unique gifts that allowed them to unlock the secrets of other species by studying the behaviour and anatomy of each individual animal. I myself, am directly descended from the first shifters, therefore the alpha’s daughter and the only female of pure shifter blood, though now I am the only shifter.

I heard car doors slam angrily and the gravel crunched underfoot as three pairs of footsteps approached. The front door was ripped open and I saw the receptionist freeze in shock at the deep commanding voice. “Where is she? Where is my daughter?”  They walked right by me and stood right in front of the receptionist; two males and one female. The man closer to me, who had his arm wrapped around the female who was silently sobbing; Ellie’s mother. Her eyes darted over towards me, as I held Ellie closer to me and I saw a few more crystal clear tears fall down her face.

My eyes danced over the man who was standing in front of the counter, speaking in a hush tone, though I could easily pick them up with my sensitive hearing. “Well you see alpha, I called you as soon as I found her and the human is holding her right now.” She said quietly. Even from two and a half metres away I could smell the lie, so I know for a fact that the others could to, my inner animal growled as the bitch had the audacity to flintily smile at him; I hate liars.

They all turned to me, ignoring the lying bitch and Ellie’s mother launched herself in my direction. “Ellie!” She lifted her head and smiled, her cheeks puffing out like a cute little chipmunk. “Mummy!”

Her mum picked her up and cradled to her chest, tears running down her face. Thick arms wrapped around them and Ellie’s mum stopped sobbing.

“How did you find my daughter?” The man’s voice was gravelly and deep, he was angry and upset, which I could understand but he shouldn’t take it out on me.

“I was in the forest and I stumbled upon a cabin, she was inside, tied up and I bought her back because she looked so scared.” I stood and slung my bag over my shoulder. “Do you want to explain why you daughter was in there in the first place? And why people are calling him ‘alpha’?” I pointed to the man standing behind them, watching me. Although I knew why they were calling him alpha, they didn’t need to know that.

They all froze while the alpha kept regarding me with curious eyes; why? I don’t know; I’m the measly, weak human; I even smell human. Pish, mealy weak and human don’t go in the same sentence as me.

“They respect me.” A delicious and confusing shiver worked its way up my back and the hairs on my body stood at attention; his voice was orgasmic, all deep, husky and soothing.  I avoided eye contact with the alpha and  gathered my bag, determined to skip school for today and hang out in the forest; I was getting sick of the smell of wet dog and I can only stand it for so long.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Out of the corner of my eye I could see him point blank just staring at me with those piecing silver, nearly transparent  eyes watching me like a predator watches its prey.

My eyes danced across his face from the corner of my vision; his full, pink lips, moist and slightly parted, showing a glimpse of slightly crooked pearly whites. His top lip was slightly plump than the bottom and a scar ran from the top right corner to the bottom of his chin, with day old stubble covering the smooth caramel coloured skin of his broad jaw chin, giving him a sexy rugged, bad boy appearance. I wonder what it’d be like to kiss him? No. Wolves are what killed my mate.

My gaze moved upwards to his nose, his perfect straight nose. His eyes were next; such a light blue they looked translucent in the light. There was a huge, rugged scar running from his forehead, down his right eye all the way down to his chin. It looked sexy on him though.

MY gaze followed the line of his scar and I noticed that he had a buzz cut, like what you see in the army and his hair coloured looked to be a sooty black; it suited him.

He was holding himself proudly with a straight back, squared, broad shoulders, he had strong muscular tanned arms, a flat, strong and perfectly toned stomach and I could see the individual ridges of his abs through the thin cotton shirt, long, strong legs and elegant, long hands and fingers.

I made the mistake of looking right into his eyes and what I heard was frightening and downright confusing.


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