The Wayward Mate

I'm a hunter. A supernatural hunter. My life took a drastic turn when I was sent to assassinate an alpha family in Spain and was caught. This is just the start of a turn of events that turn my life upside down.


2. Chapter One.


“Whatever's asked to me I perform. I rip through the rain into the eye of the storm, still carrying the flame, eye of the torch. Failure comes at a price I can't afford.”  Avalon, Professor Green.


“Your new mission details are in the packet. Fail and you know what’ll happen.”  I nodded, showing the three hundred year old man in front of me that I understood. He would kill my little sister if I failed this one, like he did to my twin brother.

Rieker is the head hunter of the Supernatural Hunters Association (SHA). We specialise in espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassinations. He’s been in this business forever- he’s immortal, human, but immortal; I honestly don’t know how though. He’s a cold, ruthless bastard—which is exactly what got him to the top and what makes him so good at his job.

He looked after himself and was muscular and fit for a man in his late thirties-early forties and was around my height at 6’1”. He had short brown hair, cold and calculating grey eyes, like a snake always watching, always waiting to pick out any mistake to punish me for. They showed no emotion, fear or empathy, no regret. He had chapped lips that were always pursed in annoyance; a defined cupid’s brow that was surrounded by a light amount of stubble seeing as he probably hasn’t shaved in a few days and three slight scars on his face, two on his cheek and one just below his lips.

I was currently sitting in front of him in his office, imagining the hundred ways I could kill him; I could think of at least fifty just off the top of my head.

There the obvious options; a bullet embedded in his brain or heart which would be guaranteed to kill instantly (obviously), a knife or paper opener sitting on his desk to any major artery, a slit throat, impaled heart or lung, disembowelling, I could use any one of the poisons on my person including but not limited to Botulinum, Anthrax,  Ricin, Sarin, Cyanide, Strychnine, Amatoxin, Poison Hemlock or I could strangle him, punch him in either the temple, nasion, philtrum, jaw, Adam’s apple, small of back, in his balls, under his chin, in the heart, abdomen, rib cage, ear, eyes or kidney; any of these things which would result in his death within minutes because of my werewolf strength.

Unfortunately this bastard had my broken parents and scared little sister in the basement, waiting for any chance to kill them if I didn’t do what he asks or step out of line.

“Your assignment is in Catalonia, we need the files from their pack house and the alpha female dead.”

I nodded and stood, collecting the packet he was holding out to me.

“You have two weeks. Make it quick, clean and untraceable. If you are seen dispose of all witnesses and if you’re caught you know what to do.”

I nodded again and walked out of the office.

This is my life now: a cold, heartless killer.

I walked into my plain white room and grabbed a duffle bag from out under my bed. My room looked more like a guest bedroom than my bedroom. It was almost white with a plain double bed with cream cotton bedspread and pillows, white lamp, a plush cream chair, two windows on the west and north facing sides with bulletproof glass, a high ceiling, bedside table and wardrobe containing both my clothes and weapons.

I opened my wardrobe and packed my clothes in; underwear, bra’s, everyday clothes, split-toed tabi boots, trousers with double-ties which fasten at the ankles, knees and waist; a jacket with overlapping lapels which is tucked into the trousers; protective arm-and-hand sleeves; and a scarf that serves as a mask and hood, all in black and navy and made of loosely fitting cotton.  I only packed enough for a few days; I wasn’t planning on sticking around after I’d gotten the files and assassinated the target.

The one thing that I love, that the hunters will never be able to take are my weapons. I use the traditional weapons and tools of the shinobi and everyday weapons found in special forces all over the world. Although I was trained as a shinobi for eight years, I am also trained in Krav Maga, which is the Israeli special forces fighting technique and incorporates  Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Jujutsu, Wrestling, and Grappling techniques.

