The Wayward Mate

I'm a hunter. A supernatural hunter. My life took a drastic turn when I was sent to assassinate an alpha family in Spain and was caught. This is just the start of a turn of events that turn my life upside down.


5. Chapter Four.


“You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am, like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper. Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground. Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper.” Skyscraper, Demi Lovato. 

I woke up in a cramped, wet, mouldy cell. The worst part? Is that to me, this is like a five star hotel.

I sighed and sat up, ignoring the throbbing pain in my head. I could smell that the bars were silver and they’d posted five guards in the prison. I could hear the electric charge running through the bars and easily locate the security cameras in the ceiling, all focused on me. I flipped them off and stood, stretching. I was still naked, covered in blood and pissed off. How long had I been out? The blood smelt about a week old.

A guard came to the door of my cell and slipped a tray of water, bread and soup. “Eat.”

I sniffed the food and water, seeing if it was poisoned; apart from the stale smelling bread and warm water it was fine, though the soup was something else; it smelt like piss with carrot, cabbage and chicken.

I took sips of the water and ate the bread, but left the soup; I need my strength, not sickness.

I tapped on the bar with the tray, ignoring the buzz of electricity that went through me; I think that it was meant to hurt, but like all other things, Rieker had already put me through electric shock. Fucking bastard.

The same guard appeared and watched me with curiosity as he took the tray and bowl back. “Can I ask you a question?”

I rolled my eyes and looked at my nails. “You just did.”

He ignored my snide comment and sat outside my cell. “Why would you become a hunter? I mean, you’re a female werewolf, that can shift and your coat is probably the purest black anyone has ever seen.”

I ignored him and instead curled up on the cold, hard, filthy cement floor.


“Get up, the king will see you now.” I pulled my top lip back in a silent snarl as the guard grabbed my arm in a bruising grip and dragged me out of the cell. I followed along quietly, waiting for my time to escape.

He dragged me into the meeting room and forced me down on my knees, holding my neck and positioning a blade across my neck. I growled at the nine men in front of me; the seven council members, Alpha Miller and King Nightingale.

“What is your name?”

I ignored Nightingale and watched the wall behind his head. If I didn’t find a way to escape I would skewer myself on the blade at my throat.

“Don’t ignore me hunter!”

I did just that.

“Why did you come here?” The king’s voice was deep and I could hear the anger in his booming voice.

This room really needed to be dusted; I could see each individual dust particle on the wall and it was filthy. Nightingale rose and approached me. I continued to ignore him and I know that it was irking both his wolf and his human side.

My head snapped to the side as he backhanded me with overwhelming force and the blade at my throat drew blood.

“Answer me!”

I looked up at him through my lashes and licked my lips. “Fuck you.” I spat with venom.

“And she talks!”

“Smartass.” I muttered.

“So what should we do with her while the alphas take their time getting here?”

There were only one suggestion.

“Kill the bitch.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes; real original with the ‘bitch’, knife to my stone cold heart.

It felt like hours of silence, though I know it was only minutes as the king decided if he was going to listen Alpha Miller; the council had been oddly quiet. “Take her back to the cell while we wait for the other alphas; they need to be here to testify that our decisions weren’t made out of spite.” I was tempted to roll my eyes, but what the council member had said makes perfect sense.

The dragged me back down to my cell and as two guards took me back down to the basement I saw the perfect opportunity for escape. I took it.

Elbowing the guard side to me in the groin I broke the chains and ran for all I was worth. I threw myself out the window, shifting mid-air and ran for all I was worth, towards the window, since the doors would be locked and bolted, that one open window was my only shot, as the glass would be bullet proof everywhere in an attempt to discourage hunters.

I curled my body and rolled as I hit the ground two stories below. The house itself was not tall, but it did cover a surface area of a football field and was surrounded by forest since wolves love nature and it’s torture not being able to shift regularly.

The front drive was gravel with a mile long drive way, long, stalky, dry grass, a fenced in coral and a huge garage behind the house for pack vehicles. The house itself is gorgeous, a huge wooden mansion with huge glass windows that give an amazing view of the surrounding forest, one large chimney for the cold nights where the pack gathers in front of a roaring fire. It seemed to belong in the forest, like it had always been there.

I didn’t stop to see if anyone was following me, but instead ran towards the drive way. I would be shifting and running back to the compound; I would be able to make it in around five days; I couldn’t continue with this mission and I couldn’t stay.

In front of me was a barrier of ten male wolves made of solid muscle; the wolves who had been put on patrol since I had attacked.

Looks like I was about to bash a few heads together; something I would take great pleasure in.

