There were five of us who escaped; five who survived the bloody, terror filled massacre, five who watched everything they treasure, love and hate burn in a fiery furnace before our eyes, five who lost everything, five who remember, five who survived the Darkest Demise.

They hunted us all down, one by one. Number one was killed in Syria when I was one hundred and twelve. Number two was murdered in Nepal at the very moment I turned two hundred. Number three was hunted down in Kenya when I was two hundred and fifty. Four was killed in Australia a century ago while I was on the stream train to Braemar, England to escape a few of the trackers from the Darkest Demise.

If they find out where I am they’ll come of me. I am the only one left. I am the last of my species. My life is in danger 24/7 and one slip up will result in my death.

They will hunt me to the ends of the Earth; I can no longer be myself.

I am the last shifter.


4. Chapter Four.


“Hey! Stop!” I didn’t look back; instead I shot into the forest like a bullet out of hell. I can just imagine the alpha either totally ignoring me, or ordering his pack to find and capture me so I would be with him; they won’t find me unless I want to be found though.

I ran into the forest, running back towards my house, towards the lake where there were guaranteed animals. I find them calming, animals have an innocent quality and they don’t judge, you can talk to them and they’ll listen and no matter how down I’m feeling, animals are always able to brighten my mood.

I ran hard and fast, jumping over fallen trees, ducking under branches and leaping over sharp rocks. I felt like I was flying, I was free, the forest makes me forget the heartache, the loss, the all- consuming sadness that consumes me every day when I’m left alone with my thoughts and demons.

I stashed my bag in a tree, next to the water so I wouldn’t lose it or ruin my books. My clothes soon followed and I stood butt naked, the slightly wind caressing my body, my curly, bright red curtain of hair moving slowly in the wind.

I dived into the lake, the cold water giving me a burst of energy as I felt alive. I surfaced and was greeted by the sight of a huge lions, paws folded under its head as it watched me.

Although I knew that it was a were, I didn’t know who or what they wanted. I backed away slightly, keeping my eyes on the beast as it watched me with a predatory gaze. “Go away!” I said clearly, holding my palms over my breasts.

The lion’s giant head shook and his lips curled into, what I would call a fearsome grin. He easily reached my waist as he stood and for once I was scared; I couldn’t shift without the wolves finding out and this lion could or would rip me to shreds.

I backed away and dived under the water, trying to get away. I shifted into a dull guppy, something he wouldn’t notice, an animal he wouldn’t even bother with.

I watched as the lion looked into the water, probably looking for me. I grinned as he dipped his paw in; lions, well big cats are not afraid of water and I know that he would probably jump in if he was desperate enough to find me, why he would be desperate enough though, I will never know.

He took a breath and dived in, passing me, totally ignorant as to my guppy form. Since he couldn’t see me, he shifted and my mouth dropped open; this dude was not what I expected. He looked like a surfer, though he definitely had the features of a lion with thick, blonde matted locks, bright blue eyes, as blue as the summer sky on a clear day. His features were manly, his chin and top lips were covered in dark blonde stubble, his lips were pink and moist and his skin was slightly tanned with a red tint from being out in the sun.

His feet touched the bottom of the water, though he was only standing a quarter of the way in, and would have towered over me by a good foot at 6’3”, he was muscular, but not inhumanly so like a werewolf or werebear. He had broad shoulders, well-muscled arms, a tapered waist that displayed his six pack, I stopped my eyes from following his blonde treasure trail; there’s no way I’m looking down there.

He looked around and I silently laughed at his confused expression as he raised his hand and scratched the back of his neck. “Where’d she go?” He muttered.

I swam quickly into the middle of the pond, the deepest part and shifted into my human form; if I just disappeared it would make him suspicious.

I surfaced, flicking my hair back and opening my eyes. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed, sinking into the water so it was up to my neck, hiding everything else.

He turned and splashed water everywhere, his face shocked and slightly fearful. “Who are you?” He asked loudly, advancing to where I was.

I held out a hand above water and shook my head. ”Dude could you get some pants on? Can you turn around so I can get dressed?”

He nodded his head silently and I turned around so he could get out and put pants on. “Done, where are your clothes?”

“In the tree nearest the water, in the hollowed out hole.” I shouted. I heard him move my bag and the rustling of clothes as he found my stuff.

“Get dressed and we’ll talk about what you saw.” I sighed in frustration and did as he said. I don’t care how many lies I had to tell, but no matter how trustworthy this guy may have seemed he’s not getting any real answers to his questions.