My collection of weapons was hidden in a compartment at the back of my dresser and I only took what I needed, or what I thought I might need; nothing that couldn't fit on my body. My Shuriken [small metal multi spike stars that are used for throwing at the attacker], Shaken [small metal blades that are used for throwing at the attacker], Token [small knives for throwing at the attacker], Makibishi and Tetsubishi [small iron spikes that can be used for throwing at the attacker, and are also used to throw on the ground so that the attacker will step on them], Dokubarinage [poisoned metal needles for throwing], Fukiya [a long blowing pipe for blowing out poisoned darts], Manrikikusari [a chain with balls on both ends], Nawa [a rope for tying the attacker and other purposes (climbing, traps…)], Ninja Ken [short Ninja sword with one blade, used not only for cutting and stabing, but also for digging, climbing, etc.], Kunai [ninja dagger for various purposes, digging, climbing, breaking and entering], Tanto [ninja knife for cutting and close combat.], Tekagi and Ashikagi [blades for arms and legs, used for climbing, but also for close combat.], Jutte [a ninja metal baton for close combat and technics of taking away blades.], Jirai [land mines], Dokuen [smoke grenades], Naggedeppo [hand grenades], Teppo [pistol], Wakizashi teppo [pistol hidden inside a short sword], Mezashi [a stick with a hidden dart], Shikomi-zue [a sword hidden in the stick], and a Kusarigama [a metal sickle with a metal ball and a long chain]. I also took a simple Glock 19, Istiglal Anti-Material Sniper Rifle and three hunting knives.


The smell of leather engulfed me as I slipped my favourite black leather jacket over my holster, swung my duffel bags over my shoulder, grabbed a roll of hundred dollar notes and walked out the door, intending to load up the car and visit the basement before leaving.


“I’ll be back and I’ll make them move you to a room with a window.” I said to my sister, gently running my hand through her wavy brown hair- Lauren looks like a much younger, more innocent version of me. Her big cobalt eyes looked up at me with doubt and sadness- too much for a fifteen year old. She should be going to school, sleeping over with her friends, being chased by boys, being happy- yet here she was locked away in a cell, hardly ever seeing sunshine, no friends, nothing but sadness and fear.

Lauren had gone mute since that day two hundred years ago. Now her once fair, rosy skin looked pasty, her lips were no longer moist, plump and pink, she was on the verge of anorexia and looked like she’d been starved, her once healthy, silky, chocolate tresses hung limp and dirty down her back in a knotted mess- she didn’t look alive or like a person.

Someday I will get her and my parents out of here, even if it’s the last thing I do because I got them in this mess and I will fix my mistake.

As I stood up, Lo grabbed my hand, silently pleading for me not to leave her.

I shook my head and tried to smile, but it didn’t feel right and I just couldn’t bring myself to be happy around her—not when her life was like this because of my mistakes. “I’ll be back in a fortnight.”

‘You’re going to kill someone aren’t you?’ She whispered- we had a mind link, but she never used it. This was the first time in four two centuries; ever since the day my twin, Dan, died.

I didn’t say anything and just strode out of the door.

‘I love you.’

‘I know me too, stay safe and call for help if they hurt you.’

My footsteps echoed in the cement corridor as I emerged from the basement, i.e. prison cells. There was a armour proof, black SUV waiting outside the front door with my weapons, clothing and money that I would take to Catalonia.

The scent of leather and the lemony smell of cleaning product assaulted my sensitive nose as the car sprung to life and I watched the coming and goings in the compound, letting the engine warm up.

The compound is in Blagoveshchensk, Russia and is a huge stone mansion, about as big as a football field with three stories- living area, bedrooms and basement. It’s on its own private street since it’s got a huge five hundred metre pool, training field, garage, gym and driveway. It takes up over twelve acres and it’s all surrounded by a fifteen foot stone wall and iron gate at the only exit. The compound is heavily guarded to keep both people and supernatural creature alike out, prying eyes away and prisoners in. From the outside it may just look like a snobby rich academy, but looks can be deceiving.