I shifted and attacked them first, without warning. Targeting their necks, heads and abdomen, I killed three of the men before they could shift and tore them apart in a blur of black fur, blood, bone and flesh. I no longer had the element of surprise and the remaining seven wolves were coming at me from all directions.

I ducked as a huge, milky wolf sailed over my head and landed on another grey wolf, snapping his friend’s neck as all his weight landed on it. I lunged at the stunned wolf and ripped out the stupid man’s throat, just barely dodging a set of sharp teeth heading for my back legs.

A heavy weight landed on my back and pinned me to the ground; one of them had jumped me. He bit into my scruff, drawing blood and his hind legs dug into my back, piercing the fur and allowing it to bleed freely. I threw the front of my body forward and bucked my back legs, effectively flipping him off me. I ripped into his stomach and watched as his intestines and organs spilled out of the gaping hole onto the ground.

Four more left. I whirled around and chomped into the nearest wolf, ripping out his heart as I was grabbed by the scruff and dragged away. I stilled and used all my weight to break his hold since he didn’t have a good enough grip to drag all my weight. I pounced on him, snapping his spine and ripping his head from his body.

I stared down the other three wolves, who all looked scared; good, I had just taken out seven of their friends in under a minute.

I turned and safe to say, they ate my dust.

I was going to save my family before it was too late, before Rieker started working them over for my failure. I would kill everyone in that compound if I had to; I have nothing to satisfy Rieker with and now, the packs will know what I look like. I really blew it.

I didn’t bother going back to the safe house; my weapons are cheap to make and have no emotional importance, they’re tools. The wolves would backtrack my scent to the safe house anyway, so there’s really no point in going back there, it’ll just be a waste of time and increase my chance of getting captured again.

I was in for a long run; it’d take a few days at the least, a week at the most.


I was dog tired as I finally reached the gates bordering the hunter’s compound where my family was. I had run for three days straight; my own personal record, but I still had enough energy to kill anyone who gets in my way. Rieker, prepare to die.

“Halt!” I stopped and turned to look at one of the perimeter guards. “Aurora Tannin, you were due back three days ago. Rieker’s pissed.” He lowered his gun and nodded while an immense smirk was plastered on his ugly, smug little face. God I hate it when people address me with my full name.

“Where is the old bastard anyway?” I smirked as the hunter’s face fell and he glared at me. “What don’t like me disrespecting your master?” I asked sweetly as I pushed the barrel of the gun aside and put my arms around his neck in a loose embrace. It all felt wrong; I hate physical contact of any kind.

“Not when he could kill me, or even you with a swipe of his pinky.” I shook my head and leant into the man’s ear.

“Rieker’s a little pussy who hides behind little shits like you.” The crack and snap of his spine reverberated through the air as his lifeless body fell to the ground in front of me with a thump. I chuckled darkly at his fearful expression; eyes wide open and mouth gaping. Though he was right, Rieker was dangerous, and I know that if I took him on, the chance that I could die is high; it wasn’t in my favour to say the least.

I unlocked the gate with my code. Each and every hunter had their own code to unlock the gate so that Rieker could track his men’s movements; smart but it takes a lot of coordination to make it work effectively.

No one crossed my path as I pushed into the fire door and entered the building. No doubt that they would come later.

I was unarmed but it didn’t bother me. I could shift at a moment’s notice and I had abilities that no hunter would be able to walk away from, alive. Unfortunately I was naked though, which meant no protection against bullets. Sure they only kill me if fired into my brain or heart, but they hurt and would slow me down.

‘Lauren, are you alright?’ I needed the reassurance that she had been left alone while I was gone.

‘R-ror-ry?’  Her shaky voice answered.

‘What did they do?’ I growled.

I heard her sobbing in my mind. ‘They came back a-and… d-did i-it a-again.”

I growled as I struggled to stop myself from shifting and killing everyone—hunters and wolves alike.

Everything that has happened to my little sister, my family, over the last two centuries was my fault. My brother’s dead because I failed, my sister’s broken because of my stubbornness, and my parents are out of it because I didn’t listen.

I will kill them all and watch them burn. I will rip them to shreds without mercy and make them watch as I murder their wives, children and family like they did to me. They will all burn.

‘I’m coming for you right now and we’re getting out of here.’ I promised with all the gentleness I could muster. I’d always hidden what I am away from my sister. She sees me as a caring sibling, not the murdering, manipulative, conniving liar that I have become and I’m not proud of that fact, I’m not in denial though, not like most hunters. I want to be the loving, kind, caring big sister who she could look up to and be proud of.

I ran as fast as I could down to the basement and threw myself at the door. Nothing would stand in my way.

There were three hunters standing outside her room, leering at her through the bared door. My rage was indescribable and they had no chance of getting out alive.

