The Wayward Mate

I'm a hunter. A supernatural hunter. My life took a drastic turn when I was sent to assassinate an alpha family in Spain and was caught. This is just the start of a turn of events that turn my life upside down.


8. Chapter Seven.


I woke to see that I was on a plane, my mate sitting on either side of the bed that I was resting in. I felt the cold of metal around my wrist and my gaze flickered towards my arm that was resting over my head to see that I was handcuffed to the bed post. I sighed and closed my eyes, blocking out the presence of the two men in the small plane cabin with me. They’re stupid if they think handcuffs are going to hold me, they should of tried a strait jacket, but then again I’ve already gotten out of those hundreds of times.

“You can’t ignore us forever Rory.”

I raised my unbound hand and flipped off the nearest male. The other chuckled and I could feel him moving closer to the bed. “We’ve got ourselves a feisty one Nick.”

I rolled onto my side away from them both and ignored them. I heard him whistle lowly and chuckle. “And she’s got such a nice ass too.”

The realisation hit me as the cool air caressed my core; I was naked, save for a shirt that had ridden up over my ass and halfway over my back. Growling I reached a hand back to pull it down but was beaten by a warm hand who pulled it down and tucked a blanket around me. I rolled over to see the shorter of the two leaning over to tuck me in. He held my gaze, seemingly looking into my soul with his eyes the colour of a stormy sky.

Turning my head, the moment was broken. I curled up and contained my tears. I saw how happy my parents were together, but once Rieker pushed his way into our lives, they couldn’t handle it. I’m scared that Rieker would find out about them and use them to hurt me like he did with my family. I missed how life used to be, I miss the carefree family we once were, I miss the hope I had that maybe someday I would be able to get them out of there.

I reached my hand to wipe away the lone tear and sniffled as I heard my mates breathing. Nick and Alex.

“We’ll be landing in an hour.” I nodded and closed my eyes.


A gentle rocking motion is what woke me, well that and the sparks and warmness. I groggily opened my eyes to see the brick wall I call Alex’s face. I turned my head slightly to see a beautiful three story wooden cabin in the middle of the woods. The cabin had a wraparound porch on the ground level with a small step with a couch below the window.

Nick opened the door and the interior was warm and cosy. It was an open plan and I could see the living room which had a light brown hickory coloured entertainment cabinet, coffee table and shelf, while plush cream coloured couches matched the rug under the coffee table as well as complemented the walnut laminate flooring. 

I could also see the kitchen which had a huge island as the centre piece with a black speckled marble surface, cabinets on the back and multiple appliances including a giant stainless steel fridge and stainless steel toaster on the pristine bench.

At Nick’s nod, Alex sat me down on the kitchen bench and handed me a glass of water. I sniffed it and watch him with distrust, he seemed saddened, then a spark of anger appeared in his eyes. “Drink it little bitch, you shouldn’t be looking at me like that since we’ve effectively saved you from death.” He growled.

I rolled my eyes and took a sip of the water.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me.” He snarled, pushing up against me and taking the glass of water.

“Get out of my space.” I hissed, gritting my teeth together and raising my hands to push him back. He growled and pushed the lower half of his body into mine as he grabbed my hips and pulled me forward, impossibly closer, with only centimetres separating our faces. I glared at him as he glared back and growled as he squeezed my hips.

He growled back and moved his face to the side slightly and kissed the corner of my lips, moving downwards and placing butterfly kisses over my cheek, on my jaw, my chin, the top of my neck.   I felt his hot tongue on my jugular licking a patch to the curve of my shoulder and neck.

My breathing turned to panting as he started sucking on my sweet spot, right where a male wolf marks their mate. Alex continued to suck and lick, nibble and bite, leaving behind a huge hickey. I felt his canines lengthen as he sucked harder; scraping his sharp teeth against my skin I moaned and grabbed hold of his hair. “Mine.”

A door slammed and it was like a bucket of ice cold water being thrown over my head. I used his hair to pull his head backwards and wiggled free of his iron grip. Alex looked possessed with totally black eyes, nostrils flaring as he took deep raged breaths and long sharp teeth; he looked like he wanted to eat me.

I crawled to the opposite side of the bench and stood on the counter, making sure that I had Alex in my sights at all times, his breathing had slowed and his eyes were closed.