The car sped out of the monitored compound gates and I felt my heart sink at the thought of leaving my family once again.


Reaching the outskirts of Catalonia after a four day drive, I felt drained. I wanted to sleep, or kill the next person to try to stop me.

The car came to a stop as I sat outside the small one bedroom safe house that I would be staying in until I’d finished the job. It was located on the outskirts of the woods, five minutes from the pack house; perfect for my mission.

The car door closed with a dull thud and the weight of the duffel bag on my shoulder shifted as I walked towards the front door, scanning for any disturbance. I fully intend to sleep for a day and then take a shower before reading over my assignment and doing recon.

The key would be hidden under a huge blue glazed pot, that no normal human would be able to lift, though it was a piece of cake for me.

The safe house has a unique design and is fully functional as a one bedroom house. It had a bedroom, bathroom, living room, attic and kitchen all in one with two sides covered in reinforced, bullet proof glass and three exits. It was a functional, small and unnoticeable safe house.

I put my duffel on one of the two grey chairs sitting in the small, mismatched room, made sure that the door was locked and flopped down onto the bed. I was out like a light and dead to the world.


“Argh fuck off!” I yelled at my phone, sitting straight up.

“You better have a very good reason to disturb my sleep.” I hissed into my phone.

“There’s been a change of plan, kill the target, her family and her mate. Don’t disappoint.” The dial tone sounded as Rieker hung up.

So much for a simple hit, I now had a whole family to take out.

I checked the time and realised that I’d been sleeping for over eleven hours, something I rarely do. I tend to go to sleep at ten o’clock and wake at exactly five to train. I needed to get going.

I jumped out of bed and grabbed the mission folder in my bag.

#83628 Rosy Sterling

Name: Rosy Sterling

Age: 16

Relationship: Mated.

Pack Status: Alpha Female of the Piedra de la Luna Pack

There was a close up photo of ‘Rosy’ with a group of other people who she shared similar features to her. She had platinum blonde hair, pale rosy skin, slight dimples and bright sky blue eyes. She looked happy, carefree and young. 

Pack info: Piedra de la Luna is the largest pack in Spain, with three hundred and thirty-three pack members spanning Spain. Their main pack house is located in Catalonia in the heart of the forest and they are a key component in the war between hunters and super naturals. They have files on every pack member and notoriously dangerous rouges.

As usual the file contained more information on her habits, interests and dislikes as well as whom her friends, enemies and allies are and other pieces of information that may be helpful to me.

My new mission now involved killing thirty- four innocent wolves, therefore ripping a pack apart and furthing the hunter’s advantage against supernaturals, well the werewolves at least.

Picking a bottle of hair die out of my bag I walked into the tiny, pristine, white bathroom. I’m going to have to figure out how to kill thirty-four people and make it clean and untraceable—not the easiest task.

The cold water hit my overheated skin and I sighed; a cold shower wakes me up almost as well as training and I didn’t have time right now to hunt down a few rouges. I’m meant to see and not be seen, though it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to gain their trust, it’d make it quicker and easier and I’d be able to get back to my parents and Lo.


I was now Alexandra Lians, a sixteen year old girl from Moscow, just trying to escape hunters. Alexandra had dirty blonde, wavy hair, plain brown eyes and loves clothes, makeup and shoes; nothing like me. The contacts are easy enough to wear; they attack to my eyeballs and I can keep them in for days, so I didn’t want to be there for too long. They would find me under a tree, bloodied, cut up and naked.

The cold water cut off as I twisted the knob and I dried myself off with an old towel from next to the shower.

Since my knife is silver it will stop my healing process so I will still have the cuts when they find me. My knives are so sharp that it’ll cut through bodies like butter so I only needed to apply a small amount of pressure for it to break the skin. Usually when someone is cut, it only starts stinging a little after you’ve been cut, silver, on the other hand, burns like fire and stops a wolves body from healing. It’s the reason why hunters use silver.

