The Wayward Mate

I'm a hunter. A supernatural hunter. My life took a drastic turn when I was sent to assassinate an alpha family in Spain and was caught. This is just the start of a turn of events that turn my life upside down.


3. Chapter Two.


“So it looks like the joke's on you, ‘cause the girl that you thought you knew.” She’s So Gone, Lemonade Mouth.


Once they got me into a room and lay me down on a soft, comfortable mattress, still thinking I was passed out, they began to discuss what they were going to do with me and I listened silently.

“I think we should kill her and be done with it. She looks like trouble, rouges are never good news.”

“We can’t leave her like this! It looks like the hunters got her good and she could help us fight against them.”

“She’s obviously run for a long time. Look at these scars and scratches, not to mention the cuts.”

“We should let her heal and decide what to do with her when she wakes up.”

I heard the door click open to my right and someone, a small woman from the sound of her footsteps, entered.

“Why is everyo—” There was a sharp intake of breath and I heard her move closer to me. I felt her finger softly tracing the biggest scar on my stomach. It stretched from the left side of my bellybutton upwards to under my right breast. “What happened?”

I chose this moment to snap my eyes open and bolt out of the bed, snarling at the six people standing around the room looking at where I had been.

“Don’t touch me Rieker.” I hissed and crouched, ready to attack. I had to sell this otherwise they would kill me. The only way to do that was act like I’d been abused and used by hunters; not too hard to do considering it was the truth.

As I had jumped up the alpha had shoved someone behind him and was baring his teeth at me. “Stand down rouge before I kill you for threatening my mate.” He growled.

Not wanting to push it I looked around at the others in the room, four I recognised as the wolves who confronted me in the forest and an older woman with bright blue eyes filled with concern, laughing lines, wrinkles and a small frame.

None of them made a move towards me but stood still, waiting to see what I’d do.

“Who are you?” I whispered, because I wasn’t actually meant to know since I was an innocent, lost and injured rouge.

“The Piedra de la Luna pack.” A small voice said from behind the alpha, she stepped out from the protection of her mate and I was greeted by the sight of Rosy Sterling. “I’m Rosy, the alpha female and this is my mate Flynn.” Platinum blonde hair, pale rosy skin, slight dimples and bright sky blue eyes, just like the picture, although she looked slightly older.

I nodded and sunk down to the floor, knowing full well that I was butt naked. “I didn’t mean to run this far.” I whispered to myself, knowing they could hear me.

“Where were you going? What happened to you? Who are you?” Rosy asked stepping forward slightly, I tensed and shuffled back toward the wall and whimpered.

“They took me during my run and shipped me to Russia. They experimented on me for months and cut me to pieces to see how fast I would heal.” Lie. I got the scar on my stomach that Rosy had been touching on my second mission where the alpha nearly disembowelled me. “I escaped when one of the guards came in to have their fun and stole a silver knife when they were, busy.” I shuddered and whimpered. “I stabbed three of them and ran so here I am.” A lone tear slid down my cheek and I looked up at them through my eyelashes, seemingly scared from the prospect of stabbing someone. Right, because I haven’t killed hundreds of wolves on a daily basis.

“You are not hurting her!” Rosy yelled at her mate and smacked his chest.

“Aw baby I was just being careful. She could have been here to hurt one of my pack members or worse yet you.” He said rubbing his chest and pulling a puppy dog face at her.

I felt an immense sadness flow through me as I watched them. I would never have that. No one would want a cold hearted, ruthless murderer who works for the people who sought to destroy our race, the moment I meet my mate I will reject him so he can move on and find someone else to be happy with, someone who deserves him, someone he can be happy with, someone he can love unconditionally who will love him back- that someone is not me.

Rosy moved over to me as another small, fake tear leaked out of the corner of my eye. Mates are the most sacred thing to a wolf and I could never be with mine, no matter who he is.

“You’re safe now.” She smiled at me and tried to help me up but I shied away. “You don’t need to be scared of us. We’re here to help you and you’re safe from the hunters.” She said gently.

