The Wayward Mate

I'm a hunter. A supernatural hunter. My life took a drastic turn when I was sent to assassinate an alpha family in Spain and was caught. This is just the start of a turn of events that turn my life upside down.


7. Chapter Six.


“I fought till I had no fight left, risked my death.” Avalon, Professor Green.


Sitting on the plane, I contemplated my options. I was flying to Tokyo, avoiding my mates; plural, mates. I don’t even one, now I have to twin alpha mates, not only does this mean that it will be easier for them to find me due to the mating bond that starts when mates meet, but now they’ll be even more determined to find me; before I was the dangerous hunter who they know nothing about, now I’m their wayward mate and if I know alphas, they’ll do anything to find me again.

“Would you like anything?” I broke out of my depressing thoughts and watched the flight attendant as she smiled at me, although I admit it was fake and I could feel the irritation wafting off her in waves and I shook my head. “No thanks.”

She nodded and continued walking. I breathed a sigh of exhaustion and guilt as I rested my head back on the head rest, relaxing.


Walking through the busiest street in Tokyo I smiled; no Rieker, no wolves and no possessive alphas on my tail. I walked into the nearest McDonalds and ordered three Big Mac’s; usually I wouldn’t touch this shit but I was famished from the fifteen hour flight. I’d work it off later, but it’s just the fact that put so much shit in there burgers; desperate times call for desperate measures though.

In three minutes I had inhaled the burgers and taken a hug gulp of water. I collected my rubbish and was about to stand when a large body slid into the booth with me. I glared at the man in front of me and pushed down my irritation. “What do you want bear?” I hissed.

The Romanian bear smiled and I growled irritably. “Just helping out my good buddies, I’m surprised you didn’t smell me when I came in. Are you losing your touch Rory?”

My hands balled into fists as he used my name; no one should know it, no one should even know what I look like but obviously I’m losing my touch.

He smirked and I was so tempted to take him out back and put him in the nearest hospital. “Yeah, obviously you didn’t do a good enough jb at burning down the hunter’s compound in Blagoveshchensk, we got your files, we got everything. Did you have fun killing those innocent wolves? Did you enjoy their blood? Did you enjoy torturing them?” He hissed, getting in my face.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and stood, pushing pat his huge 7 foot frame of pure muscle; well what do you expect, he’s a bear.

“Well did you?” He followed me, pestering me through the crowded city. I took a sharp turn into an alleyway and pinned him up against the wall.

“You don’t know anything, just get lost and go back to your masters, tell them that I died or something. I don’t need you all chasing me while I’m hunting.” I hissed.

He chuckled and pushed me backwards into the opposite wall. Although I’m strong and could take a fully- grown male werewolf, bears are a whole different ball game.

“See that’s the thing, we ar trying to stop you from hunting those innocent wolves that you seem oh so fond of killing.” He said darkly.

I growled and reversed our positions again. “Who says I was killing wolves? Who says that I killed those wolves in the compound? Have you stopped and asked yourself why I killed hundreds of hunters without remorse?” I paused and smirked. “I hate hunters.”

“I’ll humour you, why do you hate hunters?” He smirked.

“I don’t have to tell you anything.” I said, pulling out a knife and stabbing it into his stomach; it wouldn’t kill him, but it would most definitely slow him down.

He growled and clutched the handle. I looked to the top of the wall and got ready to scale it. “You really shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing of, keep out of my business or next time I will kill you. Consider this your last warning.” I hissed.

He chuckled and watched me. “Sorry babe, but Alex and Nick are my best friends.” I raised my eyebrow at his meaning and hissed when I felt a sharp stab in the side of my neck.

“Son of a bitch!” I growled as I pulled a dart out of the side of my neck. “Fuck you!”

“Now, now mate, you shouldn’t use such filthy words.” My head snapped to the side as I watched as the alleyway filled with the outlines of huge hulking males.

I shook my head and swiftly climbed the wall in front of me, shaking off the effects of the dart. I felt another prick on my side, another on my thigh, my back, my arm.