I walked outside with a silver knife and blocked the pain as I ran it over my arms and legs, making them deeper on my stomach. They wouldn’t scar since I had been exposed to so much silver it hardly affected my healing process anymore, so my body didn’t scar easily, though it wasn’t always like that and I had many marks from Rieker.

I held in a whine as I pressed the knife into my cheek and it felt like liquid fire was running through my veins, burning my skin; one thing Rieker had never done was harm my face, I was something to parade around and damaging my face would only serve to make it easier for witnesses to identify me. I quickly retracted the blade and rolled up my sleeve. This was painful but my life depended on how realistic I make it look, at least silver didn’t affect me like other wolves; just one second of contact leaves them screaming in agony. I quickly pressed the knife into my stomach, creating a huge gash, enough to draw blood but not enough to kill me.

This needed to be believable and if they were too shallow they’d heal before they found me.

After locking up and hiding the key back where I found it, I stripped down and shifted into my large, midnight black wolf. Lifting my muzzle and scenting the air I took off running towards the Piedra de la Luna pack.


The sun shone down on my pure black fur, highlighting the ebony patches as I sped through the forest with ease, dodging boulders, jumping over moss covered branches and barking in delight. I hadn’t gone for a run like this in years. Unfortunately since I had wounds on both my face and body I was slower than usual with mass amounts of blood matting my stunning fur.

As I approached the border I slowed down and looked for a huge tree past the boundary line.

There was a huge fig tree sitting fifty meters past the border with huge roots sticking out of the ground. Perfect.

I shifted back, and stumbled past the territory line, falling under a branch, sprawled out on the ground so I looked like I’d passed out. Thank god that I wasn’t running from anyone as I was feeling a little off with all the blood loss.

I lay there for two minutes before five huge, growling male wolves surrounded me, three brown wolves of varying shades, one sandy coloured and a rustic red wolf.

There was the popping and cracking of bones as the lead male shifted and threw on a pair of denim cut-offs. “State your business rouge or die!” He boomed. This was the alpha based on his aura of power and authority; he had long curly black hair, gorgeous brown eyes, tanned skin that showed his preference to the outdoors, a very well defined body; six pack, chiselled chest, firm arms—the works.

“I- I escaped from,” I panted and shook with fear. “H-hun-nters. T-they cut me w-with s-silver.” I let my head fall back and I applied pressure to the wound on my stomach.

“Alert the pack doctor, this one needs help.” The alpha said picking me up and running towards the pack house.

I let myself hang limp in his arms as he ran towards the pack house.



Shuriken [small metal multi spike stars that are used for throwing at the attacker]

Shaken [small metal blades that are used for throwing at the attacker]

Token [small knives for throwing at the attacker]

Makibishi and Tetsubishi [small iron spikes that can be used for throwing at the attacker, and are also used to throw on the ground so that the attacker will step on them]

Dokubarinage [poisoned metal needles for throwing]

Fukiya [a long blowing pipe for blowing out poisoned darts]

Manrikikusari [a chain with balls on both ends]

Nawa [a rope for tying the attacker and other purposes (climbing, traps…)]

Ninja Ken [short Ninja sword with one blade, used not only for cutting and stabing, but also for digging, climbing, etc.]

Kunai [ninja dagger for various purposes, digging, climbing, breaking and entering]

Tanto [ninja knife for cutting and close combat.]

Tekagi and Ashikagi [blades for arms and legs, used for climbing, but also for close combat.]

Jutte [a ninja metal baton for close combat and technics of taking away blades.]

Jirai [land mines]

Dokuen [smoke grenades]

Naggedeppo [hand grenades]

Teppo [pistol]

Wakizashi teppo [pistol hidden inside a short sword]

Mezashi [a stick with a hidden dart]

Shikomi-zue [a sword hidden in the stick]

Kusarigama [a metal sickle with a metal ball and a long chain]

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