“So what’s a pretty think like you doing out here in the forest alone? You know that there are lots of wild animals, dangerous animals.” The lion, who I found out, is actually named Shawn, sounded charming but I could hear the underlying message; rouges. “And skipping school I see.”

Looking deep in his eyes I smiled and chuckled. “Oh I know, you know what’s funny?,” He shook his head. “The fact that you missed that big damn lion in the middle of Colorado, and not a mountain lion, the kind that belongs on the Savannah and you know what’s funnier? The fact that you appeared right after it disappeared.” I walked slightly faster since Shawn had insisted on walking me back and I have a feeling that there have been rouges around otherwise he probably wouldn’t be bothering.

He froze and looked so guilty, stuttering the find words to make it seem like nothing.

“Oh well, you’re just lucky that the lion didn’t eat you.”

I could visibly see him relax as I shrugged and continued walking to my small home. “But then again maybe I just imagined it.”


There was a knock at my door as I settled down at the kitchen bench with an extra-large cheese pizza and a cold glass of coke. Groaning I lowered the piece of pizza I had just been about to take a bite out of and walked to open the door, rubbing my greasy hands on my booty shorts. Keeping my eyes on the door I grabbed a gun loaded with twelve bullets that had liquid silver loaded in the chamber.

I peeped through the window and saw a group of five werewolves. Their eyes snapped to the curtain as it dropped back into place and I ran. I didn’t know which pack these wolves belong to, I didn’t know why they were here or what they wanted but they wouldn’t catch me.

The front door burst open, splintering and the air filled with growls as I jumped out a glass window and toppled into the yard, jumping up and running as fast as I could towards the forest. I made the mistake of looking back and collided with a very muscular, tall chest. I rolled, pulling the gun out of my pants and aimed it at th man in front of me. The man with the scars on his face. My mate.

I glared at him and lowered the gun, standing up and brushing myself off. “The next time you send your minions to take me I will shoot them and you in the face.” I growled, very pissed off. My stomach growled as I caught the faint scent of my pizza and I sprinting in knowing that the wolves would take it without a second thought.

One of the wolves was about to eat the piece I had picked up while the others were sitting around eating the rest. I grabbed it and took a big bite before he knew what had happened. He chuckled, looking amused and I glared at his boyish features, though he was probably eighteen or nineteen. “Get out of my house.”

He stood, crossing his arms over his chest, looking down at me with amusement. “Or what short stack? What are you going to do?”

I looked around the room to see that the other four wolves were watching, trying not to laugh and spotted the alpha standing at the door with a cold expression, watching the pack member in front of me.

I pulled out the gun again and aimed it at his face, smiling sweetly. “Need I say more?” I questioned quietly.

He looked down at me and smiled, his deep dimples showing along with slightly crooked white teeth, a pink lips. His deep brown eyes were welcoming and I just wanted them to all leave I felt so threatened. This guy was just under 6’0”, but still towered over me, as usual. I the being so short! Brown hair the same colour of his eyes was piled on top of his head in a mop of wavy locks.

I squealed in anger and frustration as I was picked up from behind and thrown over a shoulder, dropping the gun. “Put my down you asswipe!” I yelled, punching him in the back. I just heard everyone laughing at me and I growled. I could shift and disappear but this town was probably the best place I could be safe from the Darkest Demise and I really didn’t want anyone to know I was a shifter, the last shifter.

I sighed and went limp, watching my mates delicious backside as he walked towards his pack house. “Mind telling me why you and five of your men came and kidnapped me in the middle of the night? Why did you feel the need to make them break down my door and scare me out of my freaking mind?” I asked calmly.

I felt his shoulders rise as he shrugged and I wiggled around since he was so muscly and hard, slightly uncomfortable at the angle that I was lying as well. “Can you at least put me down? I have working legs.”

“I know.” I shivered as his hand ran up the back of my thigh and sucked in a big breath of air. His laughter reverberated around the air and I really wanted to kick him, but then he might drop me and the road really doesn’t look very enticing to my face right now.

“So why did you take me?”

“Ellie was missing you, as was I my love.”

I huffed and raised my torso, resting my elbow on his shoulder and my face on my palm, watching the happy- go- lucky guy who’d try to steal my pizza as he walked behind the alpha. “Couldn’t you have bought her to me?”

“You sure do ask a lot of questions short stack.”

I held back a growl and just glared at him as he smiled at me with his cute little dimples. “Stupid wolves.” I muttered under my breath.

I felt like falling to my knees, looking up at the sky and screaming why me? 

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