I stood behind the first man, who was around 6’2”, overweight and old. I slid his knife out of its sheath and lodged it in his back, between his ribs, puncturing a lung and into his still beating heart. He went stiff and then fell forwards, slouching against the bars of the cell.

The other two men were much fitter than the first and I no longer had the element of surprise. I grabbed the handle of the knife lodged in the fat one’s back, the sucking noise of the knife sliding away from flesh made their eyes widen in fear and I used this to my advantage as I leaped forward and sunk it into his sternum, he was dead as the knife punctured his heart and I pushed his body to the floor before looking at the last, remaining hunter who was looking down at his two companions with shock and fear.

He looked from me to them and his voice wavered in fear. “P-please d-don’t k-k-kill me!” He wailed.

I smiled and shook my head. “You made a choice to join the hunters, now you stand by that choice.” I moved forward and with my usual precision his heart stopped beating before he hit the floor, windpipe crushed.

I looked into the cell to see my sister cowering on the floor. My heart broke all over again.

“Lauren?” I whispered so I didn’t scare her even more.

She whimpered and turned to face me with tear streaks down her face and a fresh bruise covering her eye and cheek while her nose looked broken, cuts bared her body and dried and fresh blood was everywhere. What had they done?

Now I’ve seen some of the nastiest things on this Earth but nothing compared to seeing the one person I love unconditionally and would do anything for, looking like she’d been gangbanged—which she had.

‘Help...’ She whimpered.

I ran over to her and scooped her up with ease. She’s nothing but skin and bones and I had supernatural strength and decades of weight training to build up my muscle; it felt like I was carrying a feather.

“Let’s go.” I whispered before walking out of the cell.

I quickly ran over my options; I had three.

Option one, take the helicopter and fly to Japan before taking a boat to Chile where I had contacts who could hide us for a few days before we would move on again.

Two, I could steal a car and some cash before driving towards Mongolia and flying to a remote island in the Philippines.

Or the last option—the one I like the best—I turn wolf, let Lauren ride on my back and run to Norway before taking a boat to Greenland.

Unfortunately none of these options would allow me to kill every single hunter in this compound, but I had Lauren to worry about who’s about as helpless as a baby rabbit.

‘We have to go back for mum and dad!’ She was looking at me with panic and hope.

I looked down with total sadness and shook my head.

She burst out in another round of tears and sobbing. I felt so bad but if she wanted to get out of here alive then she needs to understand that I can’t take a wounded teenage girl and two mentally unstable adults with me out the front door with hundreds of hunters around.

‘You can’t leave them behind!’

I cringed and kept running towards the exit.

She started squirming and I tightened my grip. ‘We can’t leave them! It’s all your fault our family’s here and you can’t just abandon them when they suffered so much because they tried to help you!’

I froze.

Did she just say that?

It’s like she looked into my soul.

She looked at me and obviously cringed at the look on my face. I was angry, not at her, but at the hunters.

‘I-I’m s-sorry, i-t j-just slip-ped—’Before she could continue hunters burst through the door, windows, adjacent doors and the hallway behind.

“What do you think you’re doing?”  Kamet, one of Rieker’s most trusted men was standing in front of me with a gun.

“Taking back my freedom, freeing my sister and killing you all at the same time.” I shrugged and shot him a smile. 

“Put her down and get to the training room before I decide to tell Rieker for your disobedience.” He snarled.

I shook my head and sneered. “Running back to mummy when things go wrong?” I mocked.

“At least I have one who isn’t totally mental, a brother who’s still alive, a sister with her dignity and a proud father.” He sneered. “At least my family’s still together, at least I’m not vermin.”

I know I shouldn’t have, but my anger got the best of me and my wolf surged forward; something that hadn’t happened since Dan died, attacking him without warning and leaving my sister to protect herself against a large group of hunters

None of this crossed my mind though as I ripped each and every man and woman standing around me to shreds, loving their cries of mercy as I sunk my teeth deep into their warm, soft flesh, their desperate attempts at protecting themselves as I watch their life drain from their eyes.

I had one thing on my mind: death to the hunters, each and every one of them.

I grabbed one of the last remaining hunters and easily snapped his neck with my powerful jaws.

I looked around to see that there was a group of ten hunters and my sister.

Karnet had a knife at her throat and was smirking. “That was quiet a show, now shift back in the next five seconds otherwise your sister dies.”

She shook her head slightly and looked me in the eyes smiling. ‘I love you sis and no matter how much you want to give up, keep on going, just for me.’

I felt a small tear trickle down my furry face. My brother always had a saying and it was the last thing he said to me before he died. ‘No matter how much you want to give up, keep on going, just for me.’