I kept climbing, ignoring the numb feeling spreading through my limbs. I reached the top and swung over the side of the wall, onto the roof. As my body disappeared another shot was fired and plunged into my thigh.

I ran as fast as I could as the numbing quickly spread through my body. I made it out of the city quick enough and fled into the darkness as the noisy crashes of my pursuers following behind me reached my ears.

There was a small expanse of trees and I ran into them shifting as I went in hopes of fighting the numbing effect and getting out of here; Tokyo was not my favourite place, too crowded and smelly.

I snapped to a stop as a filthy, mongrel stepped out of the shadows, his fur matted with shit, black eyes that showed no humanity and scars running the length of his body; rouge.

He growled and leapt onto my back, his immense weight combined with gravity pushing my down onto my belly. Although I’m weak I am female, which means that I may be slightly faster than a male, but not stronger, not matter how hard I work and it really didn’t help that I had whatever was in those darts pumping through my veins.

I swivelled my head around to bite him but he had positioned himself in a way that allows him to dodge my jaws and keep me locked down on the ground.

I could hear and feel many, heavy footsteps approaching, some men, most wolves. I wiggled around, trying to escape and in a last desperate attempt I bucked my hind legs up to try to dislodge this wolf; he was too heavy though and he hardly budged.

Growls echoed throughout the clearing and hundreds of wolves broke through the trees, led by two identical males. They were taller than anyone else and towered over me by a good two feet, they were huge with gorgeous shaggy fur that caught the slight moonlight, causing their coats to have an ebony tinge, like my coat and were by far the most aggressive, dominant and proud males I have ever seen; which is saying a lot.

Before they could help me I took the distracted rouge by surprise and rolled. I went in for the kill and ripped him to pieces. His howls, whines, growls and snarls echoed around the clearing. I took a step back, spitting out the bloody flesh in my mouth and glared at the wolves in front of me.

‘Shift’ A deep, dominant, angry voice echoed with a vengeance through my mind and it was hard for me to resist his order, while everyone else obeyed immediately.

I growled, showing my teeth and raised my scruff as multitudes of naked males stood proudly in front of me.

‘Bite me.’ I bit out with as much venom as possible, pushing my way into his and everyone else’s head to show them just how much they didn’t know about me, since only alpha’s could do that to their packs; I’m neither an alpha or part of a pack.

Both my mates shifted, standing there as nude as the day they were born and it was hard for me not to let my gaze drift south, instead I settled on glaring at my second mate, the biggest werewolf I’ve ever seen.

Everyone looked shocked that I could push my way past their barriers, yet his expression remained neutral, like a brick wall.

“It’d be my pleasure, I’d also ram my cock into you repeatedly until you violently cum all over my brother and I, so you fall pregnant with our pups,” He paused and smirked. “However somehow I don’t think that’s what you’re referring to right now, come with us and or I’ll personally take you down myself seeing as those darts weren’t sufficient.”

He stepped to the side and gestured to Nicolaos. “So you have a choice, come with us willingly, accept us as your mates and face the council or,” He picked up the gun. “I’ll shoot you, fuck you until you can’t walk and then you’ll face the council.”

I growled and backed away from him slowly and prepared myself to run, my muscles coiled with tension and numbing pain, my gaze firmly fixed on Alexandros who was holding my gaze, challenging me. I and my wolf, Meria- which means rebellious one in African, growled at his challenge and held his stare.

“I’ll countdown to five and you’ve had better made your decision otherwise I’ll go with the second option.”

Breaking eye contact I growled again and flung myself onto a branch above them, hoping to surprise them and give myself a small head start.

“Second option it is mate.” His amused yet angry, deep, husky voice reached my ears as he lunged after me. Although fast, I wasn’t fast enough to escape my mate, to tired now.

The drugs finally kicked in and I felt myself shift back as I went limp and fell off the branch into strong, muscular, warm arms. Sparks flew through my body as I closed my eyes and allowed the darkness to overcome my senses.

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