I took another step back and paused when I felt the edge of the counter. There was the faint sound of shuffling behind me and my breath caught in my throat as I was lifted off the bench, Nick’s hands wrapped around my waist and sending warm tingles through my blood.

Nick pulled me back against his hard chest with one hand on my hip and the other splayed against my bellybutton as I tried to take a step away. His hot breath hit my neck and I shivered. “Don’t move, he needs time to cool down and if you make any sudden movement his wolf will take over and he will take you.”

I nodded slowly and pushed back further into Nick’s body, trying to disappear; I didn’t want Alex to lose control, I don’t want to be mated to either of them and if I was marked, I wouldn’t be able to resist the bond for long.

Alex’s steely eyes snapped open and he released his hold on the now dinted marble bench. He breathed deeply as he watched me with a predatory glint in his eyes and I levelled my piercing gaze to his.

He chuckled deeply and moved towards Nick and I. “We’ve got a wild one brother, they’re always so much fun to tame.” He twirled a wavy piece of my ebony hair around his long finger.

I growled and moved away, our of Nick’s grip. “I’m not something to be broken, many have tried and they all died.” I hissed, backing up more. “I don’t want a mate, let alone two.”

Nick’s face fell and he looked heartbroken while Alex’s expression was one of pure rage, I felt a small amount of guilt directed towards Nick but from the moment I met Alex he’s just been a cocky asshole. “I Rory Tannin hereby re-,” Alex moved quickly, pinning me against the wall and slapping a large hand over my waist.

“We’ve waited three hundred years for you mate and we’re not letting you go.” He growled, his hot breath fanning my face.

I heard Nick approach and he pulled Alex back by his shoulder. “Whether you like it or not we need you and sooner or later you’ll realise that.” He said sadly. I felt bad for the guy, truly; they were probably expecting a loving human mate since there are next to no females of the shifter kind of any species, but instead they end up with me.

I sighed in defeat and shook my head. “Just show me to the guestroom please.”

Alex smirked and shook his head. “You have two choices; the basement or our room.”

I gave him a blank stare and headed towards a door I knew would probably lead to the cellar. “Looks like I’ll be sleeping in the basement then.”


“You don’t have to be down here, you could come sleep in the king sized four poster bed upstairs with a mattress that feels like heaven.” Nick said, trying to tempt me into bed with them.

I shook my head and raised my knees to my chest, curling into a ball on the thin, lumpy mattress that wasn’t actually all that uncomfortable; obviously they don’t expect to keep visitors here.

Nick shrugged, looking disheartened and left. I ignored Alex who was standing at the stairs, staring a hole through me. “I haven’t forgotten about the deal I made with you; you chose the hard way and I’m known for following through with my threats.”

“Fuck off Alex, you’re not willingly getting into my pants anytime soon.”

I peeked a look at his face and he looked furious, standing he balled his hands into fists and glared. “You think I would force a woman? Let alone my mate?” He stormed up the stairs and slammed the door shut. God these alphas are about as sensitive as a pair of little girls.

I shook my head and lay back down on the mattress, letting my mind go blank as I watched the ceiling with a blank expression. Waiting for morning.


“Did you sleep at all?” I nodded, lying though they didn’t know that; at least I was trying to be slightly civil.

“The council will be arriving soon; they’ll want to move you to the pack house.” Nick said again as he slid a big plate of eggs, bacon, toast, fruit and hash browns. Alex had been ignoring me all morning as Nick cooked, honestly I could care less but Nick looked puzzled every time he saw that Alex was acting like I didn’t exist.

I nodded and dug into the food I was starving and eagerly ate it all in under five minutes.

“We have a five hour drive so go to the toilet and if you escape we will find you and drag you back here kicking and screaming.”

I snorted and walked towards where Nick had pointed.


I sat silently staring out the car window as the snow whizzed by soundlessly. My butt was numb from five hours of straight driving and neither Alex nor Nick had even tried to start a conversation. I was wedged between the two of them with Nick on my right and Alex on my left, both doing paperwork. From what I could see it was the pack finances and occasionally they would swap papers, in the process brushing my breasts. I could feel myself heating up, that and their proximity was really starting to get to me. The air-conditioning wasn’t helping either as the vents were, quite conveniently may I add, pointed directly at my nipples which had hardened and were blatantly clear through the cotton shirt I had on.