“We need to clean her cuts. She’s losing blood from them and their not healing so they’re probably infected with silver.” The elderly lady said. I knew that she was right and if I wanted to stay healthy I had to let her clean the cuts; because even though it didn’t hurt me and affect me, it was a bad idea to have silver in my bloodstream for too long.

Keeping up the act I slowly walked up to her and showed her the cut on my stomach that was the worst. “Please do it quickly.” I whispered.

They all looked shocked as she produced a first aid kit and nodded to the bed. “Lie down.”

I did as she said and winced as she cleaned the cuts thoroughly, she had to press gauze into the cuts to make sure that she’d gotten all the silver, stretching them in the process. I sat there, looking at the wall blankly and ignoring the sting.

“There you go, all fixed.” She said cheerily as the cuts healed and I slipped a huge shirt over my head, knowing that it belonged to the alpha because of the scent.

I smiled slightly and stood up, following them out the door.

“Are you still going to kill me?” I asked the alpha as they led me down towards the backyard.

I felt the eyes of inquisitive, nosy wolves, i.e. members of the pack, the alpha glanced back at me. “No.”

Nodding I continued to follow him down the stairs, scenting the pack house to see just how many wolves lived here. There was so many scents it would have been hard to pick them apart to identify individual scents, but for me it was easy. “What are you going to do to me?”

“You need to shift so we can accept you into the pack.”

There are only around twenty pure black wolves in the world, each have a different ability that surfaced when they’re marked by their mate and they are amazing at hiding because their coat colour blends into the shadows. Alphas all want a black wolf in their pack and will usually assign guards since small wars can be fought over them. It would make my job so much more difficult if I had guards watching me 24/7, but not impossible. I’d still be able to assassinate Rosy and her family but getting to the files would prove to be a challenge.

“They gave me something to prevent me from shifting. I don’t know what it is. She’s just not responding anymore. I guess that running from Russia pushed me to my limits.” I whispered, the lie slipping out easily.

“Oh, well what’s your wolf colour?” He asked. Gosh this guy is a little too trusting, though it works in to my advantage.

I sighed dreamily and smiled gently, seemingly like I was thinking about my wolf, running, and hunting in the lush green forests.  Werewolves’ wolf forms are their pride and joy, save for a mate, and almost all wolves feel more comfortable in their fur. “Well I have a cocoa coloured hide mixed with lighter browns, grey, white and small smudges of black along my paws and the tips of my tail.”  Pretty, but nowhere near as rare as a black wolf, with no special abilities and nothing to provide guards for.

“When you feel that you can shift, come see me.” I nodded as he turned his broad back to me and walked downstairs, to his office I’m guessing, with his beta trailing behind him like a lost puppy would his master.

“Do you want something to eat? You look a little malnourished.” I looked over to Rosy who was standing behind a bench, looking over at me as she held a knife over a large, rick chocolate cake. It smelt heavenly and I think I was drooling; I hadn’t had chocolate in decades. Rieker was very strict with my diet and training routines, well, everything in my life. Surrounding her were a group of teenage boys, eyeing the cake like it was their last meal.

I know that if Rieker got wind that I had disobeyed him by eating even a bite, he would give a lash to my sister for each crumb of cake that reached my lips. “No thanks.” I shook my head and moved to sit on the last vacant stool. “Have you got any Walnuts or Salmon?” Heads popped up and looked at me weirdly and I shied away from their curious, lusty gazes, when what I really wanted to do was growl at them.

“So where are you originally from?” The scrape of a plate bought my attention back to Rosy who was licking her finger free of rich, thick, chocolate icing on her finger as the rest of the boys dug into the divine smelling cake.


“What? How long did it take you to run down here?” I gripped the table corner as one stupid boy eased closer to me. If he touched me I wouldn’t be responsible for what happened.

“Two days.” I hoped off my seat and opened the fridge and spotted a tub of steak, raw but I don’t care; I love the taste of a bit of blood in my steak; a nice, juicy and tender steak, raw of course. I ripped opened the lid and grabbed one of the steaks, turning around and closing me eyes I took a bite and moaned at the taste; yeah I miss steak. Rieker didn’t band them but I didn’t get a nice, raw steak much, maybe every couple of months.