I looked in her eyes and saw all the pain and sadness that she’d been through in the last two centuries.

‘You need to let me go, live your life and be happy.’

I shook my head and went to shift back when Karnet tutted and smirked. “Times up Aurora, you really must like watching your family die.”

It was like the world slowed down and everything was in slow motion.

I lunged for Karnet just as he jabbed the knife into my sister’s throat and savagely ripped it across her windpipe.

I heard the gurgling of air leaving her lungs as the life drained from her eyes.

I watched as he held the blade coated with my sister’s crimson lifeblood out in front of him, thinking that it would stop me.

I tasted the copper, slippery texture of his blood as I mauled his face.

Yet I barely felt it when the blade he was holding was shoved into my side, lodging itself into my body like a knife slicing through butter.

The remaining hunters were shocked and I could smell the scent of urine. They’d literally pissed themselves with fright.

I let out a terrifying roar and jumped pounced in a mass of blood red fur, claws, teeth and uncontrollable rage.

I tore into each and every one of them, loving, wanting to hear their cries of pain and mercy. They will die screaming.

They would never have mercy, not after what they’d done, not after what they put me through, not after what they’ve put innocent wolves and their families’ through.

I finished them off and shifted, naked as the day I was born and covering blood and small chunks of flesh I collapsed next to my sister.

Tears freely ran down my face as I grasped the handle of the knife still sticking out of my side and pulled. It slid out of my abdomen like butter and a loud slurping sound filled the room as blood poured out of the wound.

I hadn’t cried for two hundred years, it felt foreign and wrong.

I ran my hand over her eyes and closed them. She was with angels now. She’ll be happy and safe, more than I could ever do for her.

I stood up, holding my side and strained my ears for any sign of life; there was none, only silence, save for the light wheezing of two people, my parents.

My vision cleared and I realised just how many hunter’s I’d killed in my bloodlust. Hundreds of bodies were strewn in awkward positions with limps ripped off, bodies and faces shredded, all lying in a river of blood. The floor was covered in it. There was not one surface area not covered in blood, it looked like a scene from a horror film, a massacre.


Mum and dad, god I haven’t called them that in over three decades were curled in the basement, side by side, lying in a pool of crimson gore. There was very little movement, save for the light fluttering of their slowly rising chests, and very little sound apart from the wheezing as blood pooled in a deadly loch in their lungs; my parents were dying, together, as mates should.

I sighed and strolled over to them slowly, assessing the damage. There were many puncture wounds on their bodies, mostly near their lungs, they had head injuries and a few broken bones; the hunters had obviously heard me coming and followed through with the threat Rieker had made two centuries ago.

‘If you ever disobey me, fail a mission, let someone know your identity, screw up in any way, your family will suffer.’ He spat. ‘I will personally rip your mother’s body to pieces in front of you while you and your father watch, I will have your sister raped and tortured if you fail a mission and I will kill her if you go against me.’

I wiped away the tears as I turned my mother over onto her back, repeating the action with my father, their almost lifeless, pain filled eyes bore into me and I tried to give them a small smile of reassurance; it came out as more of a grimace though.

“I’m so sorry that it is like this, I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect Dan or Lauren and I’m sorry that I have to do this.”

I thrust two blades through their heart simultaneously and let more tears fall as their bodies convulsed and then went limp; they were gone. They went the way many mates do; together, and I’m just glad that they won’t be in pain anymore.

I tossed the knives aside and stood, drying my tears on the back of my blood stained hand.


My footsteps reverberated through the air as I solemnly strode towards Rieker’s office; I was going to steal his files and money to use to track him down.

I ripped the painting off its hinges and using my supernatural strength, punched the safe door twice until it gave way. I grabbed the bags of cash and dumped them in the floor.

My side protested as I crouched so I was level with the bottom draw of his desk and ripped it open. I took his leather bound diary that he was constantly reading, shoving it into the bag with the cash.

Running outside I knew that there wasn’t any time to waste; the wolves would still be following me and I’d already given them a head start of thirty minutes. I opened the door to the fastest car in the compound and threw the cash and files in the back seat. Taking out a lighter I ran back into the house, knowing that Rieker had done nothing to prevent fires, and light the curtains in the main room in fire, in minutes the whole room was blazing and the fire had spread throughout the house.

Dressed in another pair of cargo pants and a thin, loose shirt I took off towards the airport; I would contact a trustworthy friend, a hacker, and get them to help me.

I laughed as wolves poured into the compound that I had just moments ago been in; they wouldn’t find anything except ashes in ten minutes, and if they did manage to put the fire out, they'll only find dead bodies.

I would hunt Rieker down to the ends of the Earth; he will die. I have all the time in the world and bucket loads of patience. 

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