I growled as Alex stepped it up a notch and his warm breath overrode the cold air, hitting my neck and chest. He placed a butterfly kiss on the hickey he’d made yesterday, nipping and licking it as he pulled back.

I growled and pulled away, leaning closer to Nick to get away from Alex. Bad move. Nick put down his paperwork and pulled me onto his lap, cuddling me against his yummy, muscular chest.

The tip of his nose skimmed my throat and jaw as he inhaled my scent. My breath caught in my throat as Alex reached over and his hand moved up the inside of my leg. I snarled a warning at the both and lokoed over at the driver who had totally ignored us this entire time.

“Stop the car.”

I climbed off Nick’s lap, smacked away Alex’s hand as he tried to grab my leg and pull me onto him. The guy driving watched me amused as I climbed into the front sea with grace and clipped my seatbelt. I turned to him and the corner of my lips quirked upwards in what could be called a small smile. “Thanks, let’s get going before I stab one of them.”


The forest had been the only sight for the past half hour before the trees started thinning out and a huge grassy field of thick lush grass seemed to stretch for miles. I could smell the scent of hundreds of wolves, bears, tigers, lions, every were creature imaginable; all predominantly male.

I could hear the faint rustling but other than the smell and faint sounds I came up with nothing. I had a theory as to why I was here, but I couldn’t prove it unless Alex or Nick confirmed it; an underground base. It’s a smart idea since the other hunters wouldn’t be able to find it and would only see a huge field surrounded by the forest.

The car descended down underground and the sky became only a small speck of blue. I kept calm, though inside I will admit that I was hesitant; underground I had no escape.

“Welcome to the base, an underground compound used to protect the were species.” Seeing my raised eyebrow, the only indication that I had no idea what the hell he was talking about Nick continued. “Every pack, pride, herd, flock, every animals of the were- species is protected in this base. The women and children are located deeper underground in a secure house, as we call it, and the males are in the upper levels. Fathers, husbands and mates live with their families but regularly attend training periods on the oval above us. Patrols and guards are set up around the perimeter and rotate every six hours.”

“And the hunters are blissfully unaware of our little safe house and we intend for it to stay that way.” Alex butted in.

I ignored him and watched, concealing my amazement at the huge complex.

People, mainly men, rushed around in an organised fashion. Guards appeared next to the car and both Nick and Alex dragged me out.

I could feel the glares of the men who had stopped what they were doing to watch me and I snarled back at them. A door slid open behind a group of around eight men, all huge and muscular like all male shifters. They moved slightly and I glared the corner of my lip twitched in an effort not to smile.

“You just don’t die do you Matthias?” I remarked, shaking Nick and Alex’s hold off my and cocking a hip.

He chuckled and shook his head. “No luna, it takes a lot more than a she wolf to bring me down.”

I chuckled darkly and pushed my way through his mental defences, taking control of his body and pushing him down onto his knees. As he tried to rebel, glaring at me with pure black eyes I allowed a surge of pain to wash over him. I could clearly see him trying not to scream in pain as I released his mind, ending the torture but keeping him on his knees. I held his glare and challenge as he tried to stand, growling at me as he failed. “Don’t push me Matthias, I can do much, much worse.” I said darkly in a threatening tone.

“Let. Me. Go.”

I did just that, breaking my hold on him. Many men looked scared, though they tried not to show it. My back was turned to my mates and I smiled at Alex’s pissed tone, sounding more like his wolf every word. “Lock her up in the safe.” He commanded gruffly.

I allowed them to haul me away, quite hesitantly though towards a room that reeked of titanium and silver.

We went through four high security, titanium doors that were bolted into place and eventually reached a cell of five by five metres with a small bed, nothing else. The bars had a silver coating covering the titanium and there was a faint buzz as I got near; they were electrocuted. Security cameras covered every vantage point of the cell and three guards stood outside.

On the bed there was a filthy man, a werewolf, a rouge.

He leered at me as they pushed me into the cell, receiving a growl form both Nick and Alex. “We really shouldn’t leave our mate in here with that.” Nick muttered.

Alex just laughed darkly and pushed me in. “She can handle it. We’ve got this room monitored, if he tried anything we’ll be down here in five seconds flat.”

I sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall and stared at the rouge, who was glaring at me. Obviously he’d heard Alex and was thinking of a plan to kill the alpha’s mate. I smirked and cracked my knuckles one by one. Come at me bro. Come at me.

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