“Dude did she really just do that?”

Ignoring them, I savoured the juicy, tender steak as the blood and meat slid down my throat. Being lazy, and because I never got to do what I want, I slid down the fridge and landed on my ass while crossing my legs.

“Dude she can hear you.” The slap of skin meeting skin reverberated around the kitchen and I can only guess that Rosy had hit someone judging from the grunt and laughs.

“She can hear you, and she has a name; it’s Alex.” Rosy sounded stern and like an alpha female should, but I could tell that the boys sitting around the kitchen were trying not to laugh; the amusement and affection radiating from them told me that they obviously love her and care for her, friends maybe? Brothers?

“Sorry Alex.” I nodded and dug into the steak. I was hungry, so at least I was selling the whole ‘starved, abused girl’.

“So anyone that would be looking for you?” I shook my head and grunted as I reached into the container and realised that I’d eaten all the raw meat.

“Well where’s your family? Your pack?” My eyes popped open and I zoned in on the guy sitting on a stool in front of Rosy, he shared similar features with her; blonde hair, tan skin, blue eyes, same nose; her brother Kain.

“No pack and no family, hunters killed them all.” His face fell and he looked at me pitifully. I shook my head and stood, opening the fridge again. Shrugging I directed my words the Kain. “I couldn’t do anything to stop them, I was the omega and they wouldn’t let me train.”

“What’s this about stopping someone?” I turned around to see a tall, dark and god damn handsome stud standing there frowning. He was athletic and muscular with a tall 6 foot 3 inch frame, a broad and well-muscled chest that tapered down to a narrower waist, washboard abs and thick muscular legs. His arms matched the rest of him, muscular. He had gorgeous sun-kissed skin that was smooth, save for one scar in the middle of his chest, tousled shiny, thick, black hair, deep fudge eyes that seemed to look into my soul, pink, full and plump lips that were set in a line, a chiselled strong jaw and a straight nose.

He walked over to the tap and reached behind Rosy to get a glass.

“Alex here escaped hunters and we were just asking questions.”

“Which compound were you in?” He outright stared at me and I was so tempted to punch him since he was watching me with distrust. I whimpered and sidestepped the fridge, cowering like an omega would.

 “Look what you did now!” Rosy said upset. “She’s pulled her walls back up and is scared again.”

“What happened? And who are you?” He asked.

“Hunters got her and were experimenting on her.” She said sadly. They were talking about me like I wasn’t in the room. Yes, it is good that I’d fooled them but I was right here! I whined and watched the male with weary eyes. I’d say that my act was believable.

“I’m Matthias Holt, beta of the πολεμιστής λύκοι pack.”

 “Why are you here then?” I asked quietly.

“My alpha has sent me to secure the house for King Andrew Nightingale.”

“Why is the king coming here?” I whispered, no one else seemed surprised but many looked excited.

“He’s talking to my mate about the hunters.” Rosy said proudly, her eyes shining with happiness.

“There’s a wolf working for them and we need to track her down; they’ve been terrorising packs for decades.” Matthias confirmed.

“Do you know who they are?”

“No, they’re too careful but we have our ways of finding things out.” I nodded. This didn’t worry me, they’d have to get a blood sample to actually find out it was me, since not many other hunters knew about me so if even if they were tortured for information they wouldn’t know anything. Although I’m Rieker’s prized hunter, he doesn’t want word of me to get back to the wolves. I sat down on a stool next to

“It’s too bad that we don’t have any clue as to who it is, they need to be taken down.” He growled.

“Wow, how are you going to find them?” Rosy asked him. Yes how are you going to find me?

“I can’t release that information.”  He shot me a glare and I whimpered, shaking as I fell off the stool whimpering.

“Matthias leave you’re scaring her!” Rosy said in her alpha tone.

Matthias watched me with a guarded look and I could tell that he was weary of me; that’s why he’s beta of the second strongest pack in the world, he’s careful.

“My apologies Alexandra. But you can never be too careful.” I nodded at his retreating back that filled the doorway. At least one person here isn’t easily fooled; I know that he would keep watching me and I’ll soon need to steal the files and take out the alpha